MTV Music Summit

MTV Music Summit 2007


The safe sex advice has been passed around some time.

How? Condoms

Was it really safe?


1. Condom has 10-26 percent failure rate.

2. Condoms are made from latex. Latex undergo a weaving process. Defects include holes in the material that will allow microorganisms like the HIV to pass thorough.


3. Condoms break if it is old (20% of the time) or if it has been stored where it is hot or too cold.

The condom is not risk-free. It just reduces the chances




SAFE means free from risks!






Saving Sex until marriage is the most feasible plan. It is a no risk plan.


Love knows that there no better way to get there than to wait.


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“True Love Waits is the best solution to respond to HIV & AIDS. “


– Barbie Almalbis-Honasan



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  1. The best defense is really to wait!
    More power for True Love Waits!
    And more of GOD for all the young people.

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