Love Revolution Talk @ Signal Village National High School

Friday August 5th True Love Waits Staff and Volunteers shared with a few hundred student leaders at Signal Village National High School. There are 9000+ high school students at SVNHS and the need for more volunteers to help impact this school is enormous.

In 2015 and 2016, True Love Waits has trained the 4th year graduating classes with our Love Revolution Workshop lessons. Each batch was approximately 2000 students. That’s almost 4000 students in two years. But sad to say there are 9000+ students every year and so thousands still do not know God’s plan for Absolute Purity.


Hopefully we can meet some first and second year students and equip them to equip their classmates in the next few years. This coming September we will have another talk for students and hopefully we will also have a talk for parents. Join us in this True Love Project for Signal Village National High School Students!