One True Love

I liked many things Bo writes about in his book. However, one thing I would like to refute is that I am the worlds formost expert on Love, which he claims to be, kc sabi niya "He has made more mistakes than anyone on this subject of love".

Sorry Bo, I have made more mistakes, so that makes me the leading authority.

Truth is we all make mistakes. But we can make right decisions too.

I heard someone say "We will not wake up one day and accidentally have slipped into a perfect lifestyle."

It must be intentional. A great spiritual life or a great love life.

It is something we must pursue. I recently shared with some students that the 2nd most important decision a person could ever make is choosing a spouse.

If this is true, shouldn't we be putting more emphasis in making that decision?

Do we randomly choose relationships sometimes based on feelings that come and go?

Wouldn't a relationship based on character and a lengthy friendship be a better decision?

So if that is #2, then what is the number one decision a person can ever make?…

– Derek


3 thoughts on “One True Love”

  1. Hi, kuya D!

    I think the #1 decision one can ever make in his/her lifetime is to accept that there is only ONE way to a life lived in joy, happiness and contentment. And that is thru BELIEVING that we have a loving, merciful God who sent His only son Jesus Christ as correction fluid for our mistakes. Once someone ACCEPTS this, everything else follows, including a change in lifestyle, no matter how slow that change may be. Everyone is a work in progress. And it is only true love that makes God’s people understand — and care for — one another.

    Anyone of us can claim to be an authority on love, judging ourselves by the wrong decisions we’ve made — and learned from, and eventually wanting to share them so that others won’t make the same mistakes. But the ultimate authority on love? The One who has never made mistakes, whose way is perfect and blameless, whose timing is always right. His name has three letters which, for me, stands for being the Greatest, Outstanding, Decision-maker. Need I say more? ;’)


  2. Hi! Good morning. This is the first time I saw your website, actually, nakita ko lang ung blog post ng isa ko friend in about true loves wait. I’ve been reading your blogs for almost an hour now, and i find it very interesting.

    I read this Bo Sanchez’s book of How to find One True Love many times, and its good talaga… very inspiring. eto ring site nyo maganda… i like it.

    More powers to your team! God bless all of us.

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