Maybe it’s you!

Dear Anak,

Naipadala ko na yung 50 thousand pang tuition mo; pinagbili na lang namin yung kalabaw natin, ang mahal pala ng Counter Strike na kurso mo!

Wala na rin pala tayong baboy naipagbili na rin namin para sa sinasabi mong project yung Nokia N73, ang mahal anak ng project mo!

Kasama din dun yung 7 thousand para sa field trip mo sa Mall of Asia..malayo ba yun? Bakit ang mahal din?

Isasanla pa namin yung palayan para mabili mo yung instrumentong i-pod.

Napa-ilaw ninyo na ba yung pinagpupuyatan mong SanMig Lights?



This is a text message a friend forwarded to me and I thought it’s time for us young people to realize that we are all guilty of this, once in a while we do it in more than ways than one…We try to say we have a project like this or tour and the list goes on and then we get away with it. Yung iba asa atin kunyari sa skul papasok makikipag-date lang pala…We thought our parents we’ll never ever know about it anyway…that’s what we think!

One thing I want all of us to know is that maybe money well always be there but TRUST is NOT once you break it, it’s forever broken.


“Kung ano ang iyong itinanim yun din ang iyong aanihin.”

Maybe your parents will never gonna find out but one day you will be a parent too!

-ate kai 





5 thoughts on “Maybe it’s you!”

  1. I agree. People think that white lies are not valid lies it won’t effect you nor your future.
    But it will definitely affect the journey that you will take in life. Also, young people always tries prove their selves by doing the “adult stuff” thinking that it will win their parents trust. But my dear fellow youth, being responsible and truthful will earn your parents trust and respect.

    Love, Peace, Happiness always.

  2. I did this once, many years ago. But the kickback was 100 pesos. But I always strive to achieve good grades and really tried my best to graduate on top of the class, its my way of repentance for all the bad things I did.

  3. TRUE! Trust is something very fragile…once broken, it can never be the same as before. And even if we succeed fooling others from our bad deeds and maintain their trust, we can never escape the guilt feeling of telling lies.Ü

  4. sometimes we strive for the things what we “want” & not on things what we “need”. we make other people sacrifice just to ease or satisfy our desires. This kind of people we can call them as SELFISH…
    happy for us… sad for them…
    do to others what you want them do to you….

  5. tama! kawawa nman yung parents natin n ngpapakahirap mgtrabaho pra lang may ipambayad tayo sa tuition nating pgkamahal-mahal! hayz…

    let us honor our parents b’coz it can glorify GOD!!

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