Radiant Girls

Radiant Girls—that’s what we call our TLW girl volunteers. It’s from a song called She’s In Love by According to John. The song tells of how a guy was captured by a radiant girl’s beautiful smile, only to find out that she’s so in love with Someone he can never compete with.

What a beautiful smile
A radiant girl
Fell in love first time I saw her
She stays on my mind
I’d give anything
To know everything about her

There’s a light in her eyes
And I know it’s all for him
She carries on and on
Like he was her best friend

She’s in love
It’s not hard to see
But I would like to believe it was with me
Someone got ahold of her heart
And he won’t let go
And I know
She’s in love

She looks to the sky
And she talks about him
She believes he hung the moon
Said he had to go away
Said he had to go away
And she waits for his return
Says he’s coming for her soon

How can this be fair?
This guy can walk on water
Don’t guess I’ve got a prayer
He’s written love letters – to reach her

She worships the ground he walks on
She just smiles when she says his name
It’s a match made in heaven
I can’t compete with the King of Kings


People often mistake True Love Waits as a place where single people form a club of people waiting for the mythical “The One.” Well, we’re not really a club. It’s much larger than any fun club. It’s our desire for girls to fall in love so much with the King of kings that all other things in life will pale in comparison. These girls find joy and beauty in giving their lives for other people. More than the latest fashion fad our culture will parade in magazines and billboards, we want girls to be clothed in humility and dignity that they radiate so much of Jesus Christ’s love. This is the kind of life that we wish every girl would strive to live.

Join us once a month on a Thursday and be encouraged to be with other Radiant Girls! Check our website calendar for the schedule, like our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter for updates. We’d be glad to see you around!