Real Love Revolution



Real Love Revolution

Although still from when cupid usually strikes our fancy red hearts, some one thousand youth will fill Manila‘s urban air with their heartfelt call for real love.

In conjunction with Love, Laughter and Life Ever After, the Second International Congress on Love, Sex, and Life, scheduled for 19 to 22 November, at the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, a grand youth event celebrating real love hits the capital city:


Le Pavilion, Metropolitan Park, Roxas Boulevard, Manila

Wednesday, 22 November 2007, 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

(gates open at 2:00 p.m. )

Fee: Php200.00 per head

Note: A free ticket will be given to a teacher for every fifteen (15) students sent.

It is in this event that the five-year I Keep Love Real Campaign will be unveiled. The goal is to involve the youth in the revolution towards real love amidst modern nuances in leading a grounded, chaste lifestyle.

Real Love Revolution is a variety show of song and dance performances by advocate-celebrities and youth guests who use their passion for music and the arts in conveying the truth about love.

Another major component of the event is the awarding of the winners of the nationwide I Keep Love Real Song-Writing and Documentary Film-Making Competitions. For the song-writing segment, the six finalists for different categories (high school, college, and non-student) will render their pieces live for the first time.

The entertainment-based program goes beyond usual conferences as issues on love, relationships, and sexuality will be raised in casual conversations among distinguished local and international youth panelists. The café styled talk show segment is designed to be interactive such that the youth audience is encouraged to converse with the panelists.

This event is organized by Educhild, Developmental Advocacy for Women Volunteerism, I am S.T.R.O.N.G., the Department of Education, Globe, and GMA 7. Other sponsors are Radyo GMA, Radio Mindanao Network, National Bookstore, San Miguel Corporation,, Close-Up, Nestle, and Universal Robina Corporation.

For further inquiries, kindly contact the National Secretariat at (02) 6356114 & (02) 910-1328 or visit our website at

14 thoughts on “Real Love Revolution”

  1. I am happy that many companies helped in making the event possible and enjoyable. I just hope that CLOSE-UP will have second thoughts about the yearly “LOOVAPALOOZA”.

  2. your love revolution concert is a success…
    tnx…iv’e learn so much from you guys…
    kip up da gud work…=P

  3. i am one of the participants of this events!!! ,, salamat sa lahat ng nag isponsor sa kanila laking tulong ng event na to! para sa mga kabataang tulad namin,, salamat din kay Alyana isa sa mga panelist na naggaling sa school namin! thanks! bye! KEEP LOVE REAL GUYS!

  4. will there be another real love revolution???i wasn’t able to participate kc e..neon ku lhan kc toh nalaman e..aun..[uhhhh]

  5. hello…
    i’m glad coz i attended the real love revolution… was very good for us..thank you..:)

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