Love… Online?

Everyone looks for love everywhere, even online. And you don’t have to own an account in an online dating service to develop romance towards the opposite sex. Simply having a Facebook or Twitter account can do the job.

If you’re a Facebook user, it’s such a regular activity to be on your crush’s profile, browsing through statuses, photos, videos, and whatever information you can click through (that, by the way, is called stalking). Sadly, instead of a relationship developed through friendship in a face-to-face setting, online profiles have become the basis whether we like a person or not. Our lives then become so wrapped up in posting things about ourselves that will make other people “like” us. We are occupied in managing the personality we want to project through our profiles and most often it’s deceitful; because who we are online is not really the wholeness of who we are offline.

The beauty of a real relationship comes when we see the other person physically. When we hear their voice, see how they laugh, cry, get excited or angry,  and be with them in those moments. Online relationships can lead us to think that what we see in a profile is the totality of a person when in fact, it’s only a small part.

Young men and women, when God said that He will meet all your needs (Philippians 4:19), “ALL” also includes the need of having someone you’ll share the rest of your life with. And this is where waiting comes in. Many of us get frustrated as to when will the one come to our lives. The clock is ticking, I must find him/her now! And so the mad chase for a partner begins and we look in all possible places, especially online.

God has a more noble calling for us than spending our time and energy in looking for a “special someone.” God calls us to love him and wrap our lives around him because after all, He is Love and the Creator of everything. He is God and even if you live in the remotest place on earth, he can bring that “special someone” into your life. Why not wait and trust that he knows who’s best for you and when he should bring that “special someone” into your life?

We often look to fellow human beings for love and though they can give it, they fail most of the time. God has so much to offer us and one of those is his unfailing and everlasting love. The True Love you are really wanting to find, can only be found in him.

7 thoughts on “Love… Online?”

  1. That is really moving 🙂 I can relate but thank you for opening up my mind that there is more to look forward in the future such as God’s unfailing love.

  2. hi,angelica, i agree with is blog.. i kown that GOD LOVE US!! so we should beliver in HIM… so GOD BLESS US ALL!!! and GOD LOVE US ALL!!!.. LOVE ALWAY’S YOUR FRIEND…. ANGELICA….

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