Love ko to’

mukha mo?


Please say yes kung ikaw to:

1. If only I’m thin.

2. Kung matangos lang sana ang ilong ko.

3. If only im tall.

4. Kung naging foreigner lang sana ang parents ko.

5. If only I’m rich.

6. Kung maputi lang sana ako at straight ang hair ko.

7. If only I’m flawless.

8. Kung di lang ako masyadong oily.

8. If only I have close up smile.

9. Kung artista lang ako.

10. If only I could change my face…now na!


Everyday as you look in the mirror mirror on the wall do you love what you’re seeing? Most of us have our “If ONLY MOMENTS” when we look in the mirror. We maximize what we don’t have and that is everyone’s MAJOR ISSUE. That is my major issue too, growing up not achieving the height that I desire, the pimple-free face that other’s have and and the teeth that’s perfect. I always question God and my parents why am I like these?! So much for my dramarama I finally realized that I am STUCK in this face forever and ever till I’m six feet under the ground back to being dust.

Young people it’s time to get you’re groove more INSECURITIES only ACCEPTANCE. How to break free from this bandage it’s easy…First you need to realize that you are not patterned after the MONKEY.

Genesis 1:27
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

God designed each of us so there would be no duplication in the world even if the twins look-alike they are still two separate human being. Only you can be you. Did you know that an average person has 500 to 700 abilities and skills so paano na lang kung above average ka! Your uniqueness is a scientific fact of life. When God made you, He broke the mold. There has never been, and never will be, anybody exactly like you. And if you’re worried about your physical attributes na talaga namang nakakatibag ng pagkatao ng isang babae or lalaki. Here’s what’s happen “If you don’t like yourself no one else will either. Why should they? “For as he thinks within himself, so he is.” If you think you’re unlovable, guess what- you are probably already starting to live up to your “image”. What you need to do is accept and be comfortable with yourself. Learn to thank God for wonderfully and fearfully creating you. Here is a big revelation: If everything that God made was good, “intricately and curiously wrought (as if embroidered with various colors)


AND HERE’S ANOTHER TRUTH : SOMEWHERE IN THE DEEPEST DEEP PART OF YOUR HEART YOU ARE ANGRY AT HIM. Sounds too much but that’s how it is…that’s what you’re heart is crying out whenever you maximize all your imperfections. We are not created as a mass produced like sardines, we have our best and not so best asset and it’s like that so we know when we need to be humble before our Creator. Stop believing the lies that some magazines , tv or billboard tells you. Everyone is beautiful and handsome in the eyes of our God and His expectation is the only thing we need to be more concern of…not your classmate or the people around you.

🙂 Smile. Love Mo Sarili Mo. Ikaw yan Eh!(:


-kai branch-

18 thoughts on “Love ko to’”

  1. Yeah right!! We are fearfully and wonderfully made by God…
    I love myself, because it’s me!!!..

  2. yeah. . this is definitely tru.. i wish many people will read this article.. i wish my friends most especially will do.. there’sno other you in this world.. you are unique and special in God’s eyes.. you’re His most precious creation.. let the people around you see that..

    as a cliche goes.. “we are created beautiful in our own way”

  3. Lenmark Santos

    The world is trying to set the standard of what beauty is… Sadly, the world’s standard doesn’t seem to be eternal but rather temporary. We are all Beautiful, uniquely perfect according to God’s perfect likeness. What is important, is to have a beautiful heart.

    Happy Birthday Kuya Derek Ross. God Bless you on your ministry! more power to TLW!

  4. i love myself! this is me! I’m an important creation of God in this world with unique qualities! I don’t need to be somebody just to be liked by others! God loves me very much,,,His love for us is unfathomable! beyond amazing! =) yeah,,

  5. yah, that’s true every people live in this world has a very big different!!
    even the twin right?! they similar to their faces but the behavior is not di bah!!!

    Kaya if I were you don’t feel that you’re ugly coz GOD did not create us like that!!

  6. Hmm..Y do other people just stop thinking “Y we are not lyk d other”..Haven’t we realized that living in this world is too much blessing that God gave to us? Our physical is very would be good if we thank HIM for the good health that we have now. It was such a bunch of blessing..All we have to do is to take care of ourselves..maintain the beauty that we have.Because, our body is the temple of the Lord. God Bless to all of you friends!! Stop the insecurities..

  7. well this is it.. “STOP COMPARING YOUR SELF TO OTHER”
    we are unique guys Eh ano kung masgwapo/maganda siya sa atin db?? at least kuntento tau 4 wat we have.. ok Don’t be insecure if there is one na mas magaling sau.. im sure Everyone has a gift by God u have to find it..wag mo tignan ung iba.. un ang magiging weakness mo….ok… ingats lagi..God blessed to all

  8. Ayeth is dis u? hahaha.. Praise God you found dis site!!!… God Bless gurl!!! Its me divine

  9. oonga naman.xe pag may nkkslubong aq n mga mgagandang babae,feeling super trash tlga ko plus bsta ang ewan tlga ng feeling..ung parang ako ung pinakaplain..tas pag may nagssbeng mganda ko,dmo alam kung linoloko ka lang or wat..bsta sa sinumang gumawa nitong article na toh,God bless you a hundredfold for blessing your readers..

  10. tama….matuwa ka kng anu ang meron ka blessing yan ni Lord at wlang ipinanganak na panget.Pantay-pantay lng taung lhat,ung iba nga lng masxadong proud of ur self

  11. hi kai, nakaka encourage talaga mga pinopost mo… tnx for that! mhrap kc maging confident ka sa sarili or itsura mo kung alam mong paglabas palang ng bahay niyo me mga nagcricriticize o nagjujudge na sa iyo… nwei, we are God’s masterpeice and its something to be proud of! Godbless!

  12. yah Divine it’s me. This is such a blessing that I can gain comments from other people..I can also inspired them to my outlook in lyf. To all of you friends, try to encourage the people around us to this site. So that they can also share their motivations,additional inspiration. Rock this site through God’s glory!

  13. i agree with this! i wish that the youth could be able to read this article, so that they will be enlighten. =D

  14. corect…….lahat nMan e meronG srLing ganda kYa lang d nila maApreciate…….just try 2 look around and ull be pRoud…………..GBU

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