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JordanI used to be the person who always wanted things my way and my way was that I get what I want, when I want. It never really worked and especially with love. Instead of finding fulfillment, theres emptiness and frustration when you don’t find the one true thing you’re looking for. Time comes when you become sick and tired of all this.

We live in a world where everything is becoming more and more instant. It doesn’t help a young person learn to wait. Love should never be treated as a microwaveable food product. It’s more delicate than that. It may not be easy, but it is possible for a young person to just be patient and learn to hold still when it comes to the love life. We’ve seen the many broken hearts/relationships and consequences if only there had been waiting going on. The pressures are all around, but we must fight for true love and purity.

I choose to wait. Though I may be single as I write this, I’m happy knowing that God has someone prepared, there is someone special out there waiting for me, as I wait for her. It’s only a matter of time, God’s time when we meet and I could share this cool story with everybody. Theres nothing more romantic than God being the author of your love story because you chose to follow His direction rather than yours. It’s the best I tell you and it’s all worth it. TLW ROCKS!”

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  1. Mae louella Gabrillo

    I was touched by what u said, that there’s nothing more romantic than God being the author of our Love story…..
    Truly God’s authored love story is a box office hit. Just patiently wait, God knows when is at best.. When God provides, u can’t ask nothing for more, i remember one Pastor saying, Never worry serching for your mate, u see, Adan were just sleeping but when he woke up Eve was already there, that’s how God provides…

    God Bless You!!!

  2. i certainly agree with that indeed you are correct, for quite some time i have been single and waited till that special someone God has prepared for me finds me.=)

    because i have been patient now i am sharing a love story authored by God which i am more than happy to be share to everyone.

  3. “I used to be the person who always wanted things my way and my way was that I get what I want, when I want. It never really worked and especially with love. Instead of finding fulfillment, theres emptiness and frustration when you don’t find the one true thing you’re looking for. Time comes when you become sick and tired of all this.

  4. can you recall the reasons why you join on that camp? im very thankful kasi kung hindi ko siya nakilala hindi ako siguro makakasama dun sa camp at hindi ko makakaharap ang panginoong Diyos. Pag katapos ng camp napaka gaan na ng loob ko, ang dami kong natutunan at handa na akong manindigan at masaktan.

  5. Thanks Mae. He definitely writes the best stories so we have to trust what He writes about us.

    Aurelia. Being single is a challenge and a test. Hang in there like me, and watch God do His thing in our lives. Whatever it is, it’s more amazing, the bible said He gives “immeasurably more than we can ask for or imagine.”

    Anthony. Thanks for quoting me. Hope you were blessed with those lines.

  6. masarap maging single, because u can enjoy ur life in different ways. kung d k p tlaga handa mak pag commit s iba kc magkakalolokohan lng kayo! Praise God for those who are waiting!

  7. i was undeniably blessed by what you’ve shared! :-)…

    The book of Ecclesiates says: “HE MADE ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL IN HIS TIME.”

  8. i hope it’s ok to quote a part of this entry to my blog. thanks!:) the last part is really touching.

  9. kuya jords,, thank u sa site nato… narinig ko to as u wer repeating announcing this site sa ATF hehehe… i nid this.. this generation shud learn to wait… tlga,, blessing ka kuya jords…^_^ yup.. there is someone out there waiting for me.. alam ko masu surprise lng ako sa gift ni Lord.. henheheh kaya focuse muna kay Jesus alone!!! “those who wait, we rock!!”

  10. napakasarap isipin na may mga kabataan pang naniniwala sa pagiging malinis at puro sa harapan ng Panginoon. i will admit that i was touched by what you’ve said but i was also hurt..anyways, thanks for that encouraging words of wisdom..hope i could learn more from you!!!!!God bless your Pure heart…

  11. yes,TLW is really a big help for us,youth should ought to know the reality about love…Learn to wait co’z God is an on time God…Isn’t it…God Bless and keep on waiting….GOD is Love…
    focus on God…and He will reveals His plans for you!!!

  12. w0w! that was deep dude! but sad! coz’ youre like me! if i want i want!!! sad to say coz it wont even work a single of matter in time!!! but! thnx for sharing youre story!! so i know i am not the only person who believes in God, being the author of our life!!!
    thnx again!!!

  13. i was hurt many times because i dont learn. but God is still gracious and good, he gives chances. now i am willing to wait. i dont want to be in the same situation again- falling inlove easily, hurting others and hurting myself. i want to learn the smart love- selfless, pure and sincere. i know that once we fully trust God in everything, including our love life, its worth it because as one song says,”God is so wise to be mistaken and God is so good to be unkind”. He knows our inner desires and longings and he will grant it at the right time, right circumstances and with the right person. I believe that God is the best matchmaker. I may want this but he want something else which is better. then, his will be done. I will keep on trusting God and wait. i know God wants me to fall in love with him first, to make me realize that nobody except him can truly make me satisfied. and when i fully grasp that truth, he will provide the one he truly prepared for me. i am in the process of regaining my purity and sef-respect. i was broken before but God made me whole again. i know he will give me someone who will love and accept me as i am the way he did. i love you Lord! to God be the glory!

  14. Rhicaella Angela

    ..I’ve been into a lot of relationships..but after this last guy that i have been with I already made up my mind to serve God first and wait for his plans.. all of us, teenagers, should know how to wait for our true love rather than to settle for the one available.. I was really touched by what Jordan Escusa said..that there is nothing more romantic than God being the author of our love story as well as our life.. God sets a time for each and everyone of us.. everything was already planned.. and if we know how to wait, all our patience would be worth it and in time we would realize that God’s plan is always the best..*-*

  15. Rhicaella Angela

    ..thanks for the pieces of advice..we should all learn to wait.. God helped me move on and stand up again.. and I believe that he has greater plans for all of us so we just have to be patient.. I hope that my faith would be consistent and stronger now.. but I want to thank God for picking me up and still loving me unconditionally despite of everything..

  16. thanks sa org. na T.L.W. ang sa lahat na bumubuo ng mmi. ang ung nag-organize ng X-men camp. sa iba,zambales dhil sa inyo na realize kong mg blik ky God sana ipagp2loy nyo lng ang inyong magandang gawain para sa mga youth na ka2lad namen tHANK YOU VERY MUCH and for the experiences…….marami po akong n22nan sa mga pastor na nag lecture…..

  17. we should learn to wait for the one who God prepared for us.. kasi everything is planned for us since we are in our mothers womb.. hindi dapat tayo magpaapekto sa sinasabi ng ating mga kaibigan(peer pressure).. tska di ba mas astig kung ang love story mo ay sinulat ni God? think of it.. hindi lahat ng bagay sa mundo ay ‘instant’.. kung magmamadali ka.. gusto mo ba maging miserable ang buhay mo habang buhay?? kung marunong ka mag-intay.. you will have a blessed life forever with God.. God bless nlng poh sa makakabasa nito!! hope you’ll wait for your true love that God has prapared for you!! have a blessed life!! =)

  18. The life of a teenager sometimes are being controlled by their

    emotion. But really when we let God be the one to take control our

    emotion there is nothing impossible to Him.I’m really bless by your

    testimonies I pray that God will take control of your emotion. God Bless.

  19. God bless everybody! Get ready and expect awesome things to come when you wait upon God! : )

  20. cordapio taludtod

    god bless to you all.. yeah im also waiting for god’s best for me..i agree to you karla

  21. hello 2 ol d facilitators of tlw. i just want to say tnx for a wonderful tym dat you gave to us.. we learned a lot from you.. hoping we meet again.. oweiz takecare.. Godbless!! to Ptr. Derek tnx 4 d tym and the knowlegde we gained.. more power to tlw team…

  22. tRue LOve coMes in GOD’s tiMe.. be paTieNt.. cOz Love mOves iNdeed in MystErioUS waYs..

    tHnkS for diS paGe.. GOd BLess u aLL!!!

  23. hello po kina kuya derek, kuya franco and ate kai:) sobrang dami kong narealize and natutunan sa tlw.. i’m really thankful kasi po malaking tulong ang nagawa ng tlw para sa kin, as well as to others. i hope you inspire and convince more people to enjoyably wait for true love and keep GOD in the center of their lives. thanks for the time and effort and god bless you all!

  24. thank God for this inspiring site… sa totoo lang, medyo naiiyak ako ngayon, (ang drama ba) because I have been impatient for that one true love… i had a completely wrong relationship, na akala ko sya na…kasi alam ko mahal namin ang isat isa. but then dumating sa point na even promises were made to each other, kahit na honest naman kayo, sometimes, love fails… kasi mali. Now dont get me wrong, hindi sya married to someone else or whatever…but then nagclash ang personalities namin…and then I realized, may be God is directing me to someone better, someone i havent met yet, someone whom He knows will be the best!
    Now I am willing to wait. Hindi nako magmamadali…so what kung 30 ka na? its better to wait than be with the wrong person…God wants us to be happy, so He will give us exactly that!

  25. it is true that we should not be hasten into making decision about marrying someone we love, we have to seek God’s will instead of ours no matter how we love that person God has His own perfect time to bestow the right person that belongs to us , it is good to have a website like this which discuss on how to wait patiently a right partners in life , just keep it up and May God continually feed you with knowledge on how to share TLW

  26. hi! to all my Christian friends in Jesus Christ to God be the glory Intl. church especially grace operana and family , sis. Leslie santos, Bro. Wiglie, Bro. Ludwig and Sis. Weily Santos though we are not close nor you didn’t know me better yet but I salute you for being a good example followers of Christ, Bro. jordan pls. kindly greet gasit family into your program perfect rhythym every sunday , thanks and God bless 🙂

  27. This site really helped me a lot. it widens my perception about the word Love..everytime i read stories and articles from here It really uplifts the Spirit in me.. Before i’m so eager to have love and be loved though i’m just 17 years old.. but now, i know GOd works in my life.. He wants me to experience first the most precious Love of all.. HIS LOVE. To be a woman after His own heart.. And i really can’t afford to loose that!

  28. ……………tama ka talaga…..hahaha…. salamat dahil na remindako ulit na wag dapat magmadali….. hehehe…. gusto ko yung sinabi mo na mas maganda talaga kung si Lord yung author ng lovelife natin…hehehe TWL ROCKS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  29. I definitely agree that true love waits.. Actually, until now I’m still waiting for that person that God will give me on His perfect time. The last relationship I had was 7 yrs ago…i think.. At first everybody thought that we’ll end up together. He was a Christian as well. In the long run, it didn’t worked out. It gave me a heartache really. I won’t mention the reason for the break up anymore, but that incident actually made me realize my true worth. And praise God because every failure that we encounter, He will always be there to comfort us. And every time that you’re heading the wrong way, there’s always our God to lead us to the right path. And I’m really excited to meet that person God has prepared for me. I don’t even know when and where I’m going to meet him. God might not be done yet writing my “love story”, but i simply trust Him and that answers it all. I’m definitely sure that it’s worth the wait. I’m now taking care of my heart not to broken again. And I’m sure enough that my “future partner” is praying for me like I am praying for him to come. And thank you God for being the author of my “love life”..

    God bless to all of us who’s in the process of waiting for our true love. Be excited, because God is preparing one of His best gifts for us..God bless everyone!

  30. Yeah your right that TRUE LOVE WAITS and by God’s blessing and by God’s time you will find your most awaited love of your life.. God is so good and he knows what is best for all of us. 🙂

    keep posting your testimonies and inspire people all over the world. 🙂

    take care and God bless! 🙂

  31. We should really learn to wait…God knows what’s best for us, no need to hurry. Let’s take everything one step at a time. God only wants us to be happy, hindi kasi lahat ng gusto natin na iniisip natin na makakapagpasaya sa atin ay makabubuti para sa atin. Don’t rush looking for love in an earthly way,seek in your heart…then you’ll find God….and God is more than enough…enough to satisfy all your hearts desires…if were just willing and happily waiting…

  32. that’s great bro… Saludo ako sayo…God will provide the best one for you…keep on being inlove with God.

  33. great!
    very inspiring!
    I admire guys like you. I hope all guys would think like you. hahaha!


  34. Yeah…No need to hurry…Sana, all guys would think that TLW…Dami kc d2 sa amin na papalit-palit ng gf…(but meron din sa girls)…Hay…
    I definitely believe that God will provide the best for us…We’re so young, so let’s not waste time, instead we should live life to the fullest!!!

    God bless us all….^_^

  35. hi Ptr. Jordan and TLW 🙂 its me Nikki from Door Of Faith bin.rizal 🙂 (galing na po kau d2 last yr .if you still remember us 🙂
    gusto ko lng mag thank you sa pag-oopen nio ng mind ko bout the full commitment to the LORD 🙂 narebuke po ko ng husto.. for all the staff of TLW thank you so much ! 😉 now i can say that i am 100% all out na sa LORD 😉

    TLW went to our school (ANHS) yesterday . sakto my problem ako bout love at aun naliwanagan na kong muli 🙂



  36. kakatuwa heart mo kuya,hope na ang spirit mo na yan ay maimpart sa maraming mga lalake. 🙂

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