Path of Purity

Path of Purity: A Family Guide to Indelible Parenting

If someone asked you about your deepest desire for your child, what woud yousay? Where would a lifestyle dedicated to God and marked by personal purity fall on that list?

Most parents want their children to live in purity. They want them to avoid the pain and¬†consequences that accompany poor decisions. They just don’t know how to make it happen. Parents have plenty of questions, but do not have very many answers.

At True Love Waits, we have the answers and we want to help.

Path of Purity: Family Guide to Indelible Parenting is a ministry within True Love Waits that can help parents take the first steps toward instilling a healthy respect for purity in the lives of their children. Using some basic markers that are common to family experiences. This help will provide practical ideas for reinforcing the message of True Love Waits through out a child’s entire life span. It also identifies several detours that can sidetrack a journey toward a pure life.

Walking the Path of Purity won’t be easy for your son or daughter, but it is the path you and God desire for him or her. Your guidance or encouragement as a parent are vital to the journey.

Your child is counting on you. Start Now.