Friendster ka ba?

There’s a lot of things that young people have in common and one of them is FRIENDS. Everywhere you go kasama mo sila physically or even if you are alone kasi you think of them, and you remember what they said about you. Parang libag nakakapit na sa atin ang ating mga kaibigan but let me introduce to you the different set of friends that we should watch out because they are TOXIC! Entering into a friendship opens the door for hurt and harm; a harmful friend or a toxic friendship can be one of life’s hardest relationship tribulations to forgive and forget. Toxic friends often come back to haunt you for a long time.

Beware of Toxic Friends!

The User:

This person only has friends as long as he/she can use them for some purpose or goal of his/her own. This person could be the most harmful of toxic friends.

The Betrayer:

Nothing hurts more than a friend who betrays your trust.

The Control Freak:

A friend as long as he/she is in control. The control freak often seems to be helping you. Refuse that help or break that control and find out what toxic frienship really means.

The Judge:

Ever judgmental ever critical, this friend can erode your self-esteem. The judge is a fault finder. You can rarely do anything completely right with this toxic friend.

The Promise Breaker:

This person rarely does what he says he will do. If you have a date, your toxic friend is often a no-show. A general ack of dependability makes this person a toxic friend.

The Gossip:

The gossip will eventually betray your trust and become toxic friend. Gossips are easy to spot so beware your friendship with them.

The Self-Centered:

This are people that can’t think of you as they are too busy thinking of themselves.

The Competitor:

Is always looking to be “one up”. Although some competitiveness is normal in friendships, too much competition makes a toxic friend.

The Leaner:

The leaner is a very needy friend who clings and may be at your doorstep everyday. He/She usually wants all of your time and jealousy often enters the picture in this friendship.

Anong klaseng kaibigan meron ka???


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  1. i love helping my friends, especially if kaya ko naman, financially, sa studies, etc. Kaya lang minsan parang sobra na. How can i tell them yung nararamdamam ko na hindi nila mamimisinterpret yung gusto ko iparating?

  2. hey kristine the answer to your problem is talk to of the good things about friendship is that you could share almost everything but if you try to cover up the friction it’ll just make your heart heavy..just be honest if they don’t listen and go away at least you know what kind of friends they are early ahead…kaya mo yan or depende na lang kung yan ang gusto mangyari habang buhay.

    God loves you,

    ate kai

  3. i have a friend… she and her husband called it quits a long time ago..she’s broke…she now works abroad and no one looks after her two kids and her 70 year old mom..i often check them if they are doing fine..she wants me to live with her family to run the house in her absence…i said i cant coz my mom will not allow me,she said ill be an instant single mom if i do that..and she said the kids still have their father let him do his share in raising his kids..but their dad hardly visit them..i pity those kids…di ko alam kung pano ko ipaparamdam na yes im willing to help her pero minsan yung pinapagawa nya saken is too much….

  4. halos lahat ng nabanggit meron akong kaibigan na ganyan! pero ok lang. ganun lang talaga.

  5. LhAt nmn ng fRiends q0h ay mAbabait per0 aLam nmn ntEng LhAt nAh mAy mgA nEgative attitudes tLga ang bwAt ta0…At krAmihAn sA mga fRiends q0h Ay mAy pAgka “the LearneR” kc pAg nkikita niLa nAh mAy bAg0 nnmn aq0ng fRiend at kpag kAusAp q0h y0ng bag0 q0ng fRiend nAgtAtAmp0 agAd siLa! spEciaLLy my bEstfRiend…Lge niyAng cnAsbe saken nAh wLa nAh dAw aq0ng time skAnya bec0z of my nEw friends dAw! eh smAntLang siyA nmn ang Lge q0ng kSama! pAn0 q0h p0h ssAbihin sA kAnyA ang bAgay nAh y0n nAh hindi xA mAgtatamp0 o mggaLet sakEn?!

  6. this blog is really good. but i just wanna share my opinion regarding “choosing the right friends.” i was once asked by a close friend of mine a question like this, “pinipili ba yung magiging kaibigan?!” kc meron ngang nakikipag kaibigan sken na guy whom i found not-so-nice., so at first, i really thinked twice but i still rejected him..but when my friend asked me that simple-but-striking question., i realized one important matter, if God desires to be our friend, why not us? bakit hindi rin tau mkpagfriends w/o thinking or choosing the right qualities., dba nga dpat mas minamahal yung mga taong mas kelangan ng pagmamahal and most importantly, ng understanding?! so guys, have fun! be a good friend to everyone! love one another as what God wants us to do! 🙂

  7. masarap magkaroon ng maraming kaibigan pero hindi lahat sila ay totoong kaibigan.
    madalas, i fall into my weakness wc is to trust someone easily, trusting is good pero dmo talaga alm kung ur trusting the ryt one. but it does not mean na dka n din magttiwala. i think when it comes to choosing friends, ask for God’s guidance. and masaya pag ang group of friends mo ay christian. its realy a different thing from non believer friends.

  8. plgi q tinu2lungan ung mga frens q hnd amn msma un eh..llo n qng minsn hnd aq mktangi s knila lalo n qng ayw q xe bke ms interpret nla..xe iba2 ugali ng mga tao,qng gaano cla krmi dpt gnun krmi ang ugli mu..

  9. ms.congeniality

    haaaaay…lim nyu,honestly lhat ng friends n tinukoy nyo ay meron aq..pero krmihan ay da user,nd da judge….

  10. i thank GOD for giving me good friends. good friends never leave you, nor push you to do bad things. i have friends who inspire me, help me, and accept me for who i am. i have this one friend who even provided me things i need para makapag-aral, and i think wala ng mas hihigit pa sa ganong klase ng pagkaka-ibigan. madaming tayong makukuhang mabubuting kaibigan, at hindi natin kailangan sumama sa mga walang kwenta na dadalhin ka lang sa masama. good friens are everywhere, and i am proud to have the best one for me.

  11. ako dmi aq fren iba iba atitudes? may mayabang may torpe? may lalakero may makukulit at isip bata. . . peo hrap db pag nag away kayu ng fren mo tpos nag bati kayu. .. pero hrap n balik ung dating samahan dahil may lamat n? hahaha….. san bako? sa camp sambalez b2? blik ninyu aq dun?

  12. hi… alm ko na ang pagibig ay nakakapag abtay…sbi nga nila…GOD has a purpose for us…hehe

  13. nerissa san miguel

    i thank God because for how many years na andito ako sa earth binigay niya sakin yung mga taong makakatulong sakin para mahubog ako as a person and help them also.

  14. yeah, we have to choose if knino or sinong mga friends anf dpat nting piliin at smahan. in my case a have a lot of friends tlaga and i treasure them. hindi q ipagpa2lit ung friendship n nbuo q with them in other things. i can do watever basta mka2pagpsya ito s knila. i can say that i am rich with my friends………………….. i love my friends from the day n nmeet q clang lahat.

  15. Mahal na mahal koh ang mga fwendz koh! kaya nga sa twing nagkakapwablem kami tumutulong ako na masolve ito kaya lang ang diperensiya parang hindi na natapos ang pwablem namin. ano poh bah ang pwede kong gawin?

  16. .ah………..ako cguro masyado me na protective sa best friend ko…ahm…bUt sometimes prang disappointEd ako sa best friend ko kse me prang yung treatment ko sakanya is very special bUt sa tingin ko cia di ganun ang treatment nya saken….parang im longing for her love,care and to feel din yung special treatment like what i did to her………sa tingin neo tama ba yung nararamdaman ko??????……………..o nagiging selfish me?????

  17. haay..the leaner cguro..db nga tell me who your friends are and i will tell you who you are?!

  18. Hindi naman siguro masama ang magselos sa kaibigan lalo na kung may bago na siyang friends.But i doesnt mean na hindi ka na importante sa kanya.As a friend kailangan you know your posistion even you dont see each other offen.Friendship can test kapag busy na kayong lahat.I know that feelings……..lalo na kapag they have thier own family or may boyfriend na yung bestfriend mo……..hay ganun nga yata talaga.Learn to understand the situation.Ma mi-miss ka rin nila kasi GOOD FRIEND Ka nila………

  19. i have a bestfriend lahat ng bagay pareha kami..minsan nga pagkakamalan kaming magkapatid…but time goes by..hindi na kami pareho ng school at nung nagkita kami iba na sya….but we still friend and we still love each oher no matter what happen to us…

  20. hndi m tlga maiiwasan ang gnyan tao,, tlgang mkkencounter k tlga,, at first kc, hnd m agad mllaman n ganun cla akla m true friend pero toxic friend pla. the best thing to do is gantihan cla ng kabutihan..

  21. well.
    i think.
    i have friends like that.
    toxic friends.
    but they cant have me toxicated.
    im wise.
    just kidding.

  22. pangsinan tuliao GBC

    daming magandang nranasan ko sa camp of eva zambales! dming friends na nkila2 nd espexaly kay lord……touch tlga ko kay binago nya life ko.. 2nd tym ko npuntahan ang camp..sya din ung take 5! pag patuloy ntin yang menistry ntin…God bless..nd more blessing to come…

  23. Hi! the blog is very informative. I have this friend and officemate that is very needy and control freak(is that possible) she’s way past her teens (late 20’s) but still acts as if she just 12 yrs old, she constantly needs attention, praise and company. I try to avoid her as much as possible but she still find ways to see me.. its so annoying.

  24. The Betrayer:

    Nothing hurts more than a friend who betrays your trust.

    — sobrang sakit… T_T

  25. Hayyy….!!!
    kabataan na
    mayroon na
    asawa…!!!… T_T
    PaaNo Kaya Masusulusyunan ito???

  26. may iba’t- iba tayong klase ng kaibigan..
    kapag iyakin .. dapat maton ka
    kapag masungit .. ikaw ang mabait
    kapag tahimik.. ikaw ang madaldal .. and the other way aroud … There are a lot of different ways to deal with each of our unique ways.. .

    love them no matter who/ what they are …

    but never forget that if we must be a liquid ( that only takes the shape of its container …)

    Be sure that GOD’s will be our container .

    No the same matter can occupy the same space …. but we can be with someone , though different from us , that THE SAME SPACE IS GOD’s


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