M.U. Exposed!

MU Exposed

“His eyes just melt me on the spot! Plus he gave me chocolates for my birthday. Isn’t he so thoughtful and sweet?” she thought.

“Well, she’s pretty and so excited with the gift. Kind and sweet girl. I think I like her.” He thought

“I feel something special for him; he probably feels the same for me. It must be us. It must really be us.” She concluded.

MU a.k.a. Mutual Understanding. Same feelings for each other. Feelings keep rushing and it’s so good that you wish it won’t stop. Well, you wish.

MU is everywhere and you can’t just get enough of it. It’s pretty viral. Symptoms are dreamy-eyed young people floating in the air thinking MU must be love. Well, MU is not love. The fact that “mutual” has “mute” for its root word proves that it isn’t love. Love is expressed in balance through words and actions. Love is not mute.

When you are in a mutual understanding, you don’t usually utter words to confirm what you understand. You just assume that what you think is what the other person thinks. Surprise, surprise, we are not mind readers! Just because you think it is, doesn’t really mean it really is! And that’s dangerous.

Your Destination without  CommitmentImagine you’re driving a car and your ka-MU is your passenger. There is MU so you assume your passenger wants to go where you want to go. You start driving to Baguio. But your passenger is thinking otherwise. He/she wants to go to Tagaytay. You both assumed you agree where you’re going so there is no need for words to confirm the understanding.

He thought, she thought. All in your thoughts and in the end you quarrel because you find out you were not thinking the same things. Where did all the feelings go?

See here, MU is dangerous because there is no certainty, no direction, and above all no smooth communication flow. It is selfish and cares not for the welfare of the other. You think that they would think like you do; feel the way you feel.

In the little thought exchange above, girl and boy assume in their thoughts that they like each other. Their thoughts are justified by the acts of kindness and sweetness to each other. But do kindness, sweetness and thoughtfulness equate love? Just because something feels so right, could it really mean love? If all your answers are yes, please reconsider because you’re headed the wrong and very dangerous highway.

Love is not just the “good feelings.” Love requires commitment. It speaks, it acts and it confirms.
Have you ever fallen in love? Was it really love? Or was it just a trip to the dangerous highway of MU? Share us your story. We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. its really difficult….true love really needs a lot of patient…sometimes i want to give up and im speaking of myself, saying i must be like them, having a relationship with other people…even if its only wat they called M.U, wats important is that i experience to feel this stuff,and be a part of the company…though im always waiting, naiinip din ako..at my age of 20, no girlfriend since birth, i know nakakrelate kau sa nararamdman ko ngaun…need some help and encouragement guys.thanks to the author/s of this article.. Godbless

  2. Jlerry,

    The stand you are making right now is a hard thing in this trendy and shallow culture that we have particularly when we talk about love, sex and relationship. But keep in mind more than just not conforming to what others say, there should be an on going renewing of your mind so that you would know what is God’s perfect will for you (Romans 12:2)


  3. nice.. ganda po ng article.. well, its true na maraming youth ang dumadaan sa ganitong situation. i’m one of them. i’m a reader and a fan of this website so, nakatatak na sa heart ko ang mga salitang TRUE LOVE WAITS! then, dumating yung time na na-inlove ako sa isang girl (i can’t really say if it is love until God approves it, maybe it’s just an infatuation. it is hard to differentiate the 2 things) nalaman ko din na gusto rin ako ng girl. ang maganda sa aming dalawa, we’re both God-fearing Christians and we are open to each other. Sinabi ko a kanya na “let’s wait for the right time, maybe after our studies” (by the way, we are both 4th year high school students, graduating this year) we are not holding each other. we are free to socialize to every people because hindi kami. we also doesn’t have commitment to each other. pero sa akin, hindi na ako naghahanap or tumitingin sa iba. i just lock myself to her. we didnt make any promises to each other. but i make a promise to myself. in case na may mga taong pumasok sa aming buhay, i will just leave it to God. i don’t know if she is the one that God has prepared for me or i am for her. but for now, i am praying and willing to wait for her 🙂

    †_I am looking forward for more blogs… thnx for inspiring many young people. God bless!! _†

  4. elow everybody,

    in our world today, all is going so fast. most of us want automatic. as if there’s no tomorrow. also bcoz we want to be “in”, we force things to happen. and when the time comes that we are in the situation, we will realize that it is wrong and we tend to back out. huli na ang lahat, we hurt someone already.

    still, its more safe and a whole lot wiser to wait for God’s perfect time. lets juz do our best, and our Loving God will take the rest… thats for sure…

  5. I still believe in True Love Waits, since High school days, my friends and I discussed about it…Then after College, it seems that i am no longer patient enough to wait…But my Wonderful God guided me…Until such time that I felt this some sort of “MU” thing.. We(brother and I-actually we belong to the same community) actually felt it…it is so hard to accept that you assumed everything connected with us…I mean every words or actions are truly hidden..maybe because at first were so shy on what we really feel…and time goes by….everything ended at one snap of my finger…and it was last year, to be exact..Maybe were not yet ready..I believed we have to love ourselves first so if ever God gave us the perfect time for that Love..It will be my One True Love..For i have waited God’s perfect gift for me..The One He Created Only for Me….Thank You..Godbless!

  6. ..hmm..have i ever been inlove?..if you’ll ask me this question 5 months ago, ill enthusiastically say yes..pero ngayon?..i dont think what i felt before was really love..love is patient, love is kind. PATIENT!..take note of the word..kung totoong mahal mo ang isang tao, you must be willing to wait for the right time that God has set for both of you..kung will nga ba nya for both of you to be together in the first place..kala ko dati, mahal namin ang isa’t isa..to the point na no words are needed to confirm to us about what we really feel..but then..MU, or mutual understanding as others might say, is also synonymous to, magulong usapan and misunderstanding..sweet words and actions dont equate love..sabi nyo nga..it can mean another thing to another person..subjective ika nga..may mga taong sweet tlga..by nature..akala mo mahal nyo ang isa’t isa..akala mo sayo lng sya sweet..but no..sa lahat ganun xa..akala mo he’s worth it..na he’s the one..you’ve given up things because you think you love him..pero wala xang sinasabing kahit ano sayo except that “you’re special”..yes, love can somethimes require sacrifice, pero is he worth it?..hmm..ewan..minsan emotions lead us to making decisions we are not supposed to make in the first place..decisions that are based on an “unconfirmed” love..or a love that no one took the courage to declare..kasi takot pa sa responsibilities..kaya..tama na muna ung MU nlng..kung ganun lang din pala..if you’re not yet ready..eh bakit mo pa inunurture ung feeling para mainlove, kung di mo nmn pala kayang panindigan..in the end, makakasakit ka lng..you might even ruin someone’s life..and is that right?..i dont think so..kaya nga we should wait for God’s perfect timing..wait patiently..remember..God is writing our very own love story..lets not write it by ourselves..wag natin syang pangunahan..i strongly believe na we really need God’s guidance in this topic because we live in a world full of deception..in a world telling us that we need to conform..but no..God is telling us otherwise..i just thank God that He never let His children go in the wrong direction..God bless you guys..

  7. true true.

    i was involved in a physical relationship, the term you would call friends with benefits.

    it was basically just a feel good relationship, with no strings attached. the points highlighted by the article are good points, and they hit me directly.

    yeah, the status of M.U. is indeed a way to escape the responsibility of a relationship, and i think that sucks. they shouldn’t do or say such romantic things if they aren’t ready to commit. good article.

  8. wew,, so ganun pla un..MU is magulong usapan,, pero how if,, u really knew that ur’e m.u but then may nangayri n s inyo?? naguguluhan po kc aq.. tnx po! God bless u!

  9. i do agree with most of what was stated above. the definition of M.U. is relative. with that sort of definition, it absolutely makes M.U. dangerous. in my case, M.U. exist as a stage before commitment, like it’s the testing the waters. it’s not all the time that it’s based on assumptions, but it does revolve on uncertainty like anything else. and just now i finish stating my opinions i feel i have gained nothing of it.

    somtimes i feel like this true love is just another religion or excuse. what i do know that i agree with is things happen in God’s time. love is true, true love is redundant.

  10. Oh. I can relate with this and yep,even though we both share the same convictions, there is this tendency that we were driven by our emotions and all. We hang out, share lives,share secrets-somehow intimate. We know its mutual but I realized that (thanks for extensive moments with God) he never lay his intentions to me and that’s scary because we’re doing this and i realized that I was walking on the unknowns and uncertainties,and it’s not yet the right time. What if we’re not really meant for each other?

    We decided to cut it off for the sake of our future and to guard each other’s heart. We realized that it’s not wise to invest our time to each other if we’re not really sure about the future so instead of investing our time on this its better to do what God wants us to do first. It’s painful but I thank God that He had given us the wisdom. Making this decision is hard because we do not know the future, that’s why its called a giant leap of faith. Its trusting and surrendering it to God knowing that He knows what’s best for both of us. 🙂

  11. m.u ? hahha dami nga po smin nyan kasi bwal pa sa church ang young relationship ..

    ok aman po yun .. dpat lang with the guide of GOD ..
    msarap po atang ma achieve nyu muna lhat tpos at the end kauh pdin ..

    hhehe GBU po 🙂

  12. waah..this is so true. and it really reminds me.
    I have no doubt of committing myself after GOD that if I would enter into a relationship, that would be for good, certain and lifetime and not an “MU”-Mis-Understanding” 🙂

  13. dati na akong napadaan sa M.U. na daanan na yan. at yun ang isa sa mga nakakabalw, nakakapagod, at nakakawindang na daan.. HAHA! buti na lang at na win ako.. buti na lang nakalagpas na ako dun.. ^_^

    we must guard our hearts.. si Lord kasi nagmamay-ari nito.. di pwedeng ibigay sa kung sinu-sino mang buhangin dyan..

    i love it! i love it! i love it!

  14. but sometimes kasi, that’s why girls fall into this “M.U.” stage is because her partner (the guy) doesn’t even want (or is afraid) to court her. That’s why tatanggapin na lang ng girl na M.U. sila as long as there’s that bond kasi she’s falling for him na eh.

  15. Wow. This is a good article. Although I’d say na M.U. has it’s place in God’s design in relationships and how it will end up as a committed relationship (marriage) in the future. What is dangerous is that the generation at the present becomes contented to just stay in such level which is not how relationships were created for. Nagiging dangerous ito kapag naging complacent ang youths to stay in just being M.U. just because walang commitments while reaping the fluffy good things of emotions. At dahil walang commitment, it’d just go to waste. It is dangerous dahil walang patutungauhan at it was not design by God that way. Instead designed ang reltionships para may makasama ka habang buhay na kabiyak mo.

  16. whoa! now i know the meaning of MU.. sus!! grabe.. if someone told me that he loves me he must have a commitment before he tell it to me.. it’s so true.. give your heart to God first then allow Him to control your emotions.. 🙂

  17. M.U is dangerous if the girl and boy didn’t take the courage to confront each other about what’s going on between the 2 of them. The sweet nothings, the caring hands the exchange of kind and loving gestures can mislead both in the situation. So dare to ask the person (whether a girl or boy would inintiate). Simply ask, ” What’s going on with us?” Then both must be honest and compromise if they want to take the next level or just remain friends.

    Other choices would follow once this is discussed smoothly.

    Godbless sa lahat ng nasa gantong situation.

  18. Hi Forgiven,

    Thanks for your comments. MU is dangerous in the sense that there is a big part of playing on someone’s heart. We are never in the business of hurting someone’s emotion. So i think MU is not in God’s plan of building relationship to us and how we opt to relate to others. He is not in the business of playing games but seriously committed in pursuing a covenant with us. It is His ultimate plan even before He created the world.

  19. You said it right Reysa.

    It is a very exhausting journey. Jesus says ‘Come to me who are weary and He will give you rest.’

    Run to Him with all of your energy and strength!

  20. hi i’m lyka and you are right about the MU THING because of it i lost the one i love and broke the trust of my parents. Its because ther’s this guy,which is one of my bffs and i’ve fallen secretly in love with him. Then next thing i knew he loved somebody else and worst is she’s also my friend. and i’ve decided to make them together even if it hurts. a year has passed and one of my friends told me that the guy loves me too. That really gave me a shock!!! Imagine: me and him?!? I thought it was happy ever after but i wasn’t. we were just MU because i told him if he really love me he would wait fo me but of course there’s always trouble and fate and other circumstances brought me to make a mistake that I’ve regret so much… Now all i have to do is forget him and get over him … so as for me MU is a dangerous high way. TLW pls help ….How can i get over him ?
    TNX so much for this..

  21. Hi Lyka! Thanks for sharing your experience. Yup MU is a dangerous thing coz nobody wants a broken heart and we all want to feel secure right? 🙂 How do you get over the guy? I would say, you have to choose to get over him for real. Most of the time its all in the mind. It will take time for sure. But don’t dwell on the thought that you’re gonna be together again. Focus on more important things. Keep in mind that though love life with the opposite sex is an important part of life, it is not the MOST important and it will never satisfy you. I hope you would find comfort in God as you try to forget about the guy.

    Love, Leslie ( TLW Staff)

  22. Thanks for the blogs 🙂 .. It inspired me a lot 🙂 .. Un .. !! What a nice topic :DD .. PROMISEE ** 🙂 .. Talking about M.U’s .. Akala ko before M.U. is a w0nderful thing .. Akala ko dati masaya, kac meron po akong friend, actually he’s a special friend of mine 🙂 .. Para nga po kaming M.U. But we’re not considering ourselves na M.U. talaga kami .. We both saying ” I Miss You” , ” I Love You “, because of the KILIG ooones 🙂 .. I enjoy it 🙂 .. akala ko dati its amazing .. But then .. Thank God for my Christianity 🙂 .. And for my community .. Cause it helps me a lot to wake up .. para magising sa katotohanan 🙂 .. Akala ko nga dati im super talagang inlooove <3 .. pero .. Nagkamali ak0 🙁 .. hindi pala ako inloove . Its just im infatuated with him 🙂 .. Hanggang sa dumating na ung point na, nag pray ako one night about this feeling .. ( actually , pinag pre-pray ko naman talaga un lage ) , but one night , i feel strange .. parang kakaiba talaga :-/ .. my tears fell down, na parang sinasabi ni Lord , “anak. magising ka sa katotohan ! Ang tagal2x mo nang naglilingkod sakin. anjan ka parin ??.. Grow up ” !! .. Parang ganun ung sinabi niya .. Tapos .. I woke up na .. Umiiyak parin .. 🙁 .. Aun nga po .. Hanggang andun na, I heard mass last sunday. ung gospel that time is Jn. 21:1-19 .. May stooory dun .. About Jesus and Peter .. It was about in verse 15 .. Na tinanong ni Jesus si Peter kung mahal ba ni Peter si Jesus ? . And then Peter replied na .. Love niya si Jesus .. Tapos un .. ung reflection po nung pare .. sabi niyaa ” Saying I Love You is an assurance ” well .. that is absolutely true 🙂 .. Na ang pagsabi ng I Love You .. Ay hindi basta2x .. Kailangan sure kaa na love mo talaga ung isang tao kung sasabihan mo siya ng I Love You .. And ready ka na tto enter in a rekatiooonship and commitment ** 🙂 And then .. Nahimasmasan ako .. I keep on thinking that .. hanggang sa gusto ko na nga talaga tanungin dun sa friend ko kung totoo ba ung mga I Love You’ss niyaa 🙂 .. And hen .. Sabi niyaa .. Love niya naman daw ako , kaya lang, hndi talagang love na mabibigay niya .. DUHHH 🙁 .. Wat an answer :-/ .. Nagmahal ka pa kung ndi mo naman pala mabibigay ??.. Hanggang un .. Na realize ko na po talagaa ung mga mistakes ko .. And I realize at napatunayan ko talaga sa sarili ko .. Na .. God is always there ~ cause he is our Emmanuel 🙂 .. Kailangan mo lang .. I-open ung heart natin sakanya .. If we haave a problem, kahit gano kabigat , say it with a prayer and he’ll show yoou the solutioon 🙂 .. Just be in his presence always 🙂 ..

    Thanks for posing this blog ** 🙂 ..
    And thanks fooor reading my post 🙂 ..
    I appreciate it a lot 🙂 .. God bless 🙂 <3 ..

  23. WoW Cheska!

    Thanking God for He allowed you to know all those truths. God is the One whom you really need at this time. Once you delight in Him, His desires become your desire as well. Encourage others with what you have learned and tell us what happen.


  24. So, what do I do now? Im in this kind of thing right now. Mahirap nga.
    What do I do to get out from this.?

  25. tnks for the blogs, it really helps a lot…… ac2ally until now, m so cnfused about wat i felt for this guy….. confused in the sense na, sometimes we go out after r work, den we share about GOD’s words, about our families and our future plans… there r tyms dt he make me feel special when wr 2gther, but since we hv common frens and we go out 2gether… prang iba na pag ksm nmin cla, prang super yngat na yngat xa na gawing mging sweet sakin lyk hs doing pgkasama ako…. yep, hs sweet and caring parin nmn in frnt of our frens pro iba eh…. there’s somthing wrong.. minsan dnya ko nakita for a couple of days, and he sed, “ang tagal mo nmng nawala” and i told him… i jst nid to do somthing. well, cguro na miss nya ko : hahaha! assuming…… dts my problem…… minsan nagtour xa and he asked me if wht i want na paslubng pgblik nya…. when he arrved, he gve me somthing and he told me na “i deserved to received tht pasalubong bcoz m kind to him”,,,,,,,,, somtyms nakikita koxa na nakattg sakin… pro dko un pnpnsin, para kzing inlove nako sanya….. iv sacrifices a lot…. when he needed me even if i hv commitment, i cancelled my appointment jst 2 be w/ him. i really hate myself in doing this… because i dnt hv assurance on wt m doing…. m not saying na klngn my kpalit pro, m falling 4 him…. and i dnt wnt to sacrifice r friendship… before i really really hate him because hs mayabang and everthing, pro m wrong…. u cnt jdge others through their physical appearnce… and m guilty 4 that…..
    —- just want ur advise if wats the best thing to do…. i really love him so much, but i cnt say that because ayw kong macra ang frndhip nmin. pls help me……

  26. slamat po dun sa blog.. very relieving.. ngayon po malinaw na sakin na MU doen,t end with love at hindi ito love. love is a vey different thing.
    na in love na po kais ako dati when i was in high school pero ngayon di ko po alam kung love na nga ba talga yun.. basta every thing was so right then things jsu got ver intimate with us before the end of our high school years. ngayon po college na po ako and God is just revealing to me what He wants for me at kung anuman po ang nagyari noon. i believe God will restore.. God restores..
    lesson learned na po ako.. tinatak ko na sa isip ko ang true love waits, and I will.. hopefully, i will wait patiently..

    i’m really thankful for your website sana marami pang makabasa nito na mga kabataan ngayon.. i’m a fan.. more powers to you.. 🙂

  27. Thank you for this article TLW.
    Upon reading the article, it made me realize that I have a wrong perception in the word “Mutual Understanding.” I thought that it would be the best way for me to have a certain connection with that person whom I love because my parents still don’t want to permit me to undergo a boy-girl relationship. They always say that there’s a right time for me to commit to someone but for now I should prioritize first my studies. And because I love and respect them I submit myself to what they expected of me.
    I never had a boyfriend since birth but I had an MU before that lasted for 8 months. I thought that as long as I don’t have a commitment it would be okay to show my love for someone in a relationship what I called “in the middle of things”- in the middle of friendship and (boy-girl) relationship but then our relationship didn’t workout.
    And right now (another guy), we don’t consider ourselves as MU but people always thought that we are or sometimes they thought that we are going steady.
    There were times that we’ve been confused on what’s going on between us because I always assume that we’re just being “close” friends. But for him he feels as if at times he has a girlfriend and other times not. So I clearly told him that I don’t want us to have that “relationship” because I don’t want to disobey my parents and I don’t also want to lose their trust in me. He respected my decision. And yes, he’s not my boyfriend and I’m not his girlfriend in words but in deeds? We are. 🙁
    I now feel that I’m disobeying my parents indirectly and it really made me feel guilty all the time. Disobeying my parents means disobeying God.
    As of now, I’m thinking of letting him go. (I have various reasons why that I couldn’t tell here). I love him but I love God and my parents as well. I decided to let him go for now because I do believe that this is what God wants me to do. Yes, it would be very painful for the both of us but I know God has plans for our own good.
    I am always praying that God will guide me and him as well.
    I’ve learned a really tough lesson the hard way but still I’m thankful.
    I hope you(TLW) could make me see things clearer in my situation right now.

  28. hey guys out there, just want to share this kind of faith….i’ve just got it from a friend in a social networking website…she says,

    “Whoever you are,
    while you’re out there looking for the way to find me,
    i’d look for ways to become the best person that i can be..
    i’d have faith..
    faith that someday,
    God will lead you to me..”

  29. The best po ‘to sa lahat ng mga blogs na nabasa ko dito. HEHEHE. Simple yet so true. God bless po sa inyo! Kuya Oda, bisita po ako jan! Hehehe. 🙂

  30. Thanks po! 🙂

    Yung churchmate ko po gusto nung ring.Hehe.Super nakaka-inspire po talaga ang TLW.I always recommend this site to my friends.Keep up the good work po! 🙂

  31. nakakatuwa yung admin ng TWL. =) I want to be spiritually mature like you.

    yung MU.. hayyyyyy.. yun na lang masasabi ko. hehehe. =) siguro… its just a matter of standards.. if u see yourself having a godly relationship, you wud NEVER tolerate that kind situation. =) girlsss.. like ester.. we are a queen in Gods court.. and we deserve a king.

  32. Hi Jenny,

    By God’s grace we can give you godly advices that people need. Its Christ who gives us what to say.
    Hope you share to others what God is teaching you in our site.


  33. of course, admin! i will share it to my friends. grabe! this site is soo helpful specially to those people who is having a hard time dealing with their “singleness”. (katulad ko. hehe!!) It’s hard for me to wait for my loving prince but i know that God is faithful. and in His time.. ibibigay nya rin sa akin yun.. hehe! and yeah TRUE LOVE WAITS!

  34. i can relate on this topic.. 🙁 at first i thought that MU is just the same with love.. i’m happy at first but as the days past i expercience so many difficulties finding an answer if he loves me.. lam mo po ung kala mo ok na lahat kahit walang exact commitment kasi ok nman kayo e.. pero i was wrong pala kasi ang hirap pala nun.. ang sakit.. kasi kahit anong oras pwede nyong iwan ang isa’t isa.. 🙁

  35. When i first visited this site,i really enjoy it.,specially all the content hindi nakakasawang basahin.Very informative.

    I’m one of those so-called NBSB(No Boyfriend Since Birth) society and im proud of it.
    I didn’t need to be worry about who’s going to be with me in my life forever.
    I just lift it up to HIM, i know GOD give me a perfect love.Im just patiently wait to someone in a perfect time.

    We never get a perfect love to other people that GOD can give to us.

    I get this site to my common friend and I never stop spreading this site to my friends.Keep it up TLW..GOD BLESS..

  36. question. if you’re confused over someone’s intentions and actions. more than the usual care and thoughtfulness, would it be ok if i, the girl here, would ask whats going on? we’re friends and its risky right?

  37. ..elow..
    ..yesterday..we attend NYM interfel. and our speaker s kua franco, we challenge nd bless in all he said.tnx kua franco,and in terms of luv, i believe dat true luv waits., maybe sumtimes as a youth we feel 2 fall inluv,’ sumtyms we focus on dat feelngs nd, we 4rgot GOD,..
    ..we wsh dat ds grl, boy, be w/ ur gf/bf., we cnt thnk dat GOD has a plan 4 us.,i thnk dat des is a ryt tym 4 dat luv..becoz when u luv each oder..w8 i it tym 2 cum,coz when u r meant 2.. be,, u meant 2 be and LORD guid in u.’ tnx.”,
    ..admin i w8 po sa cmment u po if i thnking s true..tnx 4 4 ds.. God bless po.’

  38. ..eow.
    ..last sunday we attend in NYM interfel. And kua franco was our speaker nka2bless., in d word truluvw8s, 4 me its true,kc qng meant 2 be kau,.at will ni God kht anung mngyri kau tlga.’, only we need is PATIENT and wait 4 d ryt tym.’.
    ..tnx kua TLW..and kua franco 4 ds..blog.. God bless ü..

  39. ..last sunday we attend in NYM interfel.and kua franco is our speaker..naka2bless. Tnx 4 ds blog..truluvw8s 4 me is true.,coz qng meant 2 be tlga kau,’kau tlga in future.,ol we nid s PATIENT and w8 4 d ryt tym,, tnx TLW..and kua franco GOD BLESS ü..

  40. Heyah, I think there’s nothing wrong is you’ll ask gently your friend. Just to get to know what he feels and why he acts like that.


  41. this site really helped me a lot. it is really encouraging to see more and more Christian youths who were patiently waiting for their future partner that is planned by God to them.. keep it going! i love you guys! i am now experiencing a long and painful process right now.. i am missing someone so special to me. and i cant get her out of my mind. i am really missing her texts, her voice, and her, the whole her.. but this site really helped me a lot to let her go. and wholeheartedly give her to God.

  42. Hi Vahn,

    Waiting is cool thing though at the same time pain is necessary for us to see the value of it. In its right time, God allows us to experience what he intended for us.


  43. thanks 4 publishing the MU thing.before kc, I thought na ok lng un..my ka mu kuno aq sa church nmin tapos ang sakit kc i ge jealous everytime my kasama xa iba tapus hindi nya aq pinapansin..he indirectky confessed to me that he got a crush on me.. But after that confession tru text hindi nya na a q pinpansin..kya hayun parang ncra ung frienshi namin kc binibigyan nmin ng meaning every move we would do..basta, I get confused kc we were both graduating sa colej, we are in the same ministry..ewan q if he is the one for me..anu ba gagawin q?ok lng ba na mgpakita kmi ng feelings isat isa?

  44. when should love be prioritized??..at this age of 20 someone told me that i should not prioritize it. i have this sum1 i know i really love…but i dont know if he feels the same…but he is kind sweet and thoughtful to me…telling me im beautiful whenever i dont feel i am,grabbing my hand whenever i would not take notice of him,and all other kind of stuff. he is 21. and we live in this kind of teaching of sum1. love is patientlove is kind. it does not envy. it does not boast.it does not keep records of wrong……. My love is filled with that kind of characteristics…. im just confuse of what that person said is true and really base on God’s stadard.

    please help me to answer this quetion…

  45. may idagdag pa pala ako…he is more sweet pag kami lang dalawa…. at pagmay kasama akong lalaki tapos hinawakanmko lang sa braso tinitingnan niya nag mga kamay ko with thise nearly conneted eyebrows…hahai….
    please do help me po to answer this question….

  46. Hi Catherine!

    Identify what is the most important thing you need to do in your stage of life. Often times we failed to focus and give our best coz we tend to drift from paying attention to what is less important. There is a right time for everything! Seeking God is the greatest way to guard your heart. Follow GOD and see if it leads to JOY!


  47. it would have been better if we use Bible verses to site an issue…It is more concrete compared to personal, psychological, social definitions of issues…

  48. …i had a crush also… we both exchange sweet messages..and I like his companion..I consider our staus as “MU” but suddenly… he just stop txting me… in our school, if our path crosses, he wouldnt even bother to smile and say hello, not like before…I dont know why,it hurts to assume and expect for nothing… i hope I could patiently wait for the right time that I could love again.. im still waiting for my rightful guy until now…

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