Mahal Kita (2006 Updated Version)

OMFIn “Romantic Love” by James Dobson, sabi niya…

In most marriages nowadays we somehow turned upside down the meaning of… I LOVE YOU – when we say I DO on the altar. People seem to say:

As long as i feel attracted to you…
love you, or as long as someone else doesn’t look better…
I love you, or as long as it is to my advantage to continue the relationship, I love you.

CAUTION: Sooner or later this unanchored love will certainly vaporize before your very eyes.

Be reminded to set your foundation right at the very beginning before it’s too late…

Kai Branch – TLW Trainor

3 thoughts on “Mahal Kita (2006 Updated Version)”

  1. derek… thank you very much derek for your comment in our blog. I am thinking now if we somehow forgot to talk about love when we talked about sex.. how crazy it that?
    Indeed, we should definitely talk about love over the radio the soonest.. and maybe we could invite you guys over.. thank you!
    – kuya emsy

  2. It easy to say na mahal kita. lalo na ang kaharap mo ay maganda, gwapo o di kaya may pera. Ang tao ngayon kung libog ang sinusunod ay praktikal.

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