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Talking to Your Pre-Teen or Teen About Waiting

Do you know that 53% of high school students have not had sexual intercourse? Do you know that, according to one survey, two-thirds of teens who have had sexual intercourse wish they had waited? Do you know that when parents tell their teenager they want them to wait, their son or daughter is more likely to wait?

Waiting until marriage to have sex is a very healthy decision for teens. You can help your pre-teen or teen decide to wait.You don’t have to know everything about teens and sex. What you really need to know is how to talk to your child, pre-teen or teen about what you believe. You should talk early and often.

It’s never too early to start the conversation. And it’s never too late.

  • When your child is young, talk about love and relationships. Talk about respecting other people and respecting yourself.
  • When your son or daughter becomes a pre-teen, you should begin to talk about your values on dating, boyfriend and girlfriend relationships, and waiting to have sex.
  • Once your son or daughter is a teenager, the conversation continues. And you should keep talking as he or she gets older about sex, relationships, and making healthy choices. You should also talk about the importance of avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Always let your child, pre-teen, or teen know you love him or her. Always let them know you are available to talk and to LISTEN