Love Change

“Fresh start” “New Me!” “Start of something new!” have just become some of the popular phrases and statements we’ve heard as the world said hello to 2014. To start is always easy and with every beginning comes the desire to change. “The old is gone, the new has come,” as the Scripture said. But after we professed our resolutions of change comes the big question: can we really stay TRUE to them?

Just as love is defined as a choice and not a feeling, our vow to change is not a statement we make just because everybody else is doing so. We don’t desire change just because we suddenly feel the need to. We want change because we are choosing to become a better person. We choose to take care of our health vs. indulging in junk food every day, we choose to be more generous vs. saving money for the sake of having more. The road to that choice is not easy.

Just as love is not purely a bed of roses, our journey towards transformation will face curves and rocks along the way. Temptations to go back to our old ways will distract us and situations will sometimes force us to neglect what we have promised ourselves to do. But then again, we are reminded of the choice we made: to change and become a better person. It is a choice to change, not a feeling, so we cannot use the excuse that we’ve “fallen out of our resolution” just as it is a cliché (and unacceptable to the other person) to say “I have fallen out of love.” True love includes sacrifice, so does change. You say “No” to a lot of things to give your “Yes” to more important ones. In most situations, saying No is more difficult than saying Yes, but you have to give them up just as you have to say No to your selfish desires to truly and fully give out love.

We are in constant search for our one true love as much as we are constantly allowing change to do its work in our lives. It’s just sad to see that change is more celebrated and appreciated during New Year when the truth is, change is within our reach all throughout the year. Love (and let me insert here: Change) is always in the air. Change doesn’t just end in December and re-starts in January. It is a choice you can make at anytime of the year, in any season, with or without an occassion. Love and change is a constant cycle.

Love knows no end. Change is constant.

Love is patient and kind. Change is as powerful as love. Change is a choice you keep and you stick with whatever happens.

Love is as indispensible as change.

In love and in change, all of us who makes a choice will come out the same: a BETTER person.



Post by Carmela Ann Santos. Mel is a lover of written words, kids, and education. She values her faith, family, and her personal time. She dreams of writing a book, doing an interview with Mike Shinoda, and building her bookstore someday. Her favorite topics are faith, love, and others. She finds happiness seeing her loved ones happy. She wants to retire as a mobile teacher and spend the remaining days of her life in Batanes.