Marriage and Community

Marriage and Community

MIRA: Singlehood may seem loathsome because of that period of waiting which brings uncertainty, but it has taught Ronnel and I to seek God deeply and follow his will. There are many great organizations to be involved in and this ministry allowed us to both serve in making the gospel known to people searching for the meaning of life. True Love Waits’ goal is to connect Filipino youth with God and His plan for absolute purity. There are also opportunities for volunteers in other provinces like last year’s trip Ronnel and I were both actively involved in the ministry opportunities in NCR. I became a volunteer of True Love Waits and attended the Get Oriented Day and Wait Training which gave me a clearer perspective of the mission. Youth often make their own plans before considering God’s plan and wonder when and how they will have that significant someone in their lives.

I wouldn’t say that there wasn’t a desire for me to have a partner in life. There was, but I wasn’t quite sure how or when. All I knew is that I was gladly living my life for the glory of God (by His grace) and if He would bless me with a mate, then that would be a bonus to the joy I am already enjoying while serving Him. My view of love is what the True Love Waits’ workshop is all about. The talk is titled Love Revolution and the goal for students to understand and grasp God’s view of what He intended love to be.

RONNEL: At the time that Mir was on her journey, I was in second year on college when I broke up with my previous girlfriend. I thought everything was fine until the Lord crushed my heart and showed me that I should not be doing things that should only be done inside marriage. From that encounter with God, it was clear that I was called to follow Christ and find joy in Him, that is the time I was invited by my church mate and my sister to True Love Waits. At first I was hesitant because all I thought the org was just about is waiting for “THE ONE”, I didn’t realize that the ministry was focused on something more than boy girl relationships, that the focus was our ABSOLUTE PURITY. True Love Waits taught me that you can be a virgin and still be impure. I learned that absolute purity comes from Jesus alone.

MIRA: My life as a bachelorette for more than two decades has been spent joyfully living with a loving family, church, and friends. When I got past the age of 25, I felt the strong desire to share my life with someone so I started praying that God would help me through the process of waiting. A few good men tried to pursue me but I chose to be single for two more years because I haven’t found what I was waiting for—a husband. Ronnel and I were both involved in the same community of people in True Love Waits. We belonged to a lot of common communities but never really had the chance to meet each other. At the beginning there was an awkward stage between the two of us, but soon enough we became friends. Once we got to know each other in person, Ronnel decided to visit our church in Cavite.

RONNEL: Being in the right communities of people is important but being the right person is the most important factor in finding THE ONE. I remember meeting like this……I’ve known Mira 3 years but never talk to her, I mean, we don’t need to talk about anything or hang out together, we just have a different set of friends and so yeah, there was an awkard stage between the two of us. Or maybe she’s just too beautiful for me. I don’t know! Haha!

The first time I was able to talk to her was after their anniversary service. She was nice and quietly observing my natural makulit and feeling-close actions. By the way, the reason I was in their anniversary was I accompany my friend who was invited. I’m such a supportive friend, haha!

  • We ate and talked and laughed together with our friends and church mates.
  • I got home happy.
  • I went home with kilig, at last!
  • I went home while asking the Lord if Mira is the one I’m waiting for.

It’s important to know that before all of this, I learned from True Love Waits that love is being pure, unconditional, selfless, and committed.  Now I am prepared to pursue the woman that God had chosen for me.

MIRA: He was persistent to get to know me personally. A few months passed and he informed my parents about his decision to pursue me and his desire for me to become his wife. It was during the courtship stage when I realized the seriousness of marriage. Ronnel helped me understand that marriage is not sustained by mere affections but by a lifetime commitment fueled by one’s joy in Christ. A husband cannot love his wife on his own apart from Christ, and the same goes for Godly women who become wives.

What I liked about Ronnel was his effort to make our relationship a community project. We are surrounded by people who guide and help us through the process of courtship. I saw that he had clear intentions for me and he affirms it through his actions. Notably, there were even times when he helped out with house chores. I knew that I was pursued by a man who has husband qualities and that made me say “yes” to him.

We dated for a year and then decided to get married. During the dating stage, we experienced different challenges that tested our faith and our purity but we kept our eyes fixed on Christ through the help of our elder brothers and sisters in the community. It was hard at first but we learned that it is possible to love one another in a way that glorifies God. Fighting for purity in a relationship is a hard task to do if you don’t know God’s design for intimacy. Knowing that purity gives glory to the Lord, enables couples like us to fight temptations through the grace of God.

We’ve been married for two months now and we face a different set of challenges unlike when we we’re dating but this time we face it together, as one flesh joined by God’s gracious design. We are grateful for the opportunity to spend this lifetime together, serving the Lord and carrying the cross.







Ronnel and Mira are True Love Waits Volunteers. To read more volunteer stories go to or be a part of the Get Oriented Day -Weight Training and join the story!