“MU n b tayo?!”

I was surfing the net one time, searching for thoughts about the MU fever then I came across these lines from a confused blogger.


“ano ba talaga?!? hayy!ang gulo talaga… unfair di ba?!? di mo alam kung anong status nyo…you’re doing things na parang kayo, pero hindi…”

This could be the same thing some of you are experiencing toward your friend, bestfriend, klasmeyt or katrabaho. “Love ba talaga ‘to?” At the back of your mind, you’re confused.

MU or Mutual Understanding has become a fad in our culture today particularly for teenagers and singles out there. You can hear different stories over and over again MU for ilang months of texting, blogging, chatting, and friendster update after that break na! Iba nman, are prolonging the agony of being attached with someone. Don’t know where they are going? How will their relationship work? In other words, magulong usapan!

The truth is… there is no such thing as MU in a relationship. WHY? Ito kasi ang defense mechanism ng mga taong ayaw ng COMMITMENT. They’re running away from a nerve breaking attachment and responsibility. Instead of being committed, kumitid ang brains nila to comprehend what should be done in a right way. Commitment o Mukhang Unggoy na lang?

Commitment is pledging yourself to a certain purpose and doing it consistently. Moving away from it, ruins your relationship with others and eventually your own life!

How about U?  Wt are ur thoughts about this topic?

Will share more insights to our next blog….In the mean time, would like to hear frm U.

157 thoughts on ““MU n b tayo?!””

  1. awwww….heheheheh…aun pla ang MU… d ko p kc naeexperience yan..(sa pagkakaalam ko..)…tnx po sa LOrd, gngmit kau to encourage young people and help them know the true meaning of love…. – jlerry

  2. Yeah, that’s right. Dapat it’s either yes or no lang. Nothing in between. It’s either you say yes and commit.. or no and not be attached. 😉 I’ve read in one Christian article that being MU can cause confusion and pain.. and God doesn’t intend relationships to work that way. 😉

  3. yeah it’s true! it’s a vague cliche that you will start as friends, getting to know each other stage. after some time, you’ll both consume each other’s time through unstoppable texting, emails and chatting. and feelings started to arise, having this emotional overload. you feel he’s very interested but after a while he started to get cold, slowly drifting away.

    how would you guard yourself from these situations? is it good to set boundaries the first time you text? should I wait for him or should I confront him?

  4. it is really good…. actually nkatulong ang nbsa q about sa M.U. kasi ng co-conduct din aq ng TLW…….

  5. M.U? hmmm d ba parng mas ok yun kesa nmn pumasok ka sa isang commitment? na hindi k nmn handa? and besyd pano mo nasabing duwag ang taong nakikpag M.U if that is the way he/she want to know more about that person? eh wt if mahal mo n yung person na yun.. nag mamahalan kayo pero hindi pedng maging kayo kaduwagan ba yun? twag na paka laking DISCRIMINATION nmn Po sa isang Tao na nakikipag Mu. Then tawagin mong DUWAG OR TAKOT?

  6. Hi Cathy,

    Take this verse:

    Above all, my brothers, do not swear—not by heaven or by earth or by anything else. Let your “Yes” be yes, and your “No,” no, or you will be condemned. James 5:12

  7. Hi Gracie,

    I like your term emotional overload.

    It happens when we assume something from the other person. The best thing you can do is to clear your mind first. Sabi nga nila, maling akala will not lead to a right path but you can correct it!

    I think you should as well check your motive or your heart. Examine it clearly!

    Franco (“,)

  8. wow thanks franco! i agree to all of what you said. i’ll keep that in mind. i should be really checking my heart and my motives and deeply ask God about it.

    i have to set boundaries for myself and practice self-control. i should not rush into things. it’s gonna be HARD but i know it’s worth the wait. i should not be ending miserably because it is not what God planned for my love life.

    may God continue to reveal His perfect plan for me.

  9. Hi Mysterious,

    I would say that there is no point to be in a b/gf relationships if there is no commitment. Playing safe is the term i can use for that.

    We need to keep in mind that we are not playing things here, its one’s heart that sums up someone’s life. If he/she is not ready for a commitment better not engage in a relationship instead take some time to examine his self and find out how he can have a clear mind to it.

    Also, we are not in the business of hurting someone’s emotion.


  10. ah, ok..

    Hirap nman pla ng gnun..

    Eh pnu nman kng MU keo and ndi m gs2ng mpasok s 1 official relationship but you find it hard to accept at prng ndi m kyang mpunta xa s iba…pwd b un??

  11. well, yes, i agree.

    uhm… my friends best friend, a boy, is in this complicated situation. kasi poh, he’s inlove with his 2nd cousin, and syempre we all know na di tama ung ganon. still, di daw nila mapigilan… so, because di pwedeng maging “sila”, they decided na MU nalang daw.

    honestly, i don’t see the point why may p-mu-mu pa sila ehh wala rin namang mangyayari di po ba?

  12. “There are only two options regarding commitment: you’re either in or you’re out. There’s no such thing as life in-between.” — Pat Riley

  13. hi, yes i agree that MU is something that young people nowadays shouldn’t do. I remember the term “more than friends, less than lovers”. It’s a mockery of God’s design for relationships. Wala siya ipinagkaiba sa “live-in”. Imagine if our parents relationship to us is MU lang or God’s relationship to us as well, MU lang din? diba? parang unfair. The danger with MU i believe is that relationship will definitely won’t grow. why? because in mU you are closing the doors for the three “Rs”: rebuke, responsibility and response. “Paano ako magagalit pag late siya, di naman kami!?, “Bakit ko siya susunduin, di ko naman responsibilidad yun, di naman kami?” or “Bakit ko siya pupuntahan pag kaylangan niya ako, di naman kami?”. Therefore, boys and girls, still want to try MU? think twice about it! God bless everyone!

  14. ah yun pala yung MU- now i know…
    ilang beses na kong naging victim ng ganya…
    ayoko na pls…

    I’ll let the Lord direct my next love story…
    God Bless!!! Tnx may you continue to encourage the new generation

  15. yap ur ryt…MU are for people who doesnt want commitment..

    If a person doesnt want commitment or he/ she doesnt want to enter rel.

    it’s better to just wait for god’s right one for you..

    because “pag prang kau pero nde nman”will hurt more than being in a relationsip

    remember ‘God has made everything beautiful in his time’ then if its not beautiful then

    it is not yet for you…people are hurt because of the things there doing…


  16. hi po! tnx for this..I’m a youth leader sa church and I would like to re post this in our site..for our youth members to read..ok lng po ba? tnx so much!

  17. haiz…
    bitin n bitin poh aku..
    pro indeed mrmi tlga ung nkk.exprience nito…
    including me..

    can we hve more???

  18. we should remember that love is composed of three things.. Intimacy, Passion and commitment… without commitment, it will not be called a complete love… if you really love someone, be ready to commit yourself because loving is also giving… giving yourself totally to a relationship is one of the most precious gift you can give to the person… but pls. don’t generalize my statements because there are some exemptions also..

    basta, for me…. MU is not a good situation in a relationship.. but sometimes, we should remain in this kind of relationship first, but in a short run only.. for us also to be sure of our feelings.. take note.. short run only!!

    have a nice day!!!!

  19. yeah MU is dangerous….

    Let God be the final destination of our relationship…

    Thanks poh…

    now i know MU is some form of live-in..

    We should not commit MU coz all we want is a real relationship…

  20. Hi Fermin,

    I would say na dont attempt to be in a MU thing instead make friends.

    That’s the best thing you can do. Remember we are dealing here with emotions not wires that you can plug anytime we want. hehe.


  21. geraldine castillo

    oh tlg poh….nung camping nga poh my ngiging mu n kmi peroh olwaz nmng tinatandaan ang tru lov waits…

  22. Yeap, I also agree with the MU definition.. it is used by people who are afraid or don’t like to have a commitment. Running away from true relationship and having barriers around oneself.. Securing yourself from being hurt or from being dumped. Its like fooling yourself. Pathetic.

    Mutual Understanding – Sympathy of each person for the other

  23. MU?? it’s a big mess!! hehe. nagkaroon na akong MU before and it was tough kasi everytime na magaaway kau pwede nyang gmitin ung excuse na hinde nmn kau. im just glad na may website na ganito, where young adults like me can go and read articles na makakarelate kami.. and pwede kaming matuto =)

  24. MU is a good thing din naman! kasi ur havin time to meet each other deeply! dba? sometimes its wise kasi u want to really know the person before pa kau magkaron tlaga ng relationship/commitment… MU is not something na sinasadya, bigla nalang MU na kayo! hu wud want ba to have a Magulong Usapan?wala naman!

  25. Ask ko lang po,If you love someone dba ga2win mo lhat,
    pero there’s a time na naguguluhan ako
    sa feelings ko,dahil hindi ko po alam kung…LOVE na nga
    b tlaga ung nfe2el ko sa friend ko.
    ahm…my mga times po kc na n minsan pg kinakausap nya ko..
    eh my ka2iba akong nafe2el…
    alam ko po na God’s know the best for me…kya po lagi kong pnapreray
    ung guy…pero gusto ko po sanang mwala i2ng
    feelings ko skanya..bka kc pg nlaman nya
    eh layuan nya ko,
    bka mhurt lang po ako…

    What should I do?
    tnx po…

  26. hehe.. tma. iba ng commited sa taong mgMU lang, defense mechanism tlga ng taong pwedeng ayaw msktan or responsibility..

  27. Praise God! for each members of this ministry, It makes my mind enlighten about MU.yes i agree it’s only a defense mechanism, an alibi to go out in a COMMITMENT! and now i realized to do ryt things on my situation. May d will of d Lord God be done! GODbless…

  28. nice:) sapul ako dun. kasi.. (may ka-MU po ako)
    pinapahalagahan at mahal po namin isa’t isa.. ginagawa po namin un kasi hinihintay namin yung right time masyado pa kami bata (17 years old). pero may kasunduan na po maghihintayan kami na makatapos ng pag-aral. bago palang po syang christian ini-invite ko po sya sa church (umaatend naman xa) at tinuturuan ko xa magdevotion. welcome naman xa sa family ko at sa bahay. sinasagot naman po ni Lord yung mga questions ko tuwing nagdedevotion ako. pero, medyo naguguluhan pa din po ako. may mali po ba sa ginagawa namin? advice po. salamat:)

  29. bkit po ba na ung ibang tao ndi nila maramdaman ung feelings mo sa kanila??
    that hurts diba?? even if for your effort ndi nila na appreciate??

  30. MU means Mutual Understanding… madami ang nagareact at nagsasabi na MU na daw sila ng crush nila kahit parang “FRIENDS” lang ang turing ng crush niya sa kanya.. parang over reacting na masyado kung makita mo lang crush mo..

  31. Ang mutual understanding kasi happens to people who are afraid to loose their love ones..kasi they do not want commitment..kasi nga nmN WHEN THEY ARE ALREADY COMMITED..many things will happen..that might affect the treatment they have for each other…for them mutual understanding is the nicest way of keeping their good treatment for each other.. that if ever bad thung happen..they cannot blame theirselve it is just because EVERYTHING HAPPENS nyt in a formal way..

  32. ang MU para sa mga taong hindi marunong makipag commitment kasi natatakot sila na baka masaktan lang sila kapag nakipag commitment.., para po sakin mas magandang COMMITED kesa sa MU.., para sakin pag MU parang nakikipag laro kalang.., sa COMMITMENT talagang masasabi mong gusto mo yung isang tao at talagang mahal mo siya.., if you trully love the person na pag laban mu..,

  33. MU…. iam afraid to make the wrong choice… iam actually afraid to be commtited a person na hindi naman prinipare ni God para saken
    so i have decided kasi na when the “right man” i “guess” comes, i’ll ask him na MU muna, and for us to wait until i finish my studies.. if we find somebody better for us then ok,… but if we still feel the same way after all those years i guess it will be the time for us to decide if its a yes or no….

    any way is my point ok??


  34. im still a teenager peru nrnsan ku n sya..at nkkrelate aku
    ksi auko tlga ng relationship e prang gsto ku n sya kya
    naging MU kmi,peru mhirap ksi wla kang krptan mglit..
    mgselos.. mgbwal ksi nga ndi kayu, haii
    soo complicated

  35. if everyone (those in the adolescence stage 10-20 yrs young) is really not into MU thing, should they consider changing their status from MU to being committed?

  36. Hi Angel,

    You need to consider things before getting to that kind of relationship. The question would be ” are you ready to get married? do you se him/her as your futuremate?” these questions are crucial cos thse will define the years of your life.

    also consider your relationship with God. Is he the main focus of your life? Coz you can have the best boy/girl friend in life but if u dont have God, its futile. Think about that.


  37. tama! MU just makes love more complicated. hindi ibig sabihin n pg MU hindi ka na masasaktan. kasi pag naghiwalay keo there is that feeling na, un bng mahihirapan din keong kalimutan each other. it does not guarantee u the totality of happiness. kea it’s better to be commited and treasure every moment with that person(in a proper way). just wait for it coz true love waits.

  38. tamang tama!
    sobrang nkkbless tlga kau!
    thank GOD for you being here to help nd guide us youths..
    thank you ulit..
    more blessings to you guys.

    nga pla kua franco, dale poh e2 sa LSCBC. =)
    kila ate april. =)

    “it is good to be blessed, but it is better to be a blessing.”

  39. M.U..very popular word today..bakit nga ba kasi may naimbentong ganun pa mga tao..hehe..what is really needed is truthfulness..un lng..la ng paliguy-ligoy pa..kung gusto then tell it..kung hindi..edi hindi..mahirap ba yun?mabuti ng masaktan ka na sasabihin niya na hindi ka gusto kesa sasabihin pa na..’ayokong masaktan siya’ diba..immature thinking.. it hurts for a while but at least wala ng ‘paasa’ na feeling..
    your site is doing good..!!praise God for using you people..keep it up..

  40. Opsss.. NEED HELP now po.. Please, San po pwedeng magtanong? I have a story and question po related to MU and sexual purity.. Hope someone will re-direct me. Thanks

  41. ah ang gnda po ng mSsage nyo bout MU.. kc po prang same lng skn wer doing some things pero hndi ko nman alam kng ano b tlga kmi… kc ang feeling ko kmi ewan ko lng s knya.. dahil dn kc mas mtndi un bnding nmin n ang iisipin mo tlga ay kau… pro thanks GOD kc unti unti ko nrin nla2man ang mga ksagutan ko s mga tnong n yn..? pro GODS will prin kng kmi tlga but i pray 4 him n sya n tlga kc napmhal nrin ako s knya eh… ahHmM thanks po… GOD BLESS po….

  42. hmm…tinamaan ako dun ah. Please pray po 4 me kc prang nadadala na po q..hehe..aminado ako na pampagulo tlaga ng utak ang bagy na un or in other words to hav MU to sam1..4 me friends lang nman tlaga kau pero iba lang tlaga.eh pano nman po f nadevelop ka lang dun sa tao and di mo din nman ginusto un? kh8 super wait ka tlaga,,then one person came into your lyf and w/out xpecting na my kakaibang feeling ka na 4 that person?what should i do?iwasan xa, pero masasktan q xa and also my self. Or what is the ryt thing to do po?2 have commitment to someone po ba is wrong?

  43. ahhh so there is really no such term as MU… instead it shud be called FRIENDSHIP.
    Kaya bad ang mgsabi sa isang kaibigan na “wla kang pakialam sa akin, di naman kita jowa!”… XD

    Hindi ba’t ang tamang age to have BF/GF is wen u already have stable job? So is it wrong to get into a relationship if ur still studying, kc nga di ito maka2long sa pag-aaral. E pano, kung love mo tlaga ang isang tao… ang hirap dbang icipin na hanggang friends lng kau. Pag-MU naman hindi maganda.

    Wat is the best thing to do?

  44. i would like to share this site to my friends… maintindihan kaya ito ng Muslim…or ung mga non believers? hehehe! It’s really hard for them to explain it eh… lalu na ung mga makukulit na non-believing suitors.

    how will i handle those people? and how will i tell them that we are not meant for each other by not offending them… it’s hard.

  45. Hi Ahvs,

    The best you can do is to live the life you are learning from this site. Live differently as the world lives!
    The Bible says, “Be the light of the world.”

    Concerning about your suitors: you better tell them the truth of what you really feel. Don’t pretend or prolong things. Say the truth in love. Pursue friendship instead.

    Hope these things will help.


  46. lam niyo po sa totoo lang nangyayari sa akin to..
    i really prayed na ireveal ni LORD ang kanyang plans for both of us.. ang gulo talaga na parang sala sa init sala sa lamig ang drama niya, sometimes he will care for me.and then tomorrow iba nanaman ang mood niya haaaay.. pls pray for me i really need your advices. mejo nawawala na ko sa focus eh

  47. Hi Joyce,

    The only way to be on track is to go back and never look back.
    Its not yet late to make right decisions. You can make a difference that will change your future.


  48. Sa panahon kasi ngayon, nagmukha ng tuloy na normal magkaroon ng bf/gf after a failed relationship. Parang naging ‘need’ na may makasama.

    And sad to say, naiimnfluence yung ibang tao. They fail to see the goodness of singlehood.

    Takot harapin ng tao ang buhay ng mag-isa… they fail to realize that God is with us all the time.

    Panahon na to seek God and His words…and stop worrying about love problems.

  49. ‘ hahai. yah, definitely true. if 1 is not yet ready to commit into relationship, he/she must say no. i experienced that one and its not good talaga. kc pag sawa nah yung isa, he will just dump you. iiwan kah lang nya, and you can do nothing at all because you’re not committed.(sigh)

  50. MU…tingin ko nga defense mechanism un…but in the end it wud just bring confusion….and will hurt you after those great assumptions n nacreate mo sa kakahintay kung kelan kau magiging official….siguro dapat gawin is to understand the fact na you deserve right love…it’s about accepting the fact na “YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD…so you deserve GREAT RELATIONSHIP.

  51. hayy .. ou nga aman ang hrap ng ganun sitwasyon !! msak8 pa bandang huki .. may tym na ok na sa kanya ung ganun N’ yaw na niang humigit pa sa ganun !!
    haiszt buhay nga aman !! dameng casual ..

  52. lhat kau maka2’hanap din ng the right one !! god leads our pathway !! just follow the light not satan !! wish u all the best !!

  53. been through this and yeah it doesn’t feel right, in fact the pain is so much to bear (good thing God enclosed me in a sweet embrace, which soothed the pain). girls lose more. God asked me to wait and surrender everything. I enjoy waiting much as I enjoy the gift of singleness. 🙂

  54. Hi Marie,

    the truth is both party is losing something. Though times guys wud nt admit it bt something is been given away from the heart that cannot be taken back.


  55. i agree with you. This MU thing is not healthy. As much as i want to keep the friendship (if we may call and assume we have it), I can’t…we can’t. After what happened we stopped talking. We jumped and expedited our relationship, clinging to our emotions without giving much thought to commitment. Basically a momentary need (emotional aspect) satiated just both led us to pain, hurt, and anger. I will forever thank our God for being so gracious to me. My heart was marred but God healed it. The scar will now remind me not of bitterness or pain but how good and loving our God is. 🙂

  56. Way to Go Marie!

    Another great thing about God is that he is much concern about our future and forgetting our past.

    Know and Enjoy Him to the fullest.


  57. im confused.. wat if u r close friends den suddenly u discovered u have the same feelings 4 each other…u dont want 2 pursue relationshp becoz u know its not yet tym..u decided 2 stay as friends…is it MU?….we dont want to risk our frndship.

  58. nung unang kta q plng sa pic ng topic n to pmsok agad s icp ang M.U (Mga Unggoy)hahah un pla MukhNG uNgGOY hehe..
    auz 2ng topic n to dpat mrealize ng mga kbtaan yn ngaun..
    heheh kc wag muna pg dpa mg aasawa..

  59. I agree that there is no such thing as MU..
    its just an excuse for those people who are afraid of commitment.,
    remember that,
    “Deepening intimacy without defining level of commitment is plainly dangerous..”

    same way, many of us experience deep hurt when they open themselves emotionally ( and physically) only to be abandoned by others who proclaim they’re not ready for “serious commitment”.
    God made the fulfillment of intimacy a byproduct of commitment-based love. intimacy without commitment awakens desires–emotional and ohyysical-that neither person can meet.

    take 1Thessalonians 4:6-the Bible calls it “defrauding”,ripping someone off by raising expectations but not delivering the promise.

    Intimacy without Commitment, like icing wihtout cake, can be sweet but it ends up making us sick.

    Kaya mas maganda siguro na wag muna pumasok sa isang relasyon, lalo na kung di ka sigurado di ba? Build up relationship to other people by making friends, dont rush things, for at the right time ibibigay ni Lord ang hinihintay natin.
    Glorify God and serve others while we’re young..
    Kaya nating iwasang masaktan sa ‘pag aakala nating pagmamahal..’

    GodbLess everyone.!

  60. ey! tama kayo jan. kso pano kng mtgl mo na xia gus2 tpos nnligaw sayo? pero ayaw mo pa mgbf/gf. anu ggwn mo? hai.ang hrap ng gnun. ndi ba pwde na sbhn mo sknya n “PWDE M.U NLNG TAYO?”dba? grbe nmn. ang hrap. ayw mo xia mpnta sa iba, pero hndi ka pa hndang mgbf/gf. anu ggwn mo? konting advice nmn po jan oh?? wait q po. tnx. God bless!!

  61. Hmmmm…………… for me M U Is amgulong usapan talaga………….But let the will of God be done…..

  62. Hi Mishael,

    Thanks for being honest!

    Keep in mind that you are worth waiting for!
    You don’t need to fear of losing someone. Kasi ang real guy na maghihintay sa’yo ng walang kondisyon at hinihinging kapalit ang may pure intentions of having you as his futuremate!

    Don’t rush things kasi you might experience a broken heart.
    Relaks ka lang at darating ang tamang panahon sa nais ng iyong puso!

  63. ganun po ba? tnx po. cge po cguro nga un ung dpat gawin q. hmm. tnx po tlga. amm, e2 pa po, hm. db po crush is different from love? pano po ba mllman if love na ung nrrmdaman mo sknia? tska, ask lan po. d nmn 2 nanyyre sken 2 naun? ehe. tnx po. w8 q po un. waaa. slmt po. ingats plge. God bless!!

  64. Hi TLW and readers,

    I need help, gusto ko malinawan.. can i share my story here? kung okay lang 🙂

  65. Thanks Mishael,

    Love is twisted with its meaning today. It is far beyond crush or physical attraction. Check out 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 and try to evaluate the love probably you have for a man, or by reading it think if the person in your mind is like that. Is he patient? Is he Kind? Go and find it.

  66. hi readers, just wanna share. I have a best friend (an opposite sex) for a long time since I was still single (I’m married now). Most people who knows us always tell that our friendship is an extra ordinary. Since then, we care for each other, we know that we love each other and we take time to communicate with each other until now but it is clear to us that we are only best of friends eventhough we didn’t talk about it since we became friends. For me, God created someone who is intended to be your friend and someone intended to be your life time partner. Do not create situations that can hurt you both (your feelings). We can still enjoy the company of an opposite sex without any “MU” tag. We are still best of friends now and we still enjoying each others friendship kahit na married na ako and he has his girlfriend already. It is very important to pray to God for the right person and don’t rush for love…sabi nga “Mapakla ang hinog sa pilit”. God bless you all…

  67. nice, tnx po tlga at nttma q mga maling gawi q. tenkyu so much. am from bataan christian school in bataan, hope to see you again there. and have some conversation wid u. now i know that TRUE LOVE WAITS. rily, nice. i rily want to see u agen. huhu. pls allow me. 🙂 that verse is so inspiring. thank you so much. kip up d gud work TLW. take care always. and U BLESS GOD. 🙂

  68. elow poh…
    nabasa poh ang magandang mensahe about sa MU …
    nakaranas na din poh aq ng ganun…
    peo poh nakapag move-on na dinpoh aq sa bagay na yan…
    tnx din dahil pinalawak niu din poh ang ivg savhin ng MU
    salamat poh sana pohmabasa niu poh ang mensahe kong e2….

  69. hai…. ang akin lang”, you should first check out on your relationship with Christ before thinking other relationships… remember, Christ only satisfies so… why are you worrying? don’t you know Christ have been longing for you to tell Him that you love Him? ang akin lang… sa mga situations na ganyan… if kung kayu naman ang para sa isat isa…. kayu naman eh… but if your not, then hindi….i think you should check out first your self…. God bless….

  70. hi poh! haha! I’m amazed to know what your definition of M.U.

    ahm, actually I experienced na po kasi ang may ka-mu..

    aun,mukhang unggoy lang! hahah!

    ahm,kidding aside.. ahm, mahirap po tlaga ung situation na may ka-mu..


    heart-breaking din(bonggang-bongga!)

    nakakawala din ng focus..(as for me.. hihi)

    kaya aun.. tnx TLW!

    kc youre enlightening our thoughts about a thing called ” L O V E ”

    + True Love Waits rocks! +

    GOd bless!


  71. hehe..ganun pala…well, I had no Bf since birth..NBSB..but has Mu’s which I considered a waste of time. Those were my HighSchool days..Actually, agree ako sayo…It’s true that People who define Mu’s are afraid of commitments..for my part…i have a lot of priorities and expectations to meet that’s why ayaw ko talaga..but now..I know..How to Wait Upon the Lord..I’m just thankful that I never entered any base on impulse-relationship…whatever you may call it…Mu’s..infatuation…we just have to be careful coz it always involves investing emotions so…Just wait na lang tayo kay Lord talaga….

  72. sheila mae caparos and jennifer macaraya po ito...from fatima national high school...

    …panu poh if ung guy sabi nia sa akin nah mahal nia poh ako…tapos sabi pa nga nia…if ever raw na ayaw ko xa matatangap nia po parin bcoz he really loves me poh..so wat can i do to him?i think im fallen in

  73. Hi shiela,

    Guard your heart! It is the most deceitful thing above all.
    There is no such thing as falling in love and even falling out because everything we do is a choice. Love is always a choice to make! Not because you like what the boy says but you’re choosing to like it.

    Let me ask you: Are you ready for a relationship that involves commitment and responsibility? Saying yes to this, means you are ready to get married na. Think about it!

  74. .,ganon pa la.pano if hindi niyo naman po expect na ganon pala? is that MU pa rin?,ano po bang dapat gawin?Godbless po

  75. John Rhenan S. Dunlao

    ate ree, kuya franco…

    can u still remember me??? un pumunta kau sa don bosco technical institute sa victorias, negros occidental…maraming salamat poh… u left something in or hearts that we wouldn’t forget… LOVE LOVE… sometimes magulo talaga especially kung maraming hindrances…anyways tnx a lot

    Hope u can read this comment of mine…san na pala ngaun si ate ree????
    Godbless 2 ol

  76. Hi John,

    I cant remember your face. hehe. Anyways, I’ll be in Bacolod by Friday until Saturday to train some people down the city.
    If you have time hope we can meet again. hehe


  77. yeah, right MU is for the people who are afraid commitment, they want each other company but ayaw ng responsibility..sumtimes dey say may feelings cla but dey are not sure if dat is love so dey decided n MU nlang cla..sav nga s bible say “yes” kung “yes” and no kung “no” pa2hirapa nio p sarili nio sa ka2isip and it will hurts u more kesa s feeling ng break up..kc nasa2ktan k pro d nman dapat kc nga hndi naman kau u have no ryts n magdemand kc nga hndi naman kau wlang commitment wlang responsiblity..the right thing to do is to wait for one dat God will give u..remember “True Love Waits”

  78. hellow po. =) i just want to agree with what you’ve written. i hav’t commited myself but i don’t agree with MU thing. coz i believe that there is no such thing. the thing is, in this modern world everone seem doesn’t want to sacrifice and compromise in a commitment. and this resulted to instant replacement of everthing. nakakalungkot lang icipin na nakukumpara ang pagkakaroon ng isang relationship sa instant noodle, instant coffee and vendo machines. lahat gusto mabilisan (pagnanligaw at pagsinagot ng nililigawan, pagnagbreak at pagpapalit ng panibago atbp.) for the teen naman, they thought that everything that the adults are doing seem to be right and to be immitated. they don’t even consider that it is better if the frienship between them flourish and go deeper in time first before they indulge into relationship with commitment to each other. In that case, both would really know each other very well. when time comes they get to realize that they are really for each other, the sacrifices and compromise they give to each other for their friendship would be simplier for them to do and give in a relationship with commitment most espcially if in the center of their relationship and the first and foremost present is Jesus and the Almighty God. eheh.. just sharing something… thanks po =)

  79. hmm, bagay sakin ang blog nato ah..thanks p0h for posting this..this blog serve as an instrument to enlightened me a lot about this topic..basta, it is very important for us to understand that the LORD is always there as our Great Provider, not only for material things, but also for a wonderful Realationship the HE really wants us to experience for the future..let’s not be in a hurry and be patient, GOD has HIS own will and HIS Will won’t harm us for sure..the mr. or ms. right from GOD is yet to come..=)

  80. i am so blessed after reading it.

    i’ll suggest this to our youth Pastor.

    thanks a lot.

    and i know that the Lord will continue bless this site because u encourage young people like me.

    it really helps me a lot.

    thanks again and GOD BLESS!

  81. MU as in Mukhang Unggoy.. haha! natawa ako dito. :))

    Wow, sobrang naaamaze ako sa site na ito. I never thought that such a site like this exists in the worldwideweb. It’s a good thing that God led my fingers to browse ms. rossmeansred’s site and find tags that lead here.

    Nowadays, talks about purity and sexual abstinence seem unpopular; but the truth is, keeping ourselves pure is one way of showing the world that we, as Christians, are secured with the love of God. We are willing to wait for the right time and person because we know that we do not hold the keys to our own happiness, God does.

    Sa akin, napakatimely ng ganitong usapin, in fact, nadiscover ko ang site na ito kasabay ng purity seminar/campaign na isinasagawa sa church namin. 🙂 From now on, I’m sure na isa na ito sa mga website na tatambayan ko during may free hours, wee! 😀

    to the tlw admin, Keep it up! Godspeed! 🙂

  82. Great to hear from you Diane,

    We are glad to know that our site is helping you a lot. Where is you church? Have you attended a TLW Training? Want to be a volunteer?


  83. ..tmAh!!
    i agree with that!!
    ung mga taong un ehh sadyang takot lng n mging comitted s isang relationship.!!!

    how can people know if they were in the m.u state?
    is there a significant?

  84. Hi! I belong to the Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church located at Tatalon, Quezon City. It’s my first time to attend a True Love Waits seminar in our church; but if you’re referring to a TLW Training that you conduct, I haven’t attended one yet.

    I am interested to be a volunteer, how can I be one? Thank you! 🙂

  85. Marge (Team Laos)

    Great Insight! I like this site.. makes us understand more about relationship.. this puts a deeper meaning into it. Thanks Derek for sharing this to us.

  86. good read! taught me big time! so that’s what MU meant. I always thought of it as a stage between two friends about to fall for each other o_O whoops!, argh, am not ready to commit yet ._., i guess it’s best to remain friends until, God willingly, the right time comes if ever (;

  87. Geraldine Longhay

    u have a point………..!!!!!!!!!!!!! naranasan ko na yan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ang mga taong ganyan walang panininDIGaaaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nakakainis talaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sana naman magbago na sila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hindi sila tanggap sa lapunan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sana makasali ako sa club nyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. so, what should someone do if he/she at the present has MU with somebody? just being curious with some friends having MU with others. thanks

  89. so what should someone do if he/she has MU at the present? just being curious with some friends having MU with others. whats the best answer aside from not making a commitment yet because they are not sure. thanks.

  90. Hi Maxim,

    I think acknowledging the truth of their relationship right now is important. Knowing that there is no commitment in what they’re doing, both must take time to realize and evaluate their hearts. Decide what is best. And thats to pursue what is true, pure, and trustworthy! Also, it would be good if there is someone who’s checking on them like accountability partners to check on their hearts and how they treat others.


  91. Hi Geraldine,

    Thank you for saying your thoughts. Tho, i would say that people who are engaged right now sa MU shouldn’t be stereotyped in the society. Keep in mind that even you, me and others are vulnerable to be in that situation. So what we can do is to guide and enlighten those men and women who are disillusioned. And to live a life that reflects as an example!


  92. right.. it was just the defense mechanism of those who are afraid of commitments.
    your blog can trult help the teenagers answer the questions that bothers their curious minds. thank you so much.

  93. regrding dis “MU”thng, i thnk MU is n0t juz a dfense thng 4 thse hus afraid of cmmitment, i thnk MU is juz a stepping stone b4 an offcial cmmitment., nd itz juz lyk a seminar b4 a wedding… nd i thnk MU is a gud way 2 knw if u really like/love ur partner.,,

    Nice site sir. . .

  94. i’m being blessed everytime i open ur website. nkk2wa. nkk-enlighten. ms nreredirect aq s mga bgy2.i’v not been into relationships yet but im experiencing sum confusions and struggles when it comes to emotional aspects espescially, love.

    ur website makes it clear to the young people what simple thimgs for them are big thimgs for the Lord. GOD bless u more!!!

  95. Ayos yan na, MU= Mukhang Unggoy. If i love someone i would say let give this relationship a chance to bloom. If i dont love this guy then i would say lets be friends. No MU or what so ever, because i dont want to be connote as MU lang kami.

  96. are you sure there’s no thing as MU..???
    i dont think its bad at all…
    i mean.. sometimes people must come to that point before
    they decide to make a commitment…
    for me its better to undergo in that process atleast if 2 person
    are sure and ready for the commitment, the foundation is already
    strong and isnt hard to adjust…
    but then, we can never tell whether its true or not..
    but listening to God is the best!

  97. what if ganon nga?. we don’t have a commitment but we treat each other so special?..
    what are we gonna going to do?.. is it unfair?.. please. please. i need an answer. and counseling as well. thank you very much.. GOD bless. 🙂

  98. Hello!!
    This is Fatima (snowwhite- tawag ni ate Kai)… Faci from beda alabang dati…

    I agree with this thing! Super laughtrip nung nabasa ko ung MU-Mukhang unggoy! promise! tawa ako ng tawa!!! 😀
    ang MU… ginagamit ng takot o manloloko… hahaha! 😀 pwede ring pre-commitment… pero… usually.. para un sa mga takot! :p
    sana nabasa ko to dati! hahaha!

    i wana train again.. i miss tlw.. 🙂
    sana maulit yung overnight training and stuff… miss the fun and the experience… 🙂
    Miss you guys! TC po!

    Regards to the Team. 🙂

  99. anyeong!im a newbie irr.
    i totally agree with this thingy..there’s no such thing as MU for me..it’s just like.,enjoying time with someone tapos pg ayaw mo na or nagsawa kana sa knya..u can just runaway easily..!kasi nga d kau COMMITTED..takot cia or ikao mismo ang takot.!dbaa?coward people use MU as their defense mechanism..they’re too afraid to take relationship seriously..bcoz of the responsibilities that comes up with it..

    i discovered this wesite from a friend..it really is an answer for me from up above..coz im so confused about this love thingy..

    God Bless u more :-*

  100. waaaaahhhhhhhhhh .. hihihi , accurate ung cnasabi d2 .. ang gling !!!! ngaun ko lhng 2 na explore ung website na to’ ! haiiizz sa wakas , may right site na for us .. to understand more things .. slamt sa nagedit nito !! naiintindihan ko na ung MU fever nga na cnasabe na mgulo nga .. ehehe , well anyway .. kip up the gud work and god bless !!

  101. Hi Youth,

    I think the best thing to do is to talk to the person you are involved with and tell him what you have learned.
    Moreover, allow God to search your heart.

  102. oo nga po mahirap po talaga yun..
    na experience ko na po eh..
    pero we are both christians..
    we decided na itgil kc pareho po kmeng nasaktan pero ok na po kami ngayon
    prayer partner po kami!
    it’s better to wait!

  103. what should i tell her?.. we both like each other but we are waiting for the right time para ligawan ko siya.. is it good?.. na… we treat each other so special without comitment because we are waiting for the right time nga?.. 🙂 thanks! Lord bless..

  104. sa totoo lang po na experience ko ho yan naging MU kami
    pero hindi namin alam kung ano ba talaga kaming dalawa
    bestfrnds lang daw kami lage nga kaming tinutukso ng mga klasmeyt namin eh
    pero ngayon hindi na kami nagkaintindihan klasmeyt kami pero hindi nagpapansinan

  105. Hi Youth,

    Are you ready to marry the girl you have in mind? If you can answer this with much responsibility and confidence then you can. But if there are second thoughts of answering this, think twice and examine your heart. We can be misled with our own feelings that’s why it is highly important to dwell deep in our motives and what we feel.

    Also, it is confusing for me to read na ‘we treat each other so special without commitment’. Save yourself from making mistakes!


  106. hay..just like what i’m trying to point out to my friend.
    kaya lang na-unahan ako eh. i hate to say this pero kumitid na utak nia.
    heheh prayer na lang..

  107. MU? yes magulong usapan talaga! ayaw ng commitment.. ang gusto lang pag need ka nya dapat jan ka lang pero wag kang makikialam sa ginagawa nya.. ittxt ka or kakausapin kung kelan gusto.. haaay ive ben in that relationship before and i cant believe that now… i was one of those makitid ang utak but thanks sa GRACE of our GOD, HINDI na ngayon! nic3 blog po.

  108. waa oo..tunay nga un waa..hahah kktakot pla mU..
    ngkgnon ako ATA hahah dati..
    kua FRANCO ganda na DZAs.. im always listening there!!!

  109. ah un pla MU.. mas magandang meaning ang mukhang unngoy.. dahil wla nmn tlagang dapat ganun..dapat its either BLACK or WHITE wlang GRAY or DIRTY WHITE.. if you know what i mean…

  110. wait i still don’t get it.. why would you fool yourself to a relationship that you’re not even sure if it’s real.. i think tama nga MU is just a defense mechanism sa mga taong takot sa commitment.. mm… i think ako naexperince ko na pero kahit ako, i’m denying the fact na MU na yun, pero nanligaw na siya pero i told him to wait if he’s really serious about having a real relationship (yun nga yung bf-gf) hmm… weird bakit pa kasi naimbento yan eh.. hahaha! 😀

    sabi pala ng mom ko, wisdom is learned through the experince of other people.. sa kung alam mo ng mali yun bakit mo pa gagawin?? di ba?:D

  111. mahirap yang mukang Unggoy na usapan na yan…. both of them in the relationship..can’t demand for anything… at the end of the day…. they’l find themselves just wasting time,money, and efforts for the person…. bakit di na lang kaya both of yu stop.magpray kayo….. and seek the lord more.

  112. Bon Fran of TUP Manila

    amazing nman po ung post na to..
    tama po kayo…u really have to mature first before going to a life that involves other person’s life…lalong lalo na dapat mag mature ung relationship natin kay God..before you can face someone dapat hinarap mo muna ang God and have His approval through His word..kaya ako,i will wait for the right person that God says “this is her”..

  113. galing ng post na ‘to.

    super hirap ng gnyan. hindi mo alam kung may karapatan kang magalit sa kanya kung bigla syang hindi mgparamdam, kasi hindi nman sya committed sayo. hndi mo alam kung maghihintay ka pa o move on na! hirap din nman na iconfront ung tao baka masabihan ka pa ng “ilusyunada”, “assuming” o di nman kaya ay “feelingera”. mas mganda pa rin tlaga na official ang relationship nyo.

  114. hirap ng ganyan sitwasyon.wala kng karapatan sa lahat ng bagay i mean..magselos,magalit sa knya kpag di cia nagtxt sau or wat..xe wala nmn kaung foundation for each other.masakit lng on the girls xe ndi nla alm kung san cla lalagay.aun sna lng maicp lng nla..:)

  115. I’ve thought of MU as “you like each other yet you’re not committed but the wrong thing is both of you are doing acts as if you are bf-gf”..either of the two or both had the possibility of getting hurt and assuming of something. A boy-girl relationship is more than of love only, it’s also a commitment WHEN YOU ARE REALLY READY for it.

    Advise for girls: If you can, just be quiet with your feelings. And wait for GOD. For what will HE do and what will HE say to that guy and what will the guy do. 🙂

  116. hmm..that’s what i can say since at my age 21, I’ve never been in a relationship with a guy. For the reason na I finish first my studies and if ever someone comes my way na deserving NOW..hmm..pwede na. Waiting for a man of GOD-whom also had patience while waiting:)

  117. Hi Jinky,

    Have you graduated? I would say na its best if you are ready to get married before getting into a boyfriend relationship. Simply because courtship should always end to marriage.


  118. yah! agree aq jan.. thrs no such thing as MU.. but i myself also experienced that..believe me..i should have known..!
    para lng kasing “game” pag MU ang status nyo..hndi serious kc nga alang commitment pwdi kang umalis, tumigil anytime u want..and it’s not right!

  119. haay…ang ganda ng blog na to…meron kc akong friend ngayon were both servant of God but still hndi ko alam sa knya bakit he treated me like he love’s me…sabi ko naman ipagpray nya but everytym na magkikita kmi sinasabi nya lagi na mahal nya ko…and i have a feelings to him..di ko lang talaga alam kung love ba talaga to or infatuation lang…

  120. Hi Losyr, (Hope thats not your real name 😉 )

    I think it is necessary for you to personally ask the guy what are his intentions why he says na mahal ka niya. At times, mahirap kasi na mag-assume that a person is for you pero temporary lang namn ung kilig. Seriously, the both you need to revisit and reexamine your heart before God. Kasi for sure, its taking much of your mind just to think about him and your situation.

    Also go back to God’s Word and seek and hear God (not what your heart says). Take some weeks without any communication with him just focus lang kay God.

    Praying for you!


  121. What if you are trapped in an MU just because you want to have that special someone and at the same time you don’t get to disobey you’re parents? (Just because your parents don’t want you to commit yourself to a boy-girl relationship?) 🙁

  122. hey! i like you site! mkaka tulong ito sa mga youth natin today! i want to volunteer ! panu po ba? edmon of payatas Q.C

  123. guaranteed fast cash

    This is too useful information. I must say I love reading this lots. It aids me to become better grasp on the subject. It is very well published. I shall definitely find this content material so engaging. I hope you could grant more sooner or later.

  124. Thank u LORD, for sharing this to us and to Pastor. Cahrles, LORD continue to blessed and Guide him. GOD is LOVE 🙂

  125. MU?? never syang magiging solution ng magandang relationship…..parang your giving your great effort and time sa taong ndi deserve yung bagay na yun… super nakakalungkot lang din for some girls na pumapayag ng gantong kalse ng relationship kasi in the end sila dn ang magsasuffer… pde rin magtake advantage ang guys/boys… Girls/ Ladies please consider and treat yourself as a Princess.. because in God’s eyes we are not only a princess but His queens.. and nasasaktan xa pagnkikita nya taung nasasaktan.. like some biological father ayaw nya rin tayo mapahamak…

    i already came from this kind of relationship and it feel so bad… mas masakit xa.. promise.. 🙂

  126. hello sainyo! actually, this is my first time to visit this site. It was part of God’s plan na makita ko ‘tong site na’to lalo na at na-eexperience ko ngayon ang “MU” na sinasabi. Sapul nga saken ung line na “..there is no such thing as MU in a relationship. kasi ito ang defense mechanism ng mga taong ayaw ng COMMITMENT.” oo aaminin ko, ayoko pa maattach or ma-commit dahil marami pa akong gustong gawin sa life, abala lang ang pag-boyfriend kaya MU muna. what can I do? gusto ko na umiwas sa status na “it’s complicated o MU pa” dahil in the long run… ako din masasaktan.

  127. karamihan ng classmates ko yan ang problem .. pero atleast now mapapayuhan ko na sila about dito.. thanks po..yah.. tama naman eh. theres no thing such as MU

  128. Hi Emjoi! 🙂 That’s a good thing too share with your classmates maybe you can promote narin na visit nila ang True Love Waits website. If you really want to know more about TLW and want to be a volunteer you can visit the Volunteer page. Thanks! 🙂

  129. Ive been with this kind Of relatiOnship tOo and guys yOur all cOrrect! DehadO kaming mga gurls and mukha lang kayOng ewan,.,.ngseselOs ng pawang wala ka namang karapatan, magagalit pag dika sinipOt, mgaayaw kayO dahil sa mga bagay na akala mOh girlfriend ka kung magdemand,.,.:( its nOt healthy fOr peOple that wants tO have a lOng lasting relatiOnship sigurO effective xa o ppde pa sa mga taOng happy gO lucky at mga teens and ready tO mingle tO anyOne but ALWAYS GUARD YOUR HEART yan ang sv ng clOse friend qOh…if yOu think yOu will just experience pain and yOu will suffer.,dOnt think twice just STOP…because yOur a child Of God and dOnt take anything fOr less because yOu dOnt deserve that….stay happy! ^_^ #goodvibes

  130. Actually, this is my first time to visit this page. Thanks po sa mga advices! Atleat my natutunan pa rin ako kahit NBSF “No Boyfriend since Fetus” daw. Haha. Thanks again. God Bless. ?

  131. Thanks for this site. God really leads me pra mbsa ang blog na toh. Naka2relate dn kasi ako. This blog is a great help. Thanks and God bless you more! 🙂

  132. Pwede humingi ng advice..
    May nililigawan ako.. parang kami pero d nya pa ako sinasagot..? kailangan b manligaw ako ng matagal mhal nman nmin yung isat-isa pero ayaw nya padin bigay yung Oo nya..

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