Pacquiao – Deal or No Deal…

Manny PacquiaoIn the book by Elizabeth Elliot Passion and Purity she says “I did not want to be among the marked down goods on the bargain table.”

CHEAP kc they have been picked over. She wanted to be the best she could be.

In Ed Lapiz’s book Kulang! Nobody’s Perfect He writes that when we get married we get both the good and not so good. “Iyung good character lang nya ang kukuhanin ko, yung bad ayoko.” No, parang isang basket yan, pakyaw…all or nothing.

As we are preparing for that future someone, let’s be patient kc we should be the best we can be. Also, we must be careful and prayerful as we choose. No Return No Exchange when you get married.

Tell me what you think?

3 thoughts on “Pacquiao – Deal or No Deal…”

  1. NO RETURN, NO EXCHANGE talaga. Kaya siguro maraming singles nowadays ang nagde-decide not to get married because they are afraid of ending up with the “wrong” one. I, for one, have decided to just truly enjoy this season of singleness kase ayoko na na magkaroon ulit ng failed relationship. Gusto ko sana, God-willing, the next guy I’ll fall in love with (remember: we can choose to fall or not) will be the one I’m going to spend the rest of my earthly life with. I’ve decided to just trust God’s timing to make our roads meet — if and when “nakasulat” sa book ko na I’m going to get married someday. So I just make myself busy with things that would help me grow as a person and someone worthy of that ideal guy na “hinihingi” ko kay God.

    Nakakalungkot yung reality for some who, because they don’t want to get married, just decide to “live in together” and test the waters first so that when it doesn’t work out, they are free to go.

    I’m not trying to spite anyone but I guess a question that also needs to be addressed in the area of purity is… What marriage setting does God approve of? If a couple bears children and remain faithful to each other but are not married and are just “living in,” are they committing a sin?


  2. Thanks Anne. Glad you are focusing on the right things. I like the thing you said about Falling… I heard someone say once “if you fall in love,….it makes it sound as if you tripped and fell into a hole on the side of the road”

    We need to be more intentional than that when we (not fall, but) truly love someone.

  3. God has given us the chance to choose about this matter, kaya naman kailangan natin ang wisdom na galing Kay Lord. Napaka important ng matter na ito, that’ why we should take this seriously and shouldn’t be driven only by our emotions.

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