My Oath to You


by Gina Idea

If her reason for not being here

Is because she’s out pursuing You

Strengthening her faith

Discovering Your will

Loving You passionately

My heart will be still

And I can sleep better in the evening.

When I think of her

I’ll think of You

When I go crazy over her

I’ll go crazy over You

And I’ll love her

Because You love me

And You love us both.

It would be selfish

To ask her from You

Right now when I need her

When I want her

Because that is not love

You said love is not self-seeking.

I’ll be patient

Because You are patient.

If she’s out

Prioritizing other things

I will not envy

Because You do not.

I will not boast

About my achievements

So I can make her like me

Because You told me not too.

I will forgive and forgive and forgive

Even though she is unpredictable

Even though I don’t understand her

Even though she makes the same mistakes

Over and over

I will not keep them.

I don’t want to be easily angered anymore

I will be kind

Because You are kind.

I will do all these

Because of LOVE

So even if she’s not yet mine

I will keep pressing on

I will never stop pursuing.

I will rejoice in You

For in You

The Truth exists

And the Truth is alive

If temptation comes again

I will not fall anymore

Because of Your grace

Because of Your Spirit

Because that is not Your will.

Whatever happens

I will love.

And though this is not the proper time

I just wanna repeat this desire:

I wanna be with her.

I wanna be with her

And I don’t want any other girl


Sustain my patience.

Thank You

For this joyful anticipation.

I will wait

This is my oath to You.

34 thoughts on “My Oath to You”

  1. i like this so much. because i am also struggling the same way as written here. i mean the very same. i am from india and she is from philippines and we love each other so much but we believe each other through God only. He is making our path and is making our love strong.. we quarrell sometime but forgive each other the next day always 😉

  2. Hi Billy,

    Great to hear from you all the way from India.
    Your story is familiar 🙂

    My question is are you sure you are ready to commit your life with her?
    Is there a desire in you to be in a journey with her in knowing and loving Christ is?

    May these questions stir up something in your heart and mind as you continually seek God’s will for you and her life.


  3. Leslie Vergara

    Good job Gina! 🙂 Agree! 🙂 Love is waiting patiently till both of you are ready for what’s ahead.

  4. Wow! nice article! I also feel what it is said in there. I will wait for her. I know that this is the time for us to know God more and to have an intimate relationship with him. there will be a right for love for all of us. =)

  5. Nadialyn Saraza

    Aw!! sometimes I’m being impatient to know and meet him but I’ll still be patient knowing that God is preparing someone for me.I will wait ’til I’m ready for a commitment.True Love Waits so I wait on God.. Singleness is a gift so I will enjoy it first. hehehe To please God and worship God be my top priority cause this is what God wants.. 😀 Oh God please be my guide.. 😀

  6. Thank you all! Indeed, God has made everything beautiful in its time (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

  7. Well done Ate Gina! May you be single or in a relationship, we must remember that God is our first love.

  8. this is soo nice. =) hehe. nakakainspire tuloy.. nahihirapan ako mghintay pero…. ganun talaga eh.. true love waits! patience lang talaga. =)

  9. this is so sweet.. i hope someone is praying this prayer for me:) I want to fall in love with the right person, love that is coming from our lord Jesus:)

  10. ..Grabe it is really2x true..
    i myself, is really excited to the one whom I am waiting for.. In His time,..Hope
    He can wait for me also..Its not easy to wait,..but I am enjoying God’s love, favor and power…While I’m waiting..

  11. I’m waiting for my man from America. He’s an American and I’m a Filipino. Waiting patiently for him 🙂

  12. i like this so much. waiting is really tiring and i’m struggling the same way but this blog reminds me of being patient while waiting. my friend and i have decided to enjoy friendship and communication though overseas. i’m here in the Phil and he’s from the other country. we’ve met each other last 2008 until i finished my contract there and now i’m staying here. we’ve decided to pray if it’s GOD’s will to both of us to proceed to a more intimate relationship and until now we are waiting for the right time and for the will of GOD.
    may you all continue to share how GOD inspires you to wait for love..for true love.
    GOD Bless you 🙂

  13. this is so sweet! for me it tells us to put God above everything else. I really like this. It deserves to be read by anyone.

  14. amen to this!

    WHILE I’m WAITING by John Waller is encouraging as well..

    …I will serve You (Lord) while I’m waiting,
    …I will worship, while I’m waiting…

  15. Ang tagal ko na pong vinivisit tong site na ‘to at ito po lagi yung tinitingnan ko.Hehe.Nakakakilig po kasi and I’ve been hoping na sana may isang Christian na ganito yung prayer niya para sa’ken.Hihi 🙂

    Actually napadaan po ako sa page na to kasi alam ko po na gagamitin kayo ni Lord.Hehe

    I’m infatuated po kasi sa churchmate ko.Nag-start po to nung mga vacation.Di ko po alam kung pano nangyari yun,biglaan na lang po.Siguro po lagi kami nagkakasama last vacation sa mga activities po namin sa church.Then I saw something in him,I didn’t notice po na nagkakagusto na po pala ako sa kanya.

    Siya naman po,lagi niya kong binibiro.Yung mga ‘nakakakilig’ na joke like true love waits po,na tinatanong po niya ko kung kailan daw po ako pwede sa courtship.Tapos yung isang churchmate ko naman po tinutukso ako sa kanya.Alam ko po na MASAMA MAG-ASSUME kasi po in the end madi-disappoint din naman ako tsaka selfish po yung ganun.

    Pero I can’t help it po kasi yung mga ginagawa niya tsaka sinasabi niya iba sa dati niyang mga sinasabi tsaka ginagawa.I’m guarding my heart po kasi it seems na elevated na po si LORD.Siya na po yung lagi kong naiisip,tapos I’m having daydreams po na baka siya po yung will ni LORD.I already told my parents about sa infatuation ko and I asked them if they’re not upset,hindi daw po.

    Okay lang po ba if I will try to just ‘pray’ for him and wait on God?Kung di po will ni LORD,okay lang din po.Pero siya po talaga gusto ko.Hehe.Ayoko po malaman niya na ganun kasi po parehas po kaming madidistract.Tsaka pano ko po maiiwasan yung mga paggawa ko ng assumptions?

    Prayer request ko po sa inyo,sana po ma-guard ko yung heart ko hanggang sa huli,while finding God’s will for me. 🙂

    God bless True Love Waits Philippines!

  16. wow,,, nkakainspire po,,,

    i wish i have waited po,,
    kasi now i admit i fall for the wrong one,,.
    but kahit ganun,, will God still send His one created for me??

  17. True love waits in his time..
    thank you lord for the great experience you had given
    i still wait till it comes,only in your time..
    god first before others…

  18. Hi Kingking!

    Nakakatuwa naman because you are really trying your best to guard your heart. 🙂 I might post a blog about guarding our hearts. For the mean time, i want to encourage you that whoever is the Lord’s plan for you, that man will be so blessed to have you as his lifetime partner in the future. Its because I think, what makes a woman more attractive is her love for the Lord. There are only a few set apart women who put God first in their life and I think you are one of them. Keep it up girl! Keep visiting us at the office. It’s always a delight to see you and sarah 🙂 *HUG*

  19. Wow!Nakakatouch naman po Ate Leslie.Mas lalo po akong naiinspire to wait on God.Praise God for people like you. 🙂

    Ate yung blog mo sa Love Is Waiting,hinihintay namin.Hihi 🙂

    Truly that our LORD is amazing kasi po may TRUE LOVE WAITS PHILIPPINES.Pino-promote ko tong site na to sa mga classmates ko.I hope po binabasa nila yung mga blogs.Youths are longing for an everlasting affection which only God can provide but we’re so earthly,impulsive and hedonists that we fail to recognize that God’s always there to fill those longings.

    Ang dami ko po natutunan dito!Hehe

    God bless you all real good! 🙂

  20. weEeEeh cheesy ? hehe
    nice composition i just hope that men are like this, know hot to pray for the right girl so as the girl also;) don’t make things in your hands,you might falling in to wrong side of love.
    thanks for never-ending inspiring us TLW!
    God truly set you as his instruments to guard God’s people’s hearts 🙂
    ??? wish to read more inspiring and encouraging composition on waiting 😉

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