Anna's wedding

Kudos to Anna who taught me about purity. Being her housemate, I got first dibs on her pursuit of purity. model

– In art galleries, Anna would obviously avert her eyes from the nudity, even though considered "art."

– A male friend of mine heard about her and was interested in her picture. Anna asked that I just pass on the ones showing just her face, nothing from the neck down.

– When debating on what to wear during outings with males, she would opt for "the loose jeans."

– Anna read me a children's book called "The Princess's Kiss." It's about a princess who saved her first kiss for the one she was going to marry. Anna wanted to be that princess. And she was.

I flew across the globe to witness THE moment. She married on September 2, 2006 to her prince, a man after God's own heart. And I'm sure their Ever After will be a happy, joyous, ecstatic one.

Thank you, Anna, for being a model of purity to me.

– Ami  Ami