Lj Salceda- DZAS Radio Announcer/Producer

Lj SalcedaGrowing up in a single-parent family made me wary of relationships, angry with men and anxious of the future.

Who needs men if they’ll only hurt you? Who needs relationships when they are bound to end? Why look forward to a future, when your past was a mess and you don’t even know if you’ll get through the day?

Good thing God intervened! He changed my life, my heart & my perspective on men and relationships, on love and life.

Indeed He makes things beautiful in His time and He also makes things work together for those who love Him. (Ecc. 3:10 & Rom. 8:28)

I’m a certified and proud NBSB member. It has only been last year at age 27 – when I met my special someone. We started as friends and at present, we are in the process of getting to know each other deeper and seeking God’s direction for our relationship. Being in a long-distance relationship is certainly not easy with all the challenges and temptations, but it has been worth it.

I once heard someone say “GREAT things come to those who know how to wait”. I couldn’t agree more!

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  1. mary jane isiderio

    alam mo po ate lj… i have been listening to you…..
    i have seen you in the youth convention…
    nakakatuwa ka… napakasweet mong tao…
    and sports.. kahit inaasar for not having boyfriend before…
    i am very glad that you already found the man of your life…
    keep the fire burning and be inlove…..

    i really admire you!

  2. kuya arnold cristobal

    Hi sis LJ,
    Kakatuwa pala ang love story mo. And you are not ashamed to admit that you are really patient in waiting for God’s best will for. As a saying goes, “Patience is a virtue” ๐Ÿ™‚ i see that you got alot of it ๐Ÿ™‚ Kidding aside, I also remember Abraham, how he trusted God and waited for His promises. He was blessed. I know you are also blessed and to be blessed more. God bless you1 ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thanks mucho Kuya Arnold & MJ! Be blessed mga kapatid! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kuya Arnold -> Buti naman natuwa ka sa love story ko. ๐Ÿ˜€

    MJ -> Naaasar din ako minsan. ‘Di lang halata. He3!

  4. LJ,

    You can be a role model for those who are in their “dangerous” teen years. Foreign or local TV soap opera teen stars have effectively created a culture of “LOVE CAN’T WAIT” in our youth.

    We don’t see any hope for them in their constant exposure to media and entertainment. Truly this is Satan’s world, the Prince of the power of the air who is now at work in “the children of disobedience”. (Ephesians 2:2)

    Oh Lord. Please save us. And May your Kingdom Come Sooner.

  5. Hi ate Lj…Lagi po ako nakikinig ng DZAS tuwing hapon..Nakak bless nga po eh…paki greet naman ang mga taga- the kings mission church sa sapang palay,bulacan.God Bless po

  6. WOW!!!!
    the love revolution was successful…
    tnx 4 teaching me the true meaning of L-O-V-E….
    tnx guys!

  7. …ate lj, thanks to you, i,ve found a kakampi, hehehe, i’m 21 and NBSB din po. and sometimes i feel like i want to have a boyfriend for the sake of having one, pero when i think of God’s perfect will for me, kahit papano naco-console ako, i know i’m still young and have a lot of time so i don’t have to worry, but still, i can’t avoid thinking about it, and recently po nagka problem ako, kasi po, muntik na po ako ma-inlove sa bestfriend ko, but now i’m ok na, with prayers and help from my sister-in-law to be, na resolve na po, thanks po sa pakikinig, God bless po,

  8. LJ, Trulily ka diyan! It really is worth the wait if you will wait talaga! I found my life partner through lots of prayers and PATIENCE of waiting….. God knows His plan for us. I’ll share this with my 16 year old daughter who seems to be “in a hurry” for a relationship.

  9. LJ,

    Yup! Am the Jan in friendster.

    Ok I just hope you had the chance to see my comment in its entirety. I understand perfectly why certain points were not included perhaps because of some sense of propriety but I hope I was able to get the message across.

    Thanks a lot and MAY GOD ALMIGHTY continue to guide you . . . even to the discovery of what TRUTH really is . . . according to HIM.

    Jan Malachi

  10. we conducted true love waits at paniqui christian school last dec. 14,2007 with 60 participants from 3rd year to 4th year high school and holy child school last dec. 15,2007,with 130 participants from 1st year to 4th year high school.as a facilitator we felt the faithfulness of God by given us wisdom, knowledge and confidence to transmit our conviction about tlw to them.

  11. TLW is so much okey because i’ve learned how to handle impure situations in the light of the word of God.as a 2nd year student of bethany christian school i am praising God for using me as 1 of the facilatatorS from the last tlw seminar held at pcsi and Hcsg.I am looking forward for a new challenges ahead of me but i am confident because i have an enough toolS to overcome temptations and that is from the teachings that i’ve learned in the tlw seminar…TO GOD BE THE GLORY………….

  12. TLW is so much fun because it teaches us how do when we encountered temptation and impurity.as a facilitator i suggest more attention for this matter.we should follow God’s commandments as we follow our parents.TRUE LOVE WAITS is my personal priciple in my life and i dont want to blow impurity in my life…God is so GOOD…

  13. thank you ALL for your comments/msgs. so sorry that i cant respond sooner. i do apreciate you taking the time to read my testi & giving some of your thoughts on the subject of love/relationships.

    kring kring-> hmmm, sis-in-law to be? meaning, ikakasal ka na? im happy for u then!

    Ate Beng-> ewan ko ba sa mga kabataan ngayon (o di ba, parang di ako dumaan sa pagiging youth, he3) masyadong nagmamadali.

    Jan -> pwede mo naman syang i-email sa akin (through my friendster accnt.) sooo, sino ka ba talaga Jan? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Aaron-> Amen to that kapatid! good for you! wish all youth/single people will realize that & apply the same principles.

    Blessings everyone! Meaningful holidays to all!

  14. Hello! It’s my first time to write to you but my mum and I listen to your program often. Actually, she listens more often. If you can, please greet my parents, Bing and Sonny Benitez and my church, Meadowood Christian Fellowship. Merry Christmas to you! Please and thank you.

  15. hay ate…. excited na po ako for Feb. 4, 2008…..

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm……….. bakets nga ba honey?


    kaya siguro sya nainlove sayo……. =)

  16. melanie mirambel

    Hiyee!!! Godbless and more power to you and with your special someone!!! i was blessed when i read your testimonials…We have the same experienced in Love life, i had my past relationship before but it doesn’t last!!! When God enter my life and I accept him as my savior,he really changed my life!!! added to here he gave me my special someone!! We became friends, classmates and now more than a friend!!! Truelove really WAITS!!! You don’t need to rush everything, because God knows the best for us!!! What we are waiting is the right time and God’s best plan for us… As of now i enjoy my life with the Lord!!!

  17. Heya peeps! Happy New Year!

    Hapynez-> Good to hear from you here! Thanks for listening to us- pls relay my appreciation to your Mom. Hope you heard me read your greetings on-air.

    SS -> You may ask him on Feb 4. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Melanie -> That’s the spirit! Way to go kapatid!


    Lj ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. ate, you really are a blessing to all!!!
    maganda din ung nagkakaron kaming mga youth ng mga tao na magiging example para sa amin para hindi mabigo…


    I really admire persons like you ate…
    well, sana many would realize na maghintay for the right person to come…
    campaign namin ng ate ko yan!
    Truly True Love Waits!!

  19. ate lj, nasaan po yung sulat ni inay sa anak hindi ko po kasi masyadong nakuha kanina pwede b po maging kaibigan nyo! THANX

  20. hi,,,,ate lj ganda talaga ng boses mo,,,add u nmn ako s frenster mo godbless”. elaine po from subay united,methodist,church

  21. hi,,,,ate lj suki mo na talaga aq sa pakikinig,,,naka2bless k talaga grabeehhh,,,…pki greet nn po ang sybay united methodist church,gudluck&godbless!!!!!!

  22. …kring here po, hehe, te lj, di po ako ikakasal, soon-to-be-wife ng kuya ko po ung sinasabi ko, thanks po sa responce nyo,
    …God bless!!!

  23. hi ms Lj, wow! galing ka2bless yang testimony mu ha..hehe. I pray na mkatagpo rin ako ng gurl n ktulad mo. ei ms Lj 23 p lng po ako pro ok lng po na twagin mo akong kua..hehehe natu2wa aq evrytym na binabasa mo ang mga msgs ko. Sana ndi k mgsawa sa ka2basa ng mga msg ko. pkigrit naman po ang tatay ko. Eddie po name nya, b-day nya po sa jan.12..tnx po and GOD BLESS.

  24. hello Lj, musta kana po, nakita ko na din ang picture mo sa wakas, napaka ganda mo pala talga di lang ang boses mo lagi po naming pinaguusapan ka ng mga ka sis ko kasi ang ganda ng boses mo ,YOU ARE REALLY BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED”
    Nawa bigyan ka ni Lord ng partner na God fearing man…God bless

  25. hellow po ate lj,sa wakas po nakita na rin kita!!:) lagi po kitang pinapakinggan sa Inspirations Unlimited…God bless poh and more powers…

  26. elaine-> thanks kapatid! be blessed! ๐Ÿ™‚

    kring-> sorry for the confusion. ๐Ÿ˜€

    kuya ed-> nasanay na ko ng kuya Ed eh. ๐Ÿ˜€ kaya ba ng powers mo ang gaya ko? baka pakinggan ka ng Lord- sige ka. he, he, he. ๐Ÿ˜€

    mhell -> thank you, pero ako ba talaga yung nakita mo? ๐Ÿ˜€

    krizzia-> salamat kapatid! bless u too! sana makatulog ka ng mahimbing sa gabi kahit na nakita mo na pic ko. jk! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. hi,,,ate lj…..modelo k tlaga ng mga kabataang kristyano nakakabless ang mga program nyo,,,,god bless poh!!!!!hi,,dn ke pstr.erick maliwat,& s lhat jn s febc..

  28. hi lj! you testimony is an inspiration. im also a woman who’s currently finding it hard to open up with men, yet longs for a relationship. thanks for reminding us that it is God who makes things happen in His own perfect time

  29. hi, miss lj!

    thanks for sharing your story, such a great one. being 21 now, i also belong to the NBSB club, haha. well, almost. haha. but i’m really thankful na God has always been talking to me and working in my life, i’ve always been guided by His light, through the help of His people (like the people here in TLW). had it not been, ewan siguro. hehe.

    y’i super agree, that “GREAT THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO KNOW HOW TO WAIT.”

    & i thank the good God for making me learn the art of patiently waiting. thus, we all know that our waiting is not in vain in the Lord because He holds our lives in His hands. ๐Ÿ™‚

    *to my NBSB Clubmates, let’s celebrate! hehe.

    *sana you could add me up sa friendster, i use the same email address ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. hi, ate lj. ang cute ng voice mo.nanaka inspired aNG testimony, para sa mga ngadedsire ng magkaroon ng love one in life.

  31. hi ate lj…
    i’ve been listening 2 ur program fOr more than a year na…
    nk2blEss po tlg…
    your love story really inspire me…

    God bless!!!!

  32. Te lj!! Buti naman at nakita ko din itong site na to!!! hahahah! I’ve been blessed by your testimony, and I do hope that I will know you better. I’ve been listening to your radio program in DZAS, and I’m excited to see you in person, PARA MAGPALIBRE!!!!! hehehe!! Hope to hear from you!!!

  33. hi! te lj…lagi pu kitang pinakikinggan sa dzas…continue to serve the Lord! Im blessed sa program nio!! God speed! I declared the victory in your program! In JESUS Mighty Name!! tenx & God bless I love you with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ!

  34. Maribeth Quiรฑonez

    Hi LJ,
    I’m listening to your station everyday. it’s a great inspiration and makes my day complete even my co worker loves to listen on your station. Keep on serving the Lord coz your labor in the Lord will not be in vain. You look young at ang cute ng voice mo. Can you add me in your friendster account my email & friendster account is bethjhun0408@yahoo.com.
    More power to DZAS and regards to all the staff you’re such a blessing to all the listeners.
    Till next mail.

    maribeth Rivas Quiรฑonez

  35. …..im listening to your radio program,keep up the good work and im hoping more,more young pilipino will learn about wat is the true meaning of T.L.W. your program inspire every one….and learned from it.

  36. nagpapasalamat ako sa mga kabataan na katulad mo na nagiging inspirasyon din ng maraming kabataan sa ngayon, ipagpatuloy mo po ang iyong magandang nasimulan sa larangan ng radyo, kasi naniniwala ako na ang media ay isa sa pinakamabisang paraan upang turuan ang mga kabataan, kasi po makikita natin ang mga kabataan ay nalululong sa mga sari-saring musika at mga bagay na may kinalaman sa media, kaya naman dapat may mga taong makakita na ang media ay hindi nagawa para magamit ng ating kaaway kundi ito ay para sa kapurihan ng Panginoon.

    ako po si Blessed Rull from nueva ecija

  37. yep..it comes when you least expect it. Finding another person whom you can confide your feelings with is one way but never rush in finding another relationship if you are not yet ready.

  38. hi lj,

    trusting God for His plan, kung sino talaga ung husband to be is so hard, but through many failed relationship before, tama ka, the best is to come who really patiently waits


  39. jemilyn eranes badayos

    hi ate lj haayzz thank GOD for the 1st tym …….nakvisit din aq sa website nyo………khit mtagal na poh aqng taga valenzuela…..sobra po aqng bless specially kpg nkskay aq sa jeep kpag papasok aq ng skul………prng gusto qng bumaba at ikutin ang buong station……..
    sobra po aqng nagpapasalamat sa station nyo maxado poh aqng nabebless thnx….
    gudluck din poh……..and congratz na din dhil one pong finalist ung dzas sa kbp…. win or lose win p rin tau ky GOD.more power sa Diyos po ang papuri……….

  40. hey teh lJ..
    pareho pala tayo ng pinanggalingan..
    hai.. mahirap!! pero thankful pa rin ako kc may super mom ako at magkakasama kaming magkakapatid..
    honestly, it really hurts not to have a father..ang sakit..
    nsa loob yung sakit, tapos hindi ko mailabas..hindi ko maopen..
    baka kasi akalain ng iba nag iinarte ako..
    kaya nga someday my only wish ay magkaroon ako ng isang buo at masayang pamilya..

  41. …thank you teh,,,xa mail na pndala nio,,,,i hOPe marami pa kaUng maTulungan na mga batang makukulit,,,tulad ko,,,:)

  42. hi LJ,

    i’m here in New Jersey, listening to your program Pinoy Espesyal. you have a sweet and lovely voice! nakakatuwa ka! ang sarap pakinggan!
    you are 27? too young…..but now you found a soulmate? Praise God!!
    May God Bless You….just remember, you were created fearfully and wonderfully by God. i’m a long time listener of DZAS and i’m so proud of your station. hope to see u here if u have any shows or projects.
    In Christ,
    Bro Arnold

  43. hi ate lj..
    super ang ganda ng voice mo..
    sobrang nbless k ni God sa gift n binigay nya sau..
    pde poh bang i request ko ung 2 song n
    who am i of casting crowns and consuming fire
    pkibti n dn po ung mga tita and tito ko na ginamit ni lord pra makakilala ako s kanya..and sa lhat ng ka church mate ko sa christ entroned church sa banga meycauayan city,kahit ala pa kong masyadong close sa kanila i know naman that God will find a right time para mging close ko clang lhat..
    tnx po sa chance n basahin nyo 2ng message ko.
    Godbless po sa inyong lhat…

  44. alexander genesis acuram

    elow po me and my frendz are so blest to your program… pabati po mga taga crc makati and cavite more power to your program pabati rin po yung sister happy,fely and all crc family pa request ng song hellsong ni ogie cayabyab who am i casting crowns thank you po

  45. Hey guys (and gals)!

    THANK YOU very much for visiting TLW’s site and reading my testi and being blessed by it. I’ve never thought it would reach this far. It’s really amazing how God works! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry for the late reply though…

    EV -> so help me God! ๐Ÿ™‚ sana nga hindi lang ako kundi tayong lahat maging magandang model/representative ng Lord.

    Din -> im sure many can relate to what we feel/go through. don’t worry, di ka nag-iisa. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Donna -> sure, i just accept most, if not all of the invites i get through f’ster. thanks kapatid!

    Febe -> glad to be an instrument. thanks kapatid!

    Hersie -> its God’s story too. not just mine.

    Lea -> walang kaso, basta may pera ako sagot kita… ng tokneneng at isaw! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rociel-> interesting spelling of your name. thanks for listening and thanks for the positive declaration!

    Maribeth-> thanks for the compliment! I’m not getting any younger (I’m actually turning 30 this year), pero di naman halata di ba? He, he, he. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Abbe -> Amen! salamat po sa suporta!

    Laiza -> heya!

    Blessed Rull-> good points! that’s why we have to make a stand and spread the Word. we need people who’ll be along side with us.

    Enelra -> good reminder!

    Taga-PSC -> with God everything is possible!

    Nelsa -> better late than never! that’s the first step- realization. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jemilyn -> daan ka lang and look for me. if i’m at the station, i’ll give you a tour! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Quelly-> welcome to the club! God is the father to the fatherless.

    Kate -> you’re welcome! anytime you need help, dito lang kami.

    Vandz-> salamat ng marami sa pakikinig kapatid. ipamalita mo pa, para marami pa maka-alam ng Mabuting Balita!

    Arnold -> kamusta jan sa NJ? i’ll surely let you know when we finally get to visit the US. btw, i’m turning 30 this year. i wrote the testi kasi more than 2 years ago na. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Roxanne & Alex -> super thank you din for listening and for visiting the TLW site. we would aprpeciate it though if you can send your song requests/greetings through 2299 or dzas@febc.org.ph. i don’t log in here regularly so it might take some time before i can read (and play) your requested songs. thanks again! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lester -> thanks! bless you too!

    I hope I didn’t forget/leave out anyone. Sorry if I did. Blessings! ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. hi LJ!

    Praise GOD for your testimony! Indeed, GOD makes ALL things beautiful in His time! I’m blest on your ministries at 702 DZAS…. More power and may GOD bless you more and more in many ways! Please pray for me coz’ am on a bit complicated relationship right now (parang friendster, hehehe) and i do know and sure the GOD will make it beautiful in His time!

    To wagmuna.com people: GOD bless your ministries and More power to you! Continue touching the lives of the Filipino Youth to value sanctity of LOVE, COMMITMENT and MARRIAGE.

    GOD bless on your conference on Feb 21… To GOD be all the glory and praises!

    jayson here ๐Ÿ˜‰

  47. Luningning M. Familara

    Hi Ms. LJ

    I’m an avid listener of 702 DZAS since I was a kid. Now I am already 34 years old. Kinalakihan ko na ang pakikinig sa DZAS. Lagi din akong nakikinig sa INSPIRATION UNLIMITED, ang cute ng voice mo at nakaka-bless ang mga kantang pinapatugtog mo.

  48. Luningning M. Familara

    Ms. LJ Pwede bang irequest yung song na STILL by Hillsong, favorite ng nanay ko yun, nakakainspire kasi at pati yung song na THROUGH IT ALL by Hillsong din. Thanks and God bless you…

  49. lj zaphan b. lamboloto

    hi im we are listening to your programs hope you’ll read my message im only 12 years old

  50. hi!!! lj.i’m franklie from batangas.pwede kbang maging frend.i’m ur listener.ur my inspiration. God Bless 2 ur ministry. i hope i’ll waiting 2 ur response. . .

  51. kimBerLy ClaUdine

    ..Te LJ,

    gaLing Po, U wait for The Ryt Tym. and Congrats and God Bless u more in all ur


    we lOve You po..

  52. hello po ate lj… im michael john abrio from payatas.. hehe.. palagi po kming nkikinig sa inspirations unlimited, kmi ng lola ko.. sobrang nkkbless po talaga ang program ninyo. nga po pala pwede po ba akong makahingi ng lyrics po ng “When God ran” ung tagalog version po. salamat po.. pki kamusta rin po kami kay Ate Marie De Jesus at Ate Miriam. kmi po ung O.R.G kids na nagcamp dti sa compound ninyo. salamat po ulit Godbless u po….

  53. hi.hello lj,,,,,,,,,, musta lage kita naririnig sa radio with kuya lem,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ang cute naman ng voice mooooooooooooo.wala nang halos mabaliw ako s kahahanap syo paras lng makita ka ha,,,,,,,,,,, but thanx GOD i ve found you here,,,,,,,,,any way ROSE here,,,,,,,,GOD BLESS you,,,,,,,,,,,,

  54. hi t lj,

    ito pala ang love story mo?




    through your Inspirations Unlimited program, I was able to read these stories and drop some comments..

    well, kakabless ang program nio!
    Keep up playing the melodies that touches every people’s heart… hearts that praises our dearest DAD..

    pabati naman po ang lahat ng jgeners ng newlife christian center- tanza at to kuya romen, pagaling ka!

    pakiplay naman po yung ‘Soldier’ ng hillsong, thank you po!

    God ABLaze!

  55. Hello, this is my first time to see your picture in this website. I admire the ministry you have over the dzas radio. Pls add me as your friend in your friendster account. Thank you and God Bless.

  56. hi lj first time kitang makita bata ka pa pala palaging nkatune in radio namin sa dzas morning hanggana gabi.from binalonan pangasinan ako.enjoy makinig sa mga programa nyo esp.ur program.pls include my husband jesse flight na nya tomorrow night pabalik ng new zealand dun cya work.thanks andGod bless.

  57. ryan of tvglcc paraรฑaque

    hi! ate lj lagi kitang napapakinggan sa radio ang CUTE ng boses mo. tyamba lng po ako nag post dito sa website na to!! praise GOD. ate lj pls help me na ma ipag pray si pastor joseph mamaradlo sa kanyang sakit ganun din po sa aming song leader na si jamiah matuan na may bukol malapit sa kanyang mata.

    greet nyo din po ang lahat ng praise and worship team ng aming church.nakikinig po sila ngayon. sila kuya ariel,john ross, kenrick ,alvin,kuya nicko,ate claire, Jeric,kuya paul, jamiah and me ryan. ^^

    ate lj request din po ako ng aking favorite song na
    Your Love is Extravagant ng Casting Crowns.

    maraming maraming salamat po at God Bless po sa inyo sa lahat ng febc listeners.

  58. Hi Ate Lj I really thank God i found you, can you be my friends at friendster. Pls. Add me in your friendster acct. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

  59. hi!,ate Lj nakaka bless po talaga ang mga gospel music na piniplay nyo,paki greet naman po ng mga relatives ko sa santa maria at marilao bulacan. more power po
    sa inyong program.
    God Bless….

  60. member ako ng sinilian christian church ng camiling tarlac. lagi ako nakikinig sa program mo tuwing alas tres to 4 ng hapon. pakibati mo naman ako sa programa mo at isama mo kami sa prayer sa aking pamilya, family TUBAY-MARANAN for goodhealth. very enlightening at nakakabless ang iyong program. thank you very much and Godbless to you.

  61. hi ate lj hehe.. sa wakas makakagrit din ako. just want to say na bless ako sa show mo.. more power and Godbless.. request ko po ang kantang RUN ng hillsong.. tnx po and more power to your show….

  62. hi ate lj….. just want to greet all youth ng amaya unida… request ko po song na SIYASATIN MO ni ate mac canosa… tnx po and more power to your show…..

  63. hi lj, nasa vienna ako nagtatrabaho at 20years na ako dito, bless na bless kami sa yo. GOD bless your life as well as your love life, 5 years na akong married with 2kids, 41 years old na ako nag asawa and im so blessed to have my husband,, he is a gift from GOD: JUST WAIT for the right man at the right time, GOD is not slow to fulfill HIS PROMISE: GOD BLESS YOU:

  64. charmaine trocio

    hi gud am miss lj alam mo ba na ang lambing ng boses m kapag naririnig ko ang boses mo nakakawala ng problima .matagal na ko nakikinig ng dzas ang galing nyo lahat dahil ang diyos ang nag bigay sa inyo ng talent na yan kaya sana di kayo magbabago ok po .god bless po sa bumubuo ng dzas

  65. charmaine trocio

    kahit po maraming problima sa mundong ito e nandyan ang dzas na nagpapalakas sa faith sa lord sa pamamagitan ninyong lahat im happy sa tagumpay ng dzas sa pamamagitan nyo maraming pilipino na naligtas mula sa kasalanan thank you

  66. joannamy termulo

    hello ate LJ…
    like u po… I do believe that true love waits…=)
    nkkainspire po ang iyong testimony…
    mgpatuloy lng po kayo…
    God sustains…
    God bless you more!

  67. ate LJ. ๐Ÿ™‚
    my papa kc laging nkikinig sa mga programa ng DZAS ๐Ÿ™‚
    npaka ganda ng mga programa niu, may the Lord God always bless you. ๐Ÿ™‚
    ganda ng voice mu po. ๐Ÿ™‚ and finally nkita na kita sa picture ๐Ÿ™‚ take care. ๐Ÿ™‚ hope we could meet someday ate LJ. ๐Ÿ™‚ ate LJ pahabol po, pki greet namn po ang church nmen “Blessed & Highly Favored Church, from Las Piรฑas” ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. jemilyn "JHEM" badayos

    hi ate LJ maxado napong nging busy sa studies kya ayan mejo natagalan ndin po ang pavisit sa friendster,.pero ndq poh hahayaang nd ikaw magreet ng happy birthday!!!!!!
    .haizt thnx God khit anong pgsubok po ang dumating still He is….ptuloy Nya aqng gnagmt pra mkpagshare sa mga taong nkpligid xkin specially my classm8s..

    thx poh sa DZAS d best tlga…..ang galing tlga ni GoD………
    ate LJ……..ahm please pray for me..sa lhat ng decisions na gagawinq gnun din poh ang family…

    last npo…….greet q lng poh ang lhat ng students ng PAMANTASAN LUNGSOD NG VALENZUELA specially KKB’s stay strong to GOD be the glory and sa Human Resource 2-2, gnun din po ang communityq Ang WORD OF FAITH CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP at lhat ng kapitran dto to my dearest PTR. and PTRA. Ching…GODBLESS more power!!!!!

  69. vennirhey R. dela Cruz

    a blessed nun po! kmusta n po kyo dyang lhat sa dzas!!! pwede po bng pki bti fmily dela cruz sa caloocan! pki sbi nman po n mahal n mhal ko po clang lhat!!! salmat and God bless you all po and your generation!!!!

  70. hi………..po……. 1st tym q lang po ang magcoment sa inyo………..jejeje……… GANDA u pala………

  71. hillo po pki gr8 aman po c ate nanc ng sobol,asingan,pangasinan……..at c mama q po na c Angilina”rosie”gutierrez………….GOD BLESS PO…………

  72. gud am po! i really tnx God s nk discover ng facebuk tlg po nhhnap ung mga taong mtgal mo ng di nbblitaan. tnx God ntagpuan ko n friend ko n mtagal ko ng di alam kung kamusta n. pki bati sya Myrna da silva po name nya. Mahal ko po sya paki sabi. salamat! God Bless po sa inyo lahat.

  73. Grabe Miss LJ!
    Ang daming nagcocomment dito..
    Thank God i was able to post mine too.

    Nakikinig po kami tuwing hapon sa inyo. Lagi kaming nakatune-in! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Matagal na po saking sinasabi ni mommy na gayahin ka raw. aun nga, aun sa sinabi mo…NBSB.

    E kaso aun nga, nagkamali na ako nga maraming beses.
    Nasaktan, Nahirapan, Natorture..
    Dumating pa sa time na muntik na magcommit ng suicide. ๐Ÿ™

    But in the end, i learned that GOD is the BEST BOYFRIEND an individual could ever had. Nung una, sinira ko ang covenant ko with him na ndi ako papasok sa khit na anong realtionxp. But i broke my promise. Kaya kung anu-anong struggles ang dumating. Remember what happened to Jonah when he turned away from God kasi hindi niya gusto yung utos ni Lord? That’s what happened to me. Pero [naiiyak ako!!] i was sooooo touched dahil hindi ako iniwan ng Lord until in the end.. ๐Ÿ™‚ ambaet baet nia! He never took me out of His sight!! akala ko nga sa mga pinaggagawa ko nun g highschool ako hindi ako makakapagcollege e. ๐Ÿ™ but. GOD is an awesome GOD. Pinatunayan niyang ipoprovide niya lahat ng pangangailangan ko as long as i hold on to Him. He who began a good work in me will surely bring it into completion.! i’m currently studying in TRINITY UNIVERSITY OF ASIA. And i’m truly blessed kasi kahit na wala na akong daddy, binigyan niya ako ng maraming spiritual daddies to strengthen me especially when i’m feeling weak. Sana po may time kayong batiin sila on air minsan. They’re the following: Edwin Arceo, Rey Ferol, Noel Hermoso, Deedee Hermoso, Pas.Hector Villanueva, Pas.Jun Catapusan, Jun Deocares and Batoon Family. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And sa mommmy ko, i’m sooooo thankful to have a mom like you. Kasi you keep on trusting me. Waaaaaaaaah! iyak na talga ko.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you mommy. And i love you soooooo much! Pati na rin ang mga kapatid ko. Seth, Shem and Jajah. Red Family rin. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you rin sa spiritual help ng Come to Jesus Community church of Marikina. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you Ms.LJ. ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. Ptr. Rene Tanjusay

    Hi!! LJ, Nakakaantig naman ng damdamin ang Love story mo. di mo naekuwento noong pumunta ka sa amin sa bundok sa Quirino. But be sure na we always prayong for you and you relationship. Alam ko na ibigay ni Lord ang best sa iyo. Lagi nga pala kami nakikinig sa iyo. Kaninan on our way back to Quirino from Zambales for a break nakinig kami sa iyong program. God bless you. We love you.

  75. ate lj inspired kmi lagi sa inyong programa nkaka2long sa amin paki greet nyo po c momy q sa paris c momy tess,kapatid q po d2 c abie pati poh ang papa q .c papa edgar.at ptr.Rey at pamilya nya bro.Aiy., at lahat ng kapatiran sa faith restoration church d2 po sa tanza,cavite. God Bless poh sa inyong lahat sa DZAS.,.,.,
    from.,.Peniel elizaga

  76. hi lj, how are you?
    may God continuously poured out many blessings to you and more power top your program. Maranatha.

  77. ate l.j inspired kame sau pki greet namn fuh ang P.O.C.F and greet quh din cna paula.joy,rochell,nikka,john sausa, c christian,, c raymond tnx ate Lj! more blessing to come request quh din pla ang one way by hillsong united TNx!

  78. ate lj lagi nakikinig s inyo pinoy especial,inspiration unlimitted Gon Bless You all staff DZAS More Power …Lagi nmin kayo sasama sa Prayer….Add M nang ako ate s facebook.i requesting song desert song,you’ll come and still.i greet CLSF FIRST FRUITS TO ALL YOUTH AND PASTOR….God Bless You all………………..evelyn dagot

  79. Gud day po! Ms. LJ, first time ko po magcomment, pero we always listening to your
    good voice, through FEBC station, 702 DZAS. just keep on giving your listeners an inspiration through playing good music and an instrument, in presenting your listeners request to GOD, through prayers.GOD bless po!!!
    and Hello to my Mom Nancy Gabriel, to my Dad BENING Gabriel, and sa lahat ng mga kapatid ko!

  80. Hi LJ at last I’ve found your facebook. Na inspired ako sa testi mo…I’m listening to you right now. Sana u’l have the chance to greet my dear friend. Si Jojo reyes na ofis mate ko, si emma na nasa australia, si hilda at Mean.

    Thanks pwde ba kita add sa facebook ko. thanks regards kay kuya lemuel.

  81. hi pu ate lj…
    kmusta na pu ulit kau?
    ako pu yung dating nagpabati sa inyo sa dzas…thank you pu ulit..
    God bless you…more power…!regards to kuya lemuel dn po and sa lhat ng dzas radio announcer…pki-greet dn po pla si ma’m carmen…
    pa-add dn pu sa facebook…thanks po!

  82. hi po. . . this will be the first tym na mag message po d2. . . avid listener nio po q since elem. . 1st year colege n po q ngaun. . accountancy ang course q. .pg pray nio po studies q. pki greet n rn po mama and papa q. i love them so much. . pati rn po s mga tga alcc bagong barrio. to our youth ptr. ptr. jun diaz. and kua billy.

  83. hi po. . ganda naman po ng love lyf nio. . and i really admire you. . ganda rin po ng voice nio. .how i wish someday, mgng broadcaster din po ako jan. . nakkakatuwa po tlga ung program nio. very inspiring. continue yur ministry and be an insrument of GOD. GBU!!

  84. hello po ate lj lagi po ako nakikinig sa inyo grabe po subrang bless po ako….salamat sa lord at ginamit po kau,sana po patuloy po kau mag serve kay lord,lagi po ako tumatawag sa phone pra mag request ng song,,, sana po kung ok lang po everyday nyo po sana patug2 ang how great is our GOD, at ang hu am i? kasi po un po gusto ng baby ko c alster shamley me illness po sya sa heart, pero alam ko wala na kc pngling na ni GOD.hope na i grant nyo po ito thank you so much…. at great ko po pastor nmin PASTOR.RICK ALAY at asawa nya sis. NIDA ALAY. sis GENA HUERTO.sis. ALEN FELISCIANO.sis.ROSE.at sis.CELY SARAD. yan po mga leader sa ASSEMBLY OF GOD NG ANGONO RIZAL……MORE POWER TO YOU ATE LG GOD BLESS YOU…..

  85. hello lj ako nga pala si ben from galilean christian ministry ate lj ang gaganda po na mga song na play niu na kaka bless po paki play naman po yung walang hanggan macannoza God bless you po ate lj………

  86. ate ang dami po coment sa baba pag inis croll baka hindi mabasa yung message ko nga pala po agree po ako sa bakground ninyo yung true love waits thank you ate lj.,……

  87. H! ate lj sa wakas naka pag add nadin ko sayo si mark 2 ng dasma cavite binabati ko lahat ng mem. ng world christian fellowship sa dasma at montalban request song ko po ung adonai salamat..

  88. hi, po. . sarap po tlga bsahin kht paulit ulit ung testimony nio. this was the third tym na binasa ko po ito. and i really inspire po talaga. . pki play nman po ung to love you to love you. .gandang ganda po kc ako dun e. pki pray dn po ung kpatd ko kc po my sakit po xa ngaun. healing po 4 him.. .pki greet din po c mama liza and papa ko. danny po name niya and he is a pastor.

  89. hello, lj ang ganda ng testimony nio nawa’y gagayahin ng mga kabataan. happy new year .. pki greet po sa mga kapatiran sa floodway,pangasinan,makati (spirit and truth christian church international)SATCCI. thanks and God Bless.

  90. hi ms. lj. . happy new year po. back to class na uli kami. kaya di na po ko maxado nkkpkinig s station nio during my class hour pero after ng class ko, i imediate open our radio to hear your nice voice,. . i’m so blessed in your station po tlgah. . . . PRAYER REQUEST ko po na, bigyan p po ko ni GOD ng courage n harapin po ung mag problems. and sana po gamitin pa po ko ni GOD as a vessel 4 his presence as a songleader in our church

  91. . . . hi ate lj. . .pki greet nman po ang ALCC BAGONG BARRIO. .as well our beloved pastors, ptr. jun, ptr. rolan, ptr. phillip, and my papa oastor, ptr. danny sariego. . . . greet ko din po ang alcc liciada. . c bro. rogelio and his wife. . may god continue to use ther life as a living testimony

  92. hello miss lj! reading your testimony @ TLW site is such a blessing and an inspiration. I am 21 years old and NBSB too. And I’m proud of it! may GOD bless you more as you continue seeking HIS will for you.^_^

  93. hi ms lj i’m 24 hours listening to dzas via internet here in abu dhabi uae, your program i such a blessing to all of us here. may u continue to shine for jesus.
    please greet my family.. my loving husband dindo and my children jodie and jeremie.
    God bless you.

  94. Hi, Sis LJ,

    pakibati naman sa pinakamamahal kung sister wife na si Felma Rama ng pasig City at sa aming mga anak na si BJ at Kc Rama.


    Abner Rama ng Doha Qatar.

  95. Hello po Ate LJ…
    Avid listener po kming whole family ng DZAS…Very inspiring naman po ng testimony ninyo…God bless you more!!!

    Pakibati nman po ang FAITH GOSPEL CHURCH of Limay, Bataan, esp. sa aming Pastor na si Ptr. Jojo Bacolod…from Hannah Bacolod…

    Thanks po…!!!

  96. ms. lovejoy,

    hi there! it’s nice to finally see your blog coz I’ve been wondering how pretty you are just like your sweet, nice voice on air… I’m glad your now having a special someone especially Go-given man you truly deserve… I’m fond and blessed of hearing over your radio segment inspirations unlimited.. I admire you a lot and hope to be like you who is a Christ-centered, humble and an active youth… Ecc. 3:10 was also my 1 of my faves bible verses ‘coz I believe God has his perfect timing for all the things happening in us.. I’m single for about a year by now and I’m not seeking for a man coz God will give me his Will whenever I deserve to have him… Keep up the good job Sis LJ… GOD BLESS!!!

  97. hi lj im ur regular listener im lara esip im so bless kapag nakikini aq ng program mo puede request ng ho am i

  98. Aida Molinyawe

    Dear Miss LJ,
    I’m your listener every time I’m free (I’m an office worker). Ikaw ang aking kasama sa bahay sa tuwing libre ako sa trabaho at gumagawa ng mga gawaing bahay. I’m a mother of two but your voice is my therapy sa walang katapusang household chores ko. Please greet me naman and my sons, Irvin and Jojo, this coming Friday, March 12, 2010. Nasa bahay ako at siguradong naka-tune in ako sa iyo sa Pilipino Espesyal at sa Inspiration Unlimited. Thanks in advance.
    God bless you and more power.



  101. helloo ate lj! this s my first time to send a msg. admire tlga ako sa angelic voice mo. by the way I’m Sis. Kristine. i’m always listening to ur radio program b4 and after work…naka2relax at nka2inspire…chobrah!!! nga pla add mo nman po ako sa friendster frends mo: krishm_1202@yahoo.com
    pls greet our “MOntalban Mission Church”, ptr. Miguel Rabino, Rev. Kim yongki, my beloved mama dear mrs. Delia Roco, Sis. Desiree & to all the youth-keep the fire burning!!!
    Request ko lng po ung song na “Oceans will part”
    prayer request: pls pray for my health problem, financial provision@ spiritual maturity of our young people
    Tanx po! More power to DZAS staffs!

  102. arnold almiranez

    hello lj and kuya lemuel, ang sarap ng tawanan nyo sa pinoy E. nalilibang ako dito sa work ko. God Bless …

  103. I’m totally hooked on Sonny with a chance, Chad is my favorite on the show! Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed reading it!

  104. p grit naman po ang mama at papa ko lgi po clang nanunuod saka pwede po p mgbgay ng pryer req. sana po mkpasa po ako sa entrance exam kasi po nag stopped po ako laz sem so gusto ko n po mkpagaral sa gusto kong school.. tanx po GODSPEED

  105. Good day ms.LJ regular po tlaga ako nakikinig ng programa nyo dati nauubos ang oras ko sa panonood ng tv nakakasawa na pero e2 ako ngaun napakasaya grabe kahit no tv, no celfon,no internet, basta po pag wala ako ginagawa sa programa nyo ako nakatotok at ang oras ko nasa Panginoon lang nakafocus..minsan lang po ako mag online pero sa pagkakataon e2 nais ko lang magbigay ng komento para sau dahil sobra nabibless po ako sa programa nyo lalo na sa mga Gospel songs pinapatogtog nyo pagpapa2loy nyo lang po gawain mo at marami pa ibang tao nainspired sa inyo programa.

  106. helo ate ljj..sobrang nakakables program..i really happy natagpuan mo na special someone mo na bgay ni God..at nakakainspire ang love story mo…and im also memeber of NBSB..nakakaworry po kc 27 na rin me ngaun..at gang ngaun d pa binibigay ni God perfect man for me..but i dont lose hope..I really believe that TRUE LOVE WAITS FOR THOSE WHO PATIENTLY WAITING..d po b?can u pray for me ate LJ..for i know God knows our future and he holds it..I pray that i want his will above all else..I dont want to let me miss His plan,and purpose to my life…gOD BLESS PO..PAKBATI AKO SA INYONG PROGRAM..PATI FAMILY KO C NANAY EDAD, ATE CRIS, NEPHEWS AND NIECES AND EVEN MEMBERS NG CHURCH NAMIN ang Full Gospel Christian Church..

  107. Mary Grace M. Rodriguez

    Hi, LJ, its nice that finally i have seen your picture. I have been listening to your program at DZAS. I am an avid fan of your station. It really bless meand helps a lot in my spiritual life………..I have prayer request please include it on your list. I hope that God would finally grant the desire of my heart, that is to be bless with a child.
    You know I had suffered two miscarriages! those experiences is very depressing. I have come to a point of having suicidal tendency those time, thanks to DZAS it gives me hOPE.
    regards to DZAS family. mabuhay po kayo, your mission is a very noble one. GOD BLESSment

    PLease greet my mother Dina Macatong and churchmates from JESUS NEW CREATION FELLOWSHIP Solid Cement and San Isidro Chapter!

    hoping to hear ringing bells soon. LOVE WAITS indeed is a virtue

  108. hello ate Lj, im always listening to your program in DZAS im here in palawan.nakakainspire p tlga ang program mo.Godbless and more power……..

  109. Hi! Ms Lj nung ns Pinas p me i’m always listening to your program in Dzas now i’m here in K.S.A Riyadh n mimis q n ung programa nyo at tsak ung pgsli q s contest nyo pr mnlo ng mga Cd almost 2yrs n hndi nkkpkinig s Dzas. God bless!!! More blessing to all Staff of Dzas.

  110. hi, nabasa ko name mo at stroy mo dun sa book na forworded by nikki gil, yung pink na book. Young women on the journey ata yun. nakakablesses ang mgsa sinusulat mo. reading your love story here in tlw.ph makes me so amazed on how God put love on the hearts of the broken.. it’s realy a blessing.. God bless you!!

  111. Hey LJ, this is an avid fan of yours since day 1 of your airing in dzas, i am blessed by your ministry and thankful because you encourage millions of youth to live a holy life by your example. Thank you for the wisdom you constantly share and hope to see you someday. Lovelots in the Lord!!!

  112. Love Joy Peace Missions

    Hello LJ..Our org, LoveJoyPeace, I a non-stock NGO registered and oerating in the Philippines doing medical and livelihood training missions to the rural areas of our country. We would like to invite you to our facebook acct…Love Joy Peace Missions…God bless you and more power…LJP

  113. ate Lj ang ganda!.. azteeg.. makita q plng kau mzya na aq. OPO, lalo na po yung nabasa q testimony nio.,, ang hirap nman pero galing tlga ni LORD. sv mo nga “Good thing God intervened! He changed my life, my heart & my perspective on men and relationships, on love and life.” ang galing..! xympre nka2lig din and hopefully aq din.. hmp, teenage plang me nangarap na me “When GOD made her”. request nlng din po yung kanta na yan by Newsong and Natalie grant. slamat po and continue to be blessed and be a blessing to us youth and s lahat na rin. aun… Nytz..

  114. josephine maglinao

    hi lj, ganda ng testimony mo sana ma inspire din ang ibang girl, na naiinip na sa pagdating ni mr. right man sa buhay nila.God bless u always.

  115. lj- i am a listener of your program you’re really a breather especially when i’m down and lonely. hope and pray that you will continue in your job and minister to other people as well.

  116. Hi LJ, I am also a member of NBSB and like you I also have the same sentiments with man. But God has a unique way in making us realize things. I am still waiting for the man that God has prepared for me ๐Ÿ™‚ while I am also preparing myself to be the best person for HIM. I truly believe that in God’s time everything will be perfect and we will be happy ๐Ÿ™‚ I am saving all for Him ๐Ÿ™‚

  117. I used to be very happy to seek out this web-site.I wanted to thanks for your time for this excellent learn!! I positively having fun with every little bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

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