Let’s talk about M!

Stop M!

Let’s start from the very beginning…Lust is a sin. Masturbation is an expression of a lustful heart. Masturbation isn’t a filthy habit that makes people dirty. It only reveals the dirt that’s already in our hearts. It’s an indicator that were feeding the wrong desires. That’s why problems with lustful actions are symptoms of deeper heart problems.

Masturbation is the physical act of stimulating one’s own sexual organs for pleasure. And here’s the reason why we don’t want you to do it. It will put you in a dangerous and opportune position to commit SIN. Masturbation is built on a self-centered view of sex. This wrong attitude says that sex is solely about you and your pleasure. Your body. Your genitals. Your organism. This is the natural tendency of sin. It isolates us from others and makes pleasure self-focused.

Why is it wrong? Bakit?

1. It is usually accompanied with lust- When a man or woman is masturbating, he or she is physically acting out a sexual, lustful thought or fantasy in the mind even if not with another person. Lust is sin. Lust is an out-of-control thought. Most of the time, masturbation is the physical expression of that thought.

2. Masturbation gives an unfair comparison- Real life if you get married, your future mate will have a difficulty competing with a wild fantasy life. This is one of the dangers of pornography. It provides expectations that real life just can’t compete with. You create in your mind what you think or expect the real thing to be like; then, if it’s not, it results to disappointment.

3. God commands us to be in control of our bodies- St. Paul said we have to keep them in check. We are to tell our bodies what they will do (1 Corinthians 9: 25-27). We are not animals controlled by instincts or drives. We are the only creation who can make choices and whom God promises to empower to overcome temptation.


Ephesians 5:3

But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people.


You must embrace a God-centered and selfless attitude towards sex- You must acknowledge that sex belongs to God. He created our sexuality and is the only One with the authority to dictate how it should be expressed. It’s not enough to know God’s rules for sex. You need to understand His purpose and plan for it. SEX is for MARRIAGE only. When you attempt to experience sex apart form this union, you are disrespecting and dishonoring marriage. We also dishonor God.

“The goal of pornography and masturbation is to create a substitute for intimacy”

DEFINE THIS: Addiction and ever increasing desire with an ever decreasing satisfaction.

Masturbation is SEX with Yourself. If you cultivate a habit of masturbation, don’t assume that it will end once you’re married. Sometimes “solo sex” seems easier, even more pleasurable. But a husband or wife who turns to masturbation in marriage becomes a rival to his or her own spouse. The act of masturbation draws them away from each other. Giving in to masturbation makes it harder to say no to other forms of lust.


Overcoming lustful masturbation begins with a renewed thinking about sex. But here are some pactical helps to change your habits.

*Identify the specific times of day and locations in which you’re tempted to masturbate. Prepare yourself for those moments and places in advance by praying and asking for God’shelp.

*Sleep with your bedroom door open.

*Get out of bed in the morning as soon as your alarm goes off. Lying in bed and allowing your mind to wander is a recipe for failure.

*In moments of temptation, redirect your attention and do something else. Get out of your room, go for a walk, or call a friend.

*Be disciplined about your time in the bathroom and any reading material you keep there.

*Identify your lust triggers. Avoid the sources-shut the magazine, leave the theater, turn off the computer,walk away from the situation. The choice is always YOURS.

*Don’t play the “I’ll touch myself but won’t climax” game. Flee temptation by not touching youself at all.

*Share your struggles with someone else whom you trust.

*Fill your time with activities that put your focus on serving and caring for others.

*Read the Bible it will help you remember the sacrifice that Jesus did for this kind of sin. You cannot sucessfully battle any sin apart from an awareness of God’s grace and forgiveness.

You are always given a chance to have a fresh start. God says “my mercy is new every morning”. It’s an addiction that you need to put a stop to, it’s just like drugs and smoking or other sexual immoralaties. It’s not gonna be only YOU

but people around you will be affected too.

God loves you.




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  1. as far as i rem. my brother told to me that masturbation is natural…. and all my guys friends are agree with me… and also i ask my prof. about that, and they say is yes.. it is natural from all the men. nirerelease kasi nila yung mga dirts sa katawan nila di ko na maalala yung iba pero yun din po yung paniniwala ko its natural…

  2. many teens are undergoing this struggle..and marami ding nacoconfuse kung sin nga ba to or what.. this post is really helpful.

  3. im bothered.my churchmate,,di ko alam kung panu ko sasabihin sa youth pastor namin.wallpaper nya sa cp nya porn…brings FHM mag to school.im a girl.i dunno how to act in this.baka sabihin nya tsinitsismis ko sya.wat should i tell him?

  4. hello 😉 i knew someone who has this habit of masturbation and i really want to help him to get out of it, i pray for him always but i guess it’s not enough what should i do??you said that this lustful actions are symptoms of deeper heart problems..he is living away with his parents do you think it is one of the causes??is it because he doesn’t feel loved by his parents??as his friend, how could i help him??thank you!

  5. This is totally true. When you masturbate, you usually are craving something else. Like love, intimacy, understanding. Praying is an excellent substitute for masturbation coz we can’t do it by on our own.

  6. We live in a fallen world. That’s why we need to be wise there are somethings that they say it’s natural but it doesn’t mean they are all good. Maybe we should use the word it’s COMMON for guys and girls to masturbate not natural and then they have to realize that sex with yourself is totally outside of GOD’s plan. True Love Waits only believe what the Bible says. No one is greater than God and the wisdom of men is foolishness to God.

  7. Praise God! this is a very powerful article! I pray that a lot of people would get to read this. 🙂

  8. hi poh!!! thankz poh sa cite na toh kasi naliwanagan na ako at alam kong di lang ako pati ung ibang mga youth dyan na naco-confuse sa bagay na ito!!! it helps us!!! more power to you TLW and GODBLESS!!!!

  9. amen!!! someone i know should read this article, instead of accessing the porn site…hindi k-chit-chat kailangan mo kundi accountability partner n mas mature syo at Godly… hello!? Christian ka na, db? Romans 12:1-2 would say the same…it all starts with the renewing of your mind…it’s mind-conditioning, too…but all, by the grace of God…

  10. Hi… i just read your article and it just enlightens me… well how many times have i read such message but my loneliness and idleness just always caught me… anyweiz… thanks for this site and i thank God for having FOUND this site… i will truly encourage other single friends of mine to visit your site… God bless and more Power…

  11. bientots of lsqc

    Well one way that i know how to stop masturbating is by praying to God. When you pray, parang mahihiya ka na gawin iyon kasi kausap mo si God(for me this is the most effective). Kung hindi gumana ang prayer, try putting you hand above the fire of the stove and slowly lower your hand nearer to the stove. Kapag nasaktan ka just think na wala pa yun sa sakit at init na mararamdaman mo sa hell(i really do not suggest this one but it is also effective). Hope answered some questions. LOL 😀

  12. I want to encourage everybody who do it to move on what they do.
    basta kayong mga youth dyan alwys remember that GOD IS THERE WATCHING
    [in all that you do]

  13. dati ginagawa ko ito, kahit kristiyano na ako, i know it was wrong dahil God tells me so. but i still fail na wag gawin. every time nagagawa ko ito, i feel sad and i would tell myself i fail again, especially God. i would pray to God and ask forgiveness pero magagawa ko parin sya. then one day, i was determined to overcome this sin. and i can only do this thru OFFERING it to God. i prayed and asked God to free me from it. praise God for upto now, i am enjoying my life and totally not doing it na. temptation comes my way parin, but now my eyes are open and i am very aware of it kaya napagtatagumpayan ko. to all of you struggling about this, ioffer nyo yan kay God and His arms are open to accept them. lay it down for the joy of the Lord!! 😉

  14. harvy de guzman

    i know and we know that this action is a great sin………..but how can we depart from it????????i think the only answer to this is to pray to GOD to not do this action……

  15. Hello Youngster

    Wow ^__^ that was a really helpful comment from you @Youngster
    Thank God for your testimony.

  16. as far as i know sa librong “NOT EVEN A HINT” ni joshua harris yung mga practical tips na nakasulat dito!!
    sobrang nakatulong poh sakin yung librong yun!!
    especially sa paglaban ko sa lust!!

    ang galing nyo guyz!!

  17. napakalaking tulong lalo na samga kabataang nakakaranas ng ganitong problema kailangan talaga ng tulong ng DIYOS sa lahat ng mga temptation!!!^_^

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