Love Actually…

Once upon a time, there was a woman, who had a conversation with God. And it went something like this…

Pangarap ka na lang ba?

Woman: Lord, I’ve been the wedding planner for my dream nuptials since high school. I’m graduating right now, never been kissed, and still longing for my first romance. I won’t be forever young, you know.

God: Child, somewhere in time, I wrote everyone’s love story:

  • Adam asked, “When did You create this perfect woman?,” and I said, “while you were sleeping.”
  • For Kate and Leopold, he was her first knight.
  • When Harry met Sally, he had learn many things in courtship,’twas almost like groundhog day, but their relationship ended always. There’s no formula, but I promise your love story will be as god as it gets.

W: Well, you’ve always been right. Hope floats. Lord, please don’t let me go through 50 first dates with true love remaining far and away.

G: I’ve been working on it. I just eliminated the 3 musketeers: Shrek, who only wanted a French kiss. Don Juan de Marco, always thinking of dirty dancing. And Robin Hood, who is such an untamed heart.

W: Puwede huwag naman pong parang beauty and the beast kami?

G: Child, you’re a pretty woman inside. He’ll be no ghost.

W: Can it start with a walk to remember?

G: (Smiling) Your true love won’t be at first sight, but it’ll be quite a phenomenon when you get up close and personal. He’ll have sense and sensibility, be a cutting edge guy and a good family man. Stay tune with my Word, pray, listen to other Christians. For one fine day…your top gun will be at the altar uttering the words “only you.”

W: Promise it’s going to be a walk in the clouds?

G: Ever after

W: (Beaming) Life is beautiful.


Can you relate to the article? (sighs) The point of the matter is, God wants you to have the BEST not the second best. He is not yet finish writing your love story. He is still preparing someone for you. Now, are you willing to wait?

With all your heart you must trust the Lord and not your own judgement. Proverbs 3:5


Real Time

The article was taken from Real Time: Devotions for Filipino Youth. It was co-authored by John Callanta.

16 thoughts on “Love Actually…”

  1. the story was so beautiful,…naka2relate aq,…ganun yata tlaga ang tao f they dont have the wisdom for waitng they are always longing very much for what they desire,…some people dont realize the promises of the Lord. and besides all desires, God has planned for everything,..before you ask for it, God already knew it,… alm ni Lord ang ryt tyming,….and if there are times that you feel that its too long to wait remember that the Lord has been waitng so long just to win you,…………

  2. We always look for something, feels like something is always missing, we’re not completely happy because we’re not supposed to be. Life on earth is just a training ground, we Aim for the eternal life promised by HEAVENLY FATHER.

    I pray that each of us may be blessed with a relationship approved by God. A person that will help us, and walk hand in hand with us thru the journey of eternal life.


  3. I’m 30, still single and unattached by choice. I regret having been stubborn and rebellious for almost a decade of my life but God is good, merciful and loving, He gave me a second chance and gave me the privilege of knowing Kuya Derek and his mission. There is wisdom in believing that “True love waits,” and it takes courage, patience and trust in God to be able to stand up and say, “True love waits, works and waits some more.”

  4. Our hearts are restless trying to find things that we think is missing or will satisfy us. But in the end, we will find ourselves “give-up na”.

    Let’s give our hearts a rest! Consider God to do the rest!

  5. hi kuya franco

    i attended the Single’s Fellowship ng PAGKA nung Aug. 31 with the theme “” Very interesting ung topic and yung
    mga bagay that you shared. Lalo na yung characteristics of mature

    i thank God for using people like you and the whole TLW admin to
    educate the youth. You guys are helping us a lot to be patient in
    waiting for the perfect one that God reserve for us.

    i’m looking forward to see you again as our Speaker sa mga PAGKA

  6. hi, kuya, franco… salamat na marami sa mga mensahe mo a amin mga kabataang kristiano na kung papaano humanap ng partner sa buhay na porket maganda sya at mabait gusto m na sya! pero mali pla yun, at lalo na d kristiano… ang mahalaga lalo na sa paghhanap ng partner sa buhay ay un pareha kaung may takot sa Diyos at may magandang relasyon sa kanya.. at ipinapanalangin mo sya kung sya b ang kalooban ng Diyos sayo.. at hgit sa lahat ang panginoon lagi ang nkasentro sa relasyon mo sa magging partner… kung naghahanap k p na partner make sure pnagppray m sya kay lord at maghintay k.. dahil ibibigay nia ang pinaka best sayo..

  7. Hi there Marina and Renz!

    It’s my joy to hear that from you! Hope you can share those insights to others. May you shine like a star as follow the path where God leads you. I’ll see you soon!


  8. hi! im new in this site..i was astonished in this particular story.

    kuya franco,tnx for posting a story like really make sense wen it comes to a relationship…let’s face the fact that in this generation most of the young people are getting involve into a nonsecure relationship.BUT if only we allow God to work in our lives & let His plans be made…our love story will be the best.
    i do believe God wanted us the BEST,let’s wait in God’s perfect time and be FAITHFUL…keep walking with God.
    keep it up! this story helps young people to believe and to trust God for His wonderful plan for us…(*.^) i’ll be checking more stories here!

  9. I love this story. I posted this article to my blog. Pero credits ko po sa inyo and I posted your site to my blog site. I really love your site. Tsaka nakaka-inspire lahat ng articles. God bless you more! 🙂

  10. movie addict,.. ahar,..

    I’ve been writing my love story and always ends up messy and just broken,.. nalimutan ko na dapat pala na si God ang hayaan nating magsulat ng love story natin,..

    thanks for the story,.. with god,s grace continue to write more,.. kahit bagong kita ko pa lang dito satlw,.. nalupitan na ko,..

  11. juliet j. miranda

    yes, nkka relate nman ako…. mganda ….The Lord will give the best lifetime partner… Tahnks.god bless you all……. TLW

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