Video Series 1: It’s Not You, It’s Me

27 thoughts on “Video Series 1: It’s Not You, It’s Me”

  1. this is my first visit to this site, but definitely im amazed by the video you post.. it has alot of sense! and it helps us to know our worth… thanks alot!

  2. Thanks Abigail, Ako din…

    I am amazed also. Louie sa video is simple and to the point. Telling the basic truth tungkol mga relationships para sa mga kabataan.

    Kahitna malaki, suggestions niya are good for all of us no matter what age

    The next video is coming soon and they are all good. Share to your mga kaibigan


  3. kuya derek, is this the video ur telling me? gusto ko yung last part. sabi ng wag na sa loser eh go parin. so me. haha. im gonna check the 2nd part. thanks! 🙂

  4. all of the videos are great. thanks for watching.

    Stay tuned….

    True Love Waits has more to come to help you grow and Renew your mind.


  5. i personally liked the video and helped me realize a lot bout mah own guyz got a lot of respect over here..more power..keep inspiring.

  6. I didn’t finished the whole thing because it stops in the middle,, I find this very interesting. I can relate in all of the topics… its not u, its me thing. although I haven’t encountered that situation, at least I know that I don’t have to cry out loud because somebody dumped me… I’ll share this video to my friends…

  7. Hi to all the staff of TLW, salamat sa encouragement, sna marami pa kayong matutulungan.. God Bless and more power!!!!

  8. tanong koh lng kung kelan ung aniversary ng TLW pra mka punta kmi ng mga friends koh ung mga nkasama sa ZAMBALES plssss rply pki lagay lng poe ung name koh pag nag rply ke0

  9. Hi, this is very nice. Hope you’ll have downloadable audio teachings (like this) that I can share with my friends 🙂

  10. these teachings are very good esp.for young people.can we share/post these videos to our friends in Facebook,Friendster or Multiply?

  11. haha..ellow po senyo lahat!! galing tlga ni GOD dyn s life ni LOuie Giglioue(tma b spelling q?? pgpasensyahan nyo nlng ha!!) bsta great parin si GOD kahit anu mangyari!!kahit mali pa un spelling q,at kht mgkamali pq ng million times!!! mahal parin aq ni GOD!! u

  12. “the saddest thing in the world in not just sit at home and not have a date, that’s not the worst thing that can happen to you. the worst thing that can happen to you is that you would fail to reached the potential that God dreamed of when God made you.” -Louie Giglio

  13. hey, this is the first time i’ve watched this video. I sure welled up tears in my eyes, I can relate to most parts of it – being single and all.. God really has a purpose for each one of us. Having a life partner is just a bonus but achieving God’s plan is really the big picture. Cheers! Papanoorin ko pa yung the rest of the videos and I’m sure they’re gonna change parts of me 😉

  14. thanks for the message….im 22 years old and im so very happy coz by the help of the TLW magazines i discover that true love waits is very effective if it is apply to oneself..continue to encourage more youths.

  15. We are grateful to hear reflections on your end Vergie. We pray that you’ll continue to find the great journey in Christ where love is overflowing and changes us.

  16. how can i download all these video series.. gusto ko sana ipanood to,…lots of young people are coming at our youth center…lalo na feb month…

  17. The video is great. I just learned something that everyone of us is work in progress. Thank you for posting this video. God Bless.

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