Jacob’s Stew

Jacob’s Stew

 by Jash Bagabaldo

Attempt to tempt me with Jacob’s stew
Fragrant aroma steaming
Seething and teasing

A fool’s soul would gobble like Esau
Frightfully famished
Wishing hunger to vanish

And it would taste fillingly good
But sadly transient
Wonderful for a moment

Precious birthright’s gone too soon
Sorrowful realization
Regrets of misfortune

Thus, I shall kill any desire for you
Willingly obedient
Blessedly patient

For from your mouth a taste or two
Mightn’t be worth it
Could be nothing infinite

I want to wait for the time I’m sure
If you’re the one I need
Or but a testing received

Rememb’ring His promises are never overdue
Taking heed of warnings
From a faithful Elohim


Jash Bagabaldo  is a Filipino Christian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer. She was recently questioned for her vow to wait for the right one, and so she wrote this poem. Find more of her art and love for life at https://jashael.wordpress.com