Kung Malaya Lang Ako…

Kahit dayain pa
Ang puso at isipa’y
Hanap ka
Bakit nga ba ganyan

Kung malaya lang ako
Kung malaya lang ako
Ipagsisigawan kong mahal kita
Kung malaya lang ako
Kung malaya lang ako
Ay ikaw ang tanging pipiliin ko
Sana ay mahal mo rin ako

I love music especially heartbreak songs because you could feel the emotion right off the bat and it’ll take you places emotionally. According to the book “Kiss the Girls and Made them Cry” by Liza Bevere she said that music has the power to transport us,words immersed in music can touch places in our hearts that nothing else can reach. It can speak for us when words are hard to express, it has the power to comfort and enflame us, power to build memories, to arouse and awaken romantic feelings. Some type of music has the ability to stimulate unconscious sexual responses in the human body, various beats drive the physical body to a heightened state of arousal when it is accompanied by sexually charged lyrics the influence of this combination is undeniable. And the ultimate purpose of music is to always meant to draw lovers closer or farther….

If you desire to walk in purity in music world, guard your ears and heart against the influence of this type of music because it wll bypass your first line of defense and take up residence in your mind…even if you don’t want it to. It will be like a seed planted…in due time it’ll grow.

The featured song “Kung Malaya lang Ako” our response is “Malas mo lang!” this reflects the shoulda, woulda, coulda syndrome. The problem is that they hurry love and wait wasn’t included in their dictionary now they want to take back the hands of time which is impossible. Although there are some options to gain the freedom, it’s either the other lover died naturally or murdered which is against the law or commit adultery which is also against the law especially against God it’s a dead-end for them….

The lesson here is CHOOSE WISELY and WAIT PATIENTLY.

– kai branch?

2 thoughts on “Kung Malaya Lang Ako…”

  1. LSS:Last Song Syndrome. A sort of an after-shock brought about by listening (or even just hearing) a song over and over again and afterwards you find yourself singing the tune several times in a row even without meaning to.

    I had an LSS “outbreak” with Hillsong United’s “All I Need Is You” just a couple of eeks ago. During those times when everything just didn’t seem to be working out as I’ve planned them to be, somehow the song brought me back to my senses and reminded me of one basic truth: I am JC’s girl and He’s never letting me go, not until the Right Prince asks Him faithfully and specifically for ME.

    Waiting is really tough… most of the time easier said than done. But I’ve learned that it’s easier dealing with it when I channel my thoughts to His Word and heartily listen to God-breathed, God-inspired music.

  2. Yeah Anne…

    Its much easier, (even though its hard) dealing with the present struggles, than it is dealing with guilt of wrong decisions. DWGOWD syndrome…

    We are with you.


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