Just Say It…

Wazz up! Kai Branch is signing on again and it’s been a long time since I made a blog, I just got back from Texas I was there for a month sharing and raising support for the ministry. Valentines Day is fast approaching and before we get so crazy about that I just want to encourage you all to start a “Just Say It… Day”. It’s about creating a special day where you will appreciate every person you know…it’s simple, fast and very easy. I’m gonna give you a list of special words to say and just say it to your family, friends, neighbors, boss, teacher or the people sitting beside you on a bus or jeepneys and to yourself too. There are a lot of people who needs a little encouragement and it doesn’t cost a dime telling them how special they are.

*Great job * Superfantastic* You’re important to me * I’m glad you’re here *I’ll pray for you *Well done *You’re getting it * Thank you * Impressive * Great smile * I’m glad I know you * Thanks for listening * You’re amazing * I like you * You’re a winner * Outstanding * Thanks for being here for me * I’m proud of you * Wow * You’re so smart * You’re a real help * Looking good today * Thanks for sharing * I appreciate your effort * I’m with you all the way * Exceptional work * You’re a good friend * You made my day * What would have I done without you * You’re my hero * Now you’ve got it * You’re beautiful * Way to press on * I want to be like you * God loves you * You’re so talented * I like who you are * You mean the world to me * Spectacular * Can I hug you * I support you * Bravo * You’re a genius * Good for you * I know you can * I knew you could * I’m here for you * You tried hard * You are fun * You’re welcome * Fabulous * Awesome * You are a tremendous blessing * Phenomenal * I’m so thankful for you * I believe in you * You are remarkable * You are reliable * You can count on me * I love you…

There are million words we could think of to make the people in our lives feel special.


-kai branch


8 thoughts on “Just Say It…”

  1. ang GanDa tALaga ng Topic NaTin kAhaPon!!! at Ang Saya Pa!!! SanA mAuLit uLi YunG GaNoong SemiNar!!! HehE… Ang GanDa Pa Ng VieW NatiN!!! Sana Sa suSunoD sA iBanG PLace naMan Tayo!!! At Sana Mas MArami Pang MaKasama PaRa EnJoy!!! ThanKs Sa Mga NagTuRo Sa Amin huUh!!! i HoPe Na mAgPatuLoy Pa Ang GaniTong SemiNar!!! LaLong Dumami Ang Mga ChriStiAns Sa munDo!!! GOD BLESS POW!.!

  2. wish ko ngayong darating na valentines day,,mka date ko ang pinakamamahal kong joseph alexis laure ng flamingo……..sana makausap ko man lang siya kahit sandali lang……maging close friends kami.

    luv yah joseph………..

  3. hey mel and pam sorry for the late comments medjo inayos kasi yung homepage ng website…it is so wonderful to have someone we admire but let us not focus on them too much always remember that God sees our hearts and just continue to ask Him for someone whose rightfully yours…Just remember that let’s enjoy our singleness muna coz minsan lang tayo magiging bata…

    God loves you so much….

    ate kai

  4. hey Therese thank you for appreciating us…we want you to spread the Word and also be an encourager to all the people you know..

    God loves you,


  5. hi poh!!!! ang ganda ng article na toh!!! sana poh marami pa kau magawa na magagandang article!!!! kasi it really help us to understand the common mistakes na di namin napapansin!!! GODBLESS!!!! JESUS RULEZ!!!!

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