Plan A

Someone just invented a pill that may prevent pregnancy if taken on the morning after having unprotected sex. Sabi nila…

The pill is called plan b. You can buy a lot of things but you cant by a pill to protect your heart or your emotions.

Are you searching for the greatest love of your life?

Is it your dream to say “I do!” on your wedding day or “what have I done?”…

Nilikha ka ng Diyos ! Tama ba? He says… I’ve got a big plan for your life, its all good, wait on me, and I will give you a hope & a future!

Plan A is waiting for the one true love of your life… created by God the one who wrote your life and gave you life. We can’t get anything better than that!


1 thought on “Plan A”

  1. Yup Yup Yup! God is the Author of our life as well as our love life too. I choose to say “I do” one day and I will wait upon the Lord as He let me unwrapped His gifts for me. 🙂

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