Leslie Vergara, TLW Admin Staff & Volunteer Specialist

Leslie_1_1.jpgI never thought that when I reach the age of 24, I would long for affection, love and security from a man.

I’ve been working for True Love Waits Philippines for almost 2 years and I thought I knew everything about True Love Waits. But there’s really a big difference between knowing and feeling it. When I entered the ministry, I was sure that I don’t want to be in a relationship until I’m ready for marriage and have lived a fulfilled single life—which would probably be when I am almost 30. At the beginning of this year, a friend asked me, “Why do you always say that you are not ready?” I answered, “Maybe because I’m still young. I want to do a lot of things, and I am not ready for the responsibility of being a wife and mother. Plus, I haven’t met the one yet.” Then my friend said, “Well, last year I thought I want to marry this girl, but we were both young and there are a lot of things that we have to consider. Then after praying and thinking about it, we broke up and God changed my heart. I don’t want to marry that girl.” Then he continued, “You’ll never know when God is gonna change your heart, and you have to be ready.” That statement stuck in my head and true enough, after two or three months, I felt ready to be in a relationship.

I even thought I was ready for marriage. The only problem was that no one was seriously pursuing me at the time. I told my trusted friends how I feel and most of them were shocked to hear me say that I am ready for a commitment and the possibility of marriage (I was getting ahead of myself). I cannot blame them since I have never been in a bf-gf relationship and always see me as the “Maria Clara” of the group. Just when I thought I was ready for a commitment, a lot of challenges came up. I lost focus on important things in my life and found myself always excited to watch romantic movies or anything that has “love story” in it. I sometimes found myself wondering what it would be like to have someone hold my hand, buy me flowers, or just have a guy who would take care and love me more than a friend.

There had been times when I felt pressured to initiate a conversation to a guy I like, and it really surprised me because it’s a total opposite of what I believe—that it’s a guy’s job to pursue and lead a relationship.

The greatest challenge I had during these times was neglecting to put God first in my life. I was so busy thinking about myself: what I want and how I would get it. I had forgotten about my First Love. I had forgotten that I first found my ultimate satisfaction in God two years ago when I completely surrendered my hopes and dreams to Him. It was like finding the greatest treasure you can ever find that gives you joy, satisfaction, and peace.

I am not proud to say that God was replaced in my priorities for a short time, but I am always grateful to say that He is always faithful, patient, kind and very understanding.  I was constantly reminded by people around me to keep my focus on God and continue my intimate relationship with Him.

He greatly used the TLW staff and resource materials we have in the office to constantly remind me that our ultimate goal as followers of Christ is to have an intimate relationship with Him and everything will just follow.

I thought I was ready for marriage. But God revealed to me that I still have a lot to learn: There is a time for everything under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3). I never realized how immature I was until God taught me through my struggles and challenges that love is not about yourself but about other people. I thought I knew a lot of things about love but God displayed aspects of love by disciplining me and showing me that I have yet to learn so many things. There’s a void in our hearts that longs for love but no one in this world can really fill and satisfy it except God, the Creator of Love.

Now I am certain that it is our relationship with God matters most because love from people comes and goes, but only God’s love never fails and would last for eternity.

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  1. way to go ate les 🙂 remember, there’s so much larger things in life and that only God satisfies 🙂 blessings to your new journey and enjoy the season, make it beneficial to those around you:) stay blessed 🙂 Grace to you 🙂

  2. LeiJun I. Eleda-Segubience

    I am so proud of you my dear Leslie grace..keep it up girl, now i understand why you were acting like that, at first we really cannot understand what you want in your life,,,,now its clear to me, and i do understand,….keep it up, and remember we’re always on u’r back..I LOVE YOU LES…God bless

  3. So true..we often find ourselves longing for a lot of things..to be with someone we all dream of..right here..right now.. but at the end of the day, God always shows that He is all we need..that we already have that perfect partner..in Him.. 🙂 God bless u for reminding us once again to always put our Lord Jesus in the center of our lives..

  4. Marco Antonio Mendez

    Hi leslie, i was wondering about what you have written here, now i am having a thought of what was love was all about. I always put god in my heart, he’s the one who makes my life worth living, as i’ve said to my self, i only borrowed this life to him, and if it’s my time to go, i will not interfere, thus i will thank him for giving me a chance to live in this world, full of love and happiness, and i will thank him forever.

  5. wow, ate Leslie that is sooooooo great to hear from you.
    I hope and pray i have that same feeling.
    Please pray for me too.
    As I always pray for all the Single out there yet Married to God.
    God Bless you ate. 🙂 So proud of you!

  6. we’re always proud of you my dear Leslie!

    you’re correct, no love can match the love of God… but human like us, still long for human affection.. it’s not easy to maintain singlehood, it was by grace of God that we’re able to overcome challenges….

    So lets thank the Lord, for He gave us our first love.. JESUS…

  7. hello,

    am i too late to tell something ? hehhe
    i do admire you for being such a confident woman of God 😉
    thanks for reminding to wait for God’s timing also.
    you are a truly instrument.

  8. Jessa Varela Tutor

    It was an inspiring testimony. . . ;]

    I just realized that even people like your age ate Les are pondering much and still thinking twice about getting married. What more with me? I am still turning 19. I guess it is right to think more about my priorities that is to be concerned about the things that will last eternally. I believe if the time will come, that we will no longer wish. long, and crave for human affection . . and we can find contentment with God alone with his great love. . . He will show us what path is perfect for us. By that time we will able to decipher our purpose. Many failures might pull us down spiritually, but failure can be the beginning if we believe in God. Thanks . . . you made me draw this realizations from myself . . . God bless you..! May you prosper in your lifes` endevours.

  9. Amen… I strongly believe in your article’s statement which says, “…only God’s love never fails and would last for eternity.”. Getting married is not only a feeling of being in love to a guy or a girl. It’s a lifetime commitment, meaning, marriage will go on even if the feeling’s gone – I hope it wont . Go, go, go. Impart your heart to all the in-need-of-God’s-love girls out there…

  10. Hello ate Leslie remember me? nakakatuwa naman po ang testimony mo. nakakainspire. It’s a great reminded for the youth. minsan may mga bagay sa mundo na nakakafrustrate. all the time we want something great to happen, we are doing anything to make it happen. tapos kapag hindi nangyayari masakit. pero ang totoo we are making things hard for ourselves, we sometimes forget to put God in the center. na kapag sya ang nauna at nasa gitna ng buhay natin, magugulat ka nalang dahil everything you desire are there saying “Hi” to you. Godbless po!

  11. a blessed day to all,
    its a great blessing to have this knowledge about TLW…
    this just gave us the real hope, clearer vision and understanding that we are not lead up by opportunities or excitements….we are lead up by God’s certain plan!

  12. Your testimony is inspiring. I can also relate to that I am 22 and I always think that I am not yet ready eventhough I am somehow old enough. But I am still praying to God to prepare me for the One and I hope to meet him soon.

  13. it is testimonies like these – so real and so honest – that help young people realize and believe that it is possible to live a fruitful and enjoyable life focused in serving the Lord, in the company and fellowship of fellow God-honoring believers, assured that God knows and has the best intentions for His beloved child…

    thank you sis. leslie for the courage and the faith!

  14. – I heard your website on tv in IJUANDER show n Qtv11. I’m really blessed on your testimonies. Your team really do a great job. Keep it up ! You inspire many teenagers whose eagers to have a commitment. God bless 🙂
    i LOVE your TLW !

  15. hello… Leslie.. I have read your testimony, nakakainspire ang life story mo. I experience emotional struggle right now. i want to join some seminar of TWL..kaso lang wala akong updates. i need someone to talk talaga pero natatakot akong ishare ito sa iba baka di nila ako maintindihan. I am praying someone to give advice and counciling about this matter or even a seminar just to give me a step to move forward. i just holding on to God this time…

  16. juan lucas soliman

    hello sana gnun din ako maging patient at magig matatag at lalong tumatag ang paniniwala kay God. sana nga mahanap ntin ang tunay na kaligayahan dahil karapatan ntin lahat yun. may God bless us all.

  17. hello’ i’m rico 26, masaya ako na may ganitong website na maraming pweding matutunan about love etc. its a big help to readers who often use internet especially ladies, everything is elaborated at sana dumami pa ang mag-subscribe dito sa website na to. God will lead us always in everything we do sana ganito ang maging kaisipan o pananaw ng mga youth sa ngayon.

    thank you!!!!!

  18. hello i am really happy that i found this web. i am struggling at the same problem now. anyway I am very proud to say that I am still pure at the age of 21. i want to be a TLWr but i don’t know how to explain to my present bf.i know its not yet a right time to engage with this kind of relationship because we are not ready for a big and heavy responsibilities.

  19. ate les 🙂 i’m so hapi to read your testimony.. it really inspire me a lot
    God always saves us when we are in danger!!
    He always correct us right away!!
    sobrang thankful ako na may gnitong website

    TOMO!! I pray that every youth
    will be after to our beloved GOD
    not on the perception on this WORLD…

    salamat sa TESTIMONY mo ate les

  20. wow…..ang sakit ng news na narinig ko at nabasa ang isa marriage nah ang isa in a relationship nahhh ouch na ouch…….heheheheheh true love waits philippines!!!! go gurls!!!! continue life i love this website…….

  21. I’m inspired ate! Oh How great is our God to your life… Thanks for sharing your thoughts and convictions. God has perfect timing. We have to wait. Hehe! He is faithful to His promises.. God bless to TLW and to you ate.. See you soon…

  22. Mary Percy An Juan (Chi)

    Ate Les, this is inspiring!
    I can really relate on this. 🙂
    Being part of our VG has been a great blessing.
    God bless you! <3

  23. God bless your teachable heart Ate Les ^_^ Hope to see you again! I miss your beautiful smile =)


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