Live Like We’re Dying

What if today is your last day on earth?

Think about it again. What if it’s REALLY your last day to live? What are you going to do today before you die tomorrow?

We often take death for granted and you probably think you’re too young to die. The hard truth is, nobody’s too young to die. Death is for all ages and you could die today.

We, humans, live as if we have all the time in the world and just do things without much care and effort. We eat, sleep, drink, go to school or work on a daily basis. The sad thing about this is we allow “important” daily activities to take away our attention from things that are REALLY IMPORTANT like, showing love to people around us.

When was the last time you hugged your parents and said, “I love you”? When was the last time you spent time helping your brother or sister on their homework? When was the last time you said, “Sorry,” (and meant it well) to people you’ve hurt? (Cheezy ba? Just wait before you think this is all cheeziness.)

You can ignore what we’re saying and put off this kind of things since, “May bukas pa naman.” May bukas ka pa ba talaga? How sure are you that you are going to live through 2010?

Since you’re not sure if you’re going to live through 2010, you might as well Live Like You’re Dying as Kris Allen’s new single is singing.

Sometime we fall down and can’t get back up. We’re hiding behind skin that’s too tough.

How come we don’t say I love you enough. Till it’s too late, it’s not too late.

Live like you’re going to die tomorrow!

If your life flashed before you just as you’re about to die, would you still think it’s cheesy to say, “I love you,” to your parents and to people around you?

January 2010 will end in two weeks and we want to encourage you to live the rest of 2010 everyday like it’s your last day. We hope that you will make it a habit to show love to others because you’ll never know if it’s your last chance.

We only have 84, 600 seconds in a day and 525, 600 minutes in a year. Make the most out it.

Article written by: Christin Alvarez, TLW Volunteer

29 thoughts on “Live Like We’re Dying”

  1. This was also shared to us by pastor Boris last camp. It’s really an eye opener! We were all taught to live as if it’s our last day because our life is just a wink of an eye compared to the life we are going to live with God.

  2. Yeah right.. Our life is a gift from God.. we should treasure every moment that He allows us to experienced.. Maikli lang talaga ang buhay ng tao.. malay natin habang tinatype ko pala to bigla na lang huminto ang tibok ng puso ko..(kidding aside) but who knows? lahat ng pagsubok may katapusan.. lahat naman may sariling panahon at ang dapat gawin? ibigay sa Lord ang lahat ng desire, hurts, and most of all surrender our life..

  3. yes, indeed.. I totally agree in that phrase/saying “live as if it’s your last day..” And yes, it’s also true that no one is exempted wether you are too young or too old..

    Last year my family suffered the pain of loosing my sister. She’s only 24yrs. old when she died.. It’s been a year since that day happened but until now we’ve been in pain.. After what happen, i’ve realized that life is out of our control. When God made the decision to take your life, u can do nothing but to let it go..

    Sometimes we often take for granted our love ones and the will of god in our life. But it should’nt because you’ll never know when will your time comes..

    It’s frightening but surely it comes to everyone.. That’s why we have to be prepared and ready when that time comes. When we need to face our Lord God in heaven..

  4. emmanuel cabarles

    The message is very beautiful
    I wish All of the people would read this message.
    its a very good eye opener,
    I encourage All the viewers of this web site to share the site to your family and friends
    this is a very good site

  5. Helpful talaga itong website na ‘to.The blog posts are wonderful and godly.I’ll pray na maging kasing-sikat ng Facebook ang

    GOD BLESS po sa mga behind this website.:D

  6. Dhara Carissa Catarig

    hi kuya franco ^^ remember me ? ^^
    nice naman pu ung kanina ..
    we’ve learned a lot sa mga message mu xD
    aun , continue praising God ^^
    Godbless ..

  7. kuya franco… ganda ng love story u… very brave!! nice.. more power po on this site… ippost q din ito sa wall q sa facebook para mabasa nila… at sna magbago ang pananaw nila sa LOVE… Tnx for sharing….

  8. Hi Dhara,

    Yes i can still remember you 🙂
    I confirmed your add sa FB kanina.
    See you soon. Hopefully we can also go to your campus someday.


  9. Nice entry. 🙂 A good quick reminder for everyone who has been bombarded with all the “essentials” of the daily routine life. If there is one thing which we should not wait on, that is to spend our lives showing love to those people whom we value most.

    BTW, Kris Allen’s concert is awesome! 😀

  10. It is a big realization for me.
    even though I always say ” I love you to my parents,
    it is not enough.
    I always give them headaches..

  11. Hello Aubrey,

    We are glad to read your comment. It is not yet late to make things right in your life. Choose Life that is true and complete. You can find it in Christ alone. Hope you can visit our office sometime.


  12. hey guys! this is o so true… ^^ to all the youths we’ll never know if we ARE the last generation of this world. So live in a godly manner dont let God catch you with your hand on the cookie jar. because when God take us back to heaven, it will be like a flash of lightining. in a blink of an eye we’re all gone. INSTANTLY

  13. hey, brother po pla kyo ni kaye ferrer… nlmn k lng lst strday nung pumunta ako sa houz nyo… clsm8 po nya ako! nice nmn… god bless po!

  14. Hi hersie,

    Yes Kaye just told me that last night. Glad to hear from you. Hope we are helping you in a way for you to know the clear path God demands for you!

  15. this song really gives hope for us…xD “we could make a feast from this crumbs” like what jesus did…napakain nya ang mga tao sa kakaunting mga pagkain……”we gotta tell them we love em till we got a chance to say” where in there is still time to make LOVE for everyone….don’t waste it…cuz youll “LIVE LIKE WE’RE DYING”

  16. Right 🙂 simple lang, sulitin ang bawat araw na binibigay sa atin.
    Yung so sobrang sinulit mo yung araw mo, bago ka matulog, masasabi mo sa sarili mo na pwde ka ng mamatay dahil may nagawa kang mganda para sa kapwa mo. 🙂

  17. ,sinabi din yan ni pastor samin,,,habang nabubuhay pa daw tayo dapat gawin na natin ang dapat nating gawin,sabihin natin ang dapat nating sabihin dahil “life is temporary”lang dw po,,!!!mas narealize ko ang meaning ng life ngayon,,!!!

  18. Qhel,

    The Bible is clear that our life on earth is like a vapor. So we tend to live like its our last day coz nobody knows whats ahead of us.


  19. ,hello kua franco ang dami palang matUtUnan dito,,!!!invite ko ung mga friends ko dito,,!!!

  20. may nakapagsabi sakin na malalaman mo daw yung pinaka gusto mong gawin dito sa mundo kapag paggising mo isipin mo na mamatay ka na mamayang gabi!!

    make sense??

  21. Hi Paolo,

    The only way for you to know your purpose on earth is to know the God of the universe who purposefully gave you a mission to do. If He is living in you then His ways are becoming crystal clear today.


  22. I’ve been browsing through the articles and am happy to have come across this one. I just want to share my story. I am 26 years old, and was diagnosed with a Stage 2 cancer this year. You can imagine the horror of having cancer as a diagnosis and how thoughts about death comes to mind. It was depressing at first. “Bakit po sa akin nangyari to? Do I deserve this?”, I asked God. Then I realized, I am just one of the millions of cancer patients thinking that way.

    As time goes by, through prayers and contemplation, God has answered my questions. It has happened to me on purpose. This “cancer” which I thought to be a curse, turns out to be blessing in disguise. Through being ill, I began to appreciate more the things that I used to take for granted, that is the love and support of my family and friends. It made me realize how important it is to do your best everyday, and make your loved ones feel how much they are loved because you’ll never know when it’ll be too late for you to express it.

    Another important thing that “grew” in me is my faith in God. Truly, our life is in His hands. We have to trust Him wholeheartedly and have faith that whatever He planned out for our lives is for our own good.

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