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“It was always my dream to become a super model and to be a Victoria’s Secret model was my ultimate goal in life,” says 21-year old Kylie Bisutti who beat 10,000 other girls in Victoria’s Secret 2009 Model Search.

Beauty and fame is the dream of many girls today yet despite having this, Kylie found something amiss in her life. Posing for magazines in lingerie and attending glamorous parties suddenly didn’t seem satisfying anymore. What made Kylie change her mind?

“I started my modeling career at the very young age of 14. It was always my dream to become a super model and to be a Victoria’s Secret model was my ultimate goal in life. I felt like I was born to walk the runway and at the age of 19 I achieved that goal. I walked in my first Victoria’s Secret runway show, beating out 10,000 other girls to win the prize of their newest runway angel.”

“From there I started doing shoots for their catalogue and was on the cover of multiple magazines, including men’s magazines. I hosted parties, dazzled red carpets, and got more attention than a girl could ever imagine (and I loved every minute of it). I selfishly desired the attention that I was getting and I gave in to worldly ways… UNTIL I had a very gracious and convicting AWAKENING!”

The Lord knocked me off my feet and showed me where to find true happiness and self worth. How to be truly beautiful (which has NOTHING to do with external beauty) and most importantly how to truly live a life for Him and His glory and not my own. As I studied the Word more, I desired to be more Christ-like in the way that I was living. I wanted to be a better example to young women. I wanted to be the wife that God made me to be and the one my husband deserved. (we were recently married before the whole Victoria’s Secret thing happened) I wanted to be honoring to the Lord in all things.

So, I stopped modeling lingerie, and skimpy bathing suits. I told myself I would never be on a men’s magazine again, and I decided to be more modest in the way that I dressed. I don’t want to be known as a sex symbol or lingerie model. I desire to be known as a woman who fears the Lord and that is why the LIVE 31 movement is so important to me. I pray that many women will be touched by this movement like I was and pursue to live it out. Christ has totally reshaped and molded my desires. He used my sins and worldly ways to change me and show me the truth and the right way to be respectful to my husband. I now desire to show my husband respect in every aspect: the way I dress, act, what jobs I will take on, how I talk, etc. I now try and share my faith in any area that I can. I sometimes pray for others, or just simply tell my story.

I now work with a brand that markets clothing as well as lingerie and I only model their clothing line, so this is a great avenue to witness to the other models when they ask why I do not wear lingerie. Christ also led my husband and I to a great church that has helped me so much. It is a lot easier to stay grounded when you are plugged into a church and fellowship with other believers. I also stay committed to reading the bible. I’m so grateful for Christ’s mercy and grace and I am so passionate about now being a positive Godly role model, who lives for and fears the Lord.”

To all girls out there,  no matter how hard we hold on to youthful beauty, we will age and our skin will sag. Remember that inner beauty found in Christ alone is what is truly beautiful. May your desires to be beautiful be patterned in this wonderful proverb:

“Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting,
but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”
-Proverbs 31:30

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