It Starts Here Part 2

In July we featured a story from Natalie – It Starts Here

Her story is like many, she was basically a good person. She did what she was supposed to do, most of the time. But like we’ve learned in True Love Waits, basically good people kind of need a savior. If we are relying on our good behavior to save us from our mistakes that God calls sin, then we might be in big trouble.

Natalie shared that her relationship with God was superficial. She wrote that when she entered college, she continued her pattern of how she was raised. She found a church to attend, joined a local ORG, and attended bible studies. For most people, Natalie looked like a pretty good Christian from the outside.

In August two of our True Love Waits Volunteers joined Natalie on FEBC DZAS Radio for an interview. Our two volunteers were Trish and Mel. Check the link below to hear DJ Dave Rutaquio go deeper into the lives of these three women. Dave’s program is Heartline Youth Edition and broadcast across the Philippines.


Natalie had some very uncomfortable challenges in her life including the death of her father, a career shattering physical accident and an encounter into some dark circumstances that were difficult to escape. Both Trish and Mel also experienced physical pain and the death of a family member.

Hear their stories here

Those of you who struggle with faith, we want to pass on some hope that especially in your darkest times when you don’t even want to believe God is there, He is with you and guiding you.

God will reward you and change your life forever, into one of great hope and joy and love.


Heartline Host Dave Rutaquio, Trish Santiago, Natalie Nation, Mel Santos and Sugar Pechardo