Love and Fulfill

I’d love to share with you this story about my friend …

It all started with a letter that Hamlet wrote for Anna Marie in high school. They didn’t know each other’s names but so familiar with each other’s faces. Anna started to write in her diary about Hamlet and talked to her friends about a handsome guy. Hamlet also started asking friends who is that girl with a long black hair. He’s such a craven to approach her. Anna, on the other hand; even stole Hamlet’s I.D just to get a picture of him. Then without human intervention; they met. Where? They met at the school prom. Anna was in her seniors and he was a junior. To cut the long “how” and “why” story short; they ended up to be partners for the prom’s “cotillion.”

But happy scenes has to bid goodbye because she’s graduating and he’ll be left a year behind. And literally they parted ways. They continued life’s daily routine; entered college, met new friends, jumped into different adventures and revolved with the world. After college she worked as a media personality and he was a registered nurse. They were both busy with their chosen career. Hitting their goals and reaching their dreams. And they both entered the world of relationships. As relationships go, none of these commitments were fulfilled.

Both of them were unhappy because deep down inside their hearts they were longing for each other.

After 8 years on November 1, 2006 they saw each other again. . The first month of their renewed relationship was full of uncertainty. November was a month of new friendship and patching-up; restoring and reminiscing the past.

Anna & Hamlet

With the help of close friends and of course, full support from their family. They were enlightened and decided to pursue love. Their mere presence was like a glowing light for every person they met.

But then just like every day has light, so each day has darkness. It wasn’t like waking up in a dream but more of waking up and facing the future. Hamlet’s family would be migrating to

Canada for three years. Anna had to stay because of her profession. Things got complicated, tears fell.

Hamlet boarded a plane to

Canada on January 24, 2007. While Anna kept herself busy by seeking God and guarding her heart. Just to ease the pain and help her to adjust routines without his presence. Putting God presence in the center of their relationship they would not be facing this trial alone coz God would back them up.

Anna testified… “Believing that true love waits, I make a commitment to God, myself, my family, my friends, my soul mate and fiancé Hamlet and my future children to a lifetime of purity, fidelity and chastity from this day until the day I enter a biblical marriage relationship”

Anna and Hamlet will be walking together for commitment, faithfulness, security, purity and holiness, patience, and will continue to trust each other. Lifetime partners who will love till eternity; and fulfill each others life.

Hamlet states…

“For You Anna Marie, I share a cup of love that overflows, I lay a lifetime of eternity, & a promise of fidelity.”

My friends…Anna and Hamlet…Love and fulfill…

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21 thoughts on “Love and Fulfill”

  1. hey nicenaive,

    thank you for your comment as we share with everybody our love story could be the most romantic ever much more than any fairytales created by human coz ours will be authored by God alone…share the love….and tell them to wait!

    You are precious to God,

  2. huhhuhuhuhu…

    Very nice couple…Cheers to you guys…You really look good together..

    God Bless you and your relationship..

    Kai..Hope to see you soon..

  3. Let your loved ones know how much you love them, always thank them & ask for forgiveness.. everyday like it was your last.. you may never know when you might lose them.. Be strong & fight for one another.. don’t ever let go.. Lastly put God in the center of your relationship..

  4. Gloanne Cunanan

    MAm Ana, ganda talaga ng love story nyo… sana may ganyan din akong love


    Everytym na nagnenet nga poh ako palagi ko pong binabasa ung love story nyo eh…

    natutuwa poh kasi ako….

    Tsaka bagay poh talaga kaung dalawa…..


  5. jorge v. tenorio

    wow! na inspired ako sobra., i really like your blog.. hayyy.. actually kaka adjust ko lang dyan sa ganyang momentum… and this blog, really help me.. believing that true love waits.. makes my life meaningful! God bless you!@

  6. Great Blog. Isang way para maging matagumpay ang isang relationship ay ang ipagkatiwala kay GOD ang lahat. Maraming instances na mabro2ken heart ang cnuman, pero andyan ang GOD to comfort us and to plant HIS Perfect plans in our life. The time will come, na mala2yo tau sa mga minamahal natin, pero kahit saang lupalop pa man cla makarating, kung cla ang itinakda ng DIYOS para satin, maki2ta natin cla ulit no matter what. .
    Tnx po ulit 4 the inspiring blog. .
    GOD Bless po sa lahat!!(“,). .

  7. “Thank You for listening to our love story entitled “17” on 101.1 Yes FM last Dec.18’07. We hope to inspire everyone & help understand that things happen for a reason..Merry Christmas & a Blessed Yultide Season!!!”

  8. that is so nice. minsan akala natin sa fairytale lang nanyayari, but you know guys, God is far way more than a fairy Godmother.

  9. astig naman!…ganda ng relationship nla!…to HAmlet and Anna tuloy tuloy lang ang pagkapit kay God!…astig tau pag c kasama ntin c God!…

  10. w0w.. cute story… I cant imagine it can still be a REAL-LIFE-LOVE story.. so, im happy that it’s real. .hehehe!

    Anyway, Thnx thnx!!

  11. very touching iam exited on how God would move in your Life love story..
    .. Really God is always in control..
    didnt know that this site excisting tho i attnded some series of TLW in our church
    this is a nice Site and Blogspot that Young People And Young at heart would have to know.. ^^

  12. wow! blessed naman po ako sa love story nyo ate and kuya…
    bsta, seek ye first HIS kingdom and all these things shall be added unto u…(matt 6:33)

    God bless us

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