Not Just a Blanket Love

Have you ever asked yourself, Does anyone see me? Will anyone ever call me gorgeous? Maybe you’ve bought into the lie that you’ll never be pretty enough, tall enough, smart enough, unique enough or important enough.

You look at everyone around you and think. There’s no way i can compete.My sister is smarter. My bestfriend is prettier. My team mates are better players. But here’s some great news:

The God who place the stars across heaven… whose very breath gives life… that God, the King has always been taken with you. He thinks you’re gorgeous. In fact, He is absolutely wild about you! When God looks at you, He sees all the beauty He created. He sees every potential. Every gift. He loves the curly hair that you wish were straight. He loves your smile and the shape of your nose. He’s crazy about the big feet and wobbly knees and every curve that you wish would go away. He loves the inside and outside of you.

fearfully & wonderfully created

After all, you were His idea!


You are physically and emotionally BEAUTIFUL to Him.

Listen, O daughter,consider and give ear: Forget your people and your father’s house. The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your Lord.

You might be saying to yourself, Yeah, He loves me. But He just loves me like He’s loved every other created person in the history of the universe. I’m just one among zillions! If you think that, then hear this:


It’s more than a pat on the head for being a good girl or a zap with a lightning bolt when you mess up. His love sees into your soul and can hold you with power and strength greater than you could ever imagine. You are His, and He is yours. You belong to Him!

How do you feel knowing that God loves you with this kind of intensity? Remember, God loves you with an intense, knock-you-off-your-feet kind of love that’s unique and just for you. You’re not just one among zillions. That’s just how big and great God’s love is.

And He is wild about you!

7 thoughts on “Not Just a Blanket Love”

  1. hey this is really true! you are really gorgeous in your own way and especially… GOD is the one who made you and you are the only one who makes yourself ugly whenever you think you are! ok… that’s all. GOD Bless You All!!!

  2. God is more than enough to make us feel complete…we don’t need a partner to make us whole. God will send us one in the right time.

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