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Waiting seems a common cliché to me… Yea, you heard me right, It’s more like a lifestyle…I mean 8 years of non-dating…That’s a little tough and would be totally boring for others…But knock your head off…I would say, it was such a fun time  and were the best years ever…Why is that so? Because I chose to walk my journey with God, which I believe should come first and on the other note, I am also saving my kisses for my future husband so dating someone who is NOT my husband would be an ultimate NO for me. I made some mistake in the past and I’ve given away my kisses to someone else so when I learned about purity and how I can regain it back, I made this covenant to God, that me and my husband’s first kiss would be infront of the altar,before God and infront of everyone we both love.. 

Single life was never easy though.. I’ve my fair share of teasing stuff and faq’s such as, when are you going to settle down? Why you don’t have a boyfriend yet? and much more…People would say, you gotta find yourself a husband…and I’m like hello!!! “YOU ARE WEIRD YOU ARE NOT SINGLE!!!” because being SINGLE is such a blessing, that’s the best time to serve God, serve others, do more sumpthin much larger than life, enjoy healthy friendship, explore the world and expand your horizon…and that’s a wowww!!! So to those of you who are Single out there, just take time to seek God and enjoy life…there’s a season for everything!:D 

“But whatever things were gain to me, those things I have counted as loss for the sake of Christ. More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but rubbish so that I may gain Christ.”

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  1. Im blessed with your idea or principle in life…really that if we have God..I really love to visit this website just to read and learn from the comments…God bless

  2. an inspiring testimonial sis

    ur right, being single is the most wonderful life or years to live, for we can expand ourselves, by serving God, our family, relatives, friends and even strangers

    enjoying being single with the Lord, is one way of expressing my gratitude to God, for all He has done to me

    living a life, with a purpose…

    be a blessing to others and to the world

  3. i was inspired by your sweet words ?

    i love you ate..

    you made me realize how good it felt.. spending my time with God.

    than a partner. .

    i know, right time will come..

    maghihintay ako..

    coz’ true love waits :]

  4. keep on “surfing” for God, ree.. i know He’s taken some nice pictures of you “at work” for Him and He framed them up there in Heaven for all the angels to see..

    hope to see you and work with you again soon..

  5. hello ate ree (: thank you for sharing bout TRUE LOVE. dat means a lot! 🙂 im a student from mva. remember in our retreat?ehehe. well thanks though. thanks sa bonding. GODBLESS.

  6. steffany: i missshhooo guys at mva…wish we could visit you one of these days…:D astig kayo!!! hey, visit me at gencon-sundays@6pm-tikling..ask teacher rey for details:D study well:D God be your guide…:D

  7. ancore….:D
    thats an encouragement!:D same goes out to you sistah…:D i hope you get to follow up the girls at your dorm…:D see you soon:D Godbless:D take care sis…love yah!:D

  8. I totally agree with you…=) Being single doesn’t mean you are less of a person, or less loved. Quite the opposite. In a deeper sense, we singles are not totally at loss, because God loves us unconditionally and that is the best love there is..=)

  9. .. hey there..
    ..pareho pala tayo.. ako naman 3 years na akong walang boyfriend pero ok naman.. happy naman ako and hindi naghahanap..
    pero di ba it’s somehow incomplete pa rin??
    anyways,nakakatuwa ka..
    pero bakit kaya yung iba pag single naatubili maghanap..yung kahit sino na lang..
    hai..well im happy beng single..
    tnx sa infO!!

  10. hi quelly!:D
    thanks for droppin by…:D

    Single life is a blessing!:D just continue to explore life and enjoy God’s pleasure..:D have a great life…:D


  11. ate.. I mean Sis? I’m kinda feeling and going through the SAME position u r now. Kida admit I even feel guilt of myself feeling inadequate and feeling inconvenient of other people. Like being easily intimidated.. coz I came from a place where I had everything. Looking up to God for you seems so Perfect; peace and quiet they say nga nman. but for us looking on towards life feels so alone like a breeze. so just don’t feel alone ok. u got me to lean on.

  12. ya it’s true that we don’t have to be in rush..
    we just need to wait for God’s timing.. just what he said in his words that he is faithful and that he will give our heart’s desire if we only trust him and follow him.

  13. hi ate ree!!!
    I finally made a choice!!!harharhar..
    ummm..i have to admit akala ko nun love is equivalent to relationship sa opposite sex..umm nako!! mali pla ako
    LoVe is and will always be equivalent to GOd!!
    ummm when we talk about our first love..diba lageng guy or girls lage naten iniisip…w/o thinking na c GOd dapat naten unang mahalin for us to recognize the real identity inside..We cannot give what we do not have..kya we should love God and trust Him..everything will follow..heehehe

    Ummm regarding dun sa talk naten dito sa school..grabe!!!
    NAUNTOG TALGA AKO!!!! nagsing n din sa wakas!! we r looking forward to continue the “true love spirit”!!! we r making plans n para ishare n ung other words…ehemmm we r planning to form our group dito!!!hehehe

  14. Tel: Thanks alot! May God fill your heart with so much joy as you wait for your futuremate…continue to seek God and do His will…:D thanks for being there for me…appreciate you alot…Godbless:D

  15. Hi jen…

    I’m in an agreement witya!!!:D thanks for the words of encouragement!:D may the Lord bless you more…:D

  16. Ola joy!!!:D

    Ive missed you na! thanks for dropping by..I’m huppie that you made the decision you believed that is right…that’s a hard one…just remember that God is the greatest lover of all time…in whatever situation you are in to, God is always there for you…and I believe that YOU are a great person…keep in touch…*luvluv* study well:D


  17. when we say “wait” that can be forever aight!? theres no assurance of having it? hmm..i think we’ll just have to “keep up the faith”.

  18. hei ate ree…im one of the bcs student…hehe..are you a photographer???wow..its ,my hobby,photography,…i joined too in some photo journalism..hahaha..know that???hihih…just wanna say thanks for the amazing stories you said to us…we have learned soooo much!! :]

  19. blessed this day that you go to our school and gives some ideas and lesson..i learn alot…may God bless you and continue to preach the word of a Student from Bataan Christian School..^_^

  20. hi ate ree….
    i just read your testimony here sa site ng TLW. Im on your side being single is such a blessing. Its just so sad that others find it so boring. Well, actually some of my classmates and other friends are asking me ” bakit wala pa ako boyfriend ” my consistent answer is i dont need it now, its not yet on my priority ^_^. funny nga eh!! another good effect of being single pag “warla” cla ng bf nila xaken cla nanghihingi ng advice.

    Your commitment serves as a blessing to others..
    keep it up ate!! :p

  21. TLW palawan.

    I had learned different things from this event. From the title of the event itself, I learned different things about love. From the speakers, I learned and discovered: how it is worthy to wait for the man whom God wanted to live with me for that person deserves to have my whole heart; how it is important to guard you emotions, body and soul; the significance of purity which is according to Amy, one of the speakers, not because you are a virgin means you are pure, to turn it around – it doesn’t mean that you are not a virgin you are not pure. All my life before this event I guarded my purity through staying a virgin until my wedding yet I discovered that it is not enough, I also have to consider the purity of my heart and soul; God also revealed me that it doesn’t mean I had gone into a relationship, that will make me not pure at all and not deserving enough for the man he destined for me, its just I made a mistake to learn from and he will cleans me for the perfect man that he’ll give me and can make that man be called as my “first” because that man will be the right guy and the first legal boyfriend (specifically) I would ever have. I also heard God’s command that I should wait from this time on and stay pure for the man he planned whom I will plead my eternal commitment.
    I also learned the boundary towards God and sin. It is much better to run towards God than to watch limitations to the boundary of sin for that will make my whole life risk. My mind had also been open for the perspective: seeing the light is different from being on the light.

    It is more exiting to wait than to always break your heart into pieces and keep on trying different guy as your boyfriend just to find the one who is destined for you.


  22. Wow. Im glad to hear from you. Nice reflections u have here. Stay focus and run towards God’s Purity.

    Share the message Charmaine!


  23. ei ate…, im so very blessed with you, when i hear from you about the true meaning of God, love cometh from ur great God…, i believe when you put everything wity God, even our emotional feelings, God can control it, He just give something special, more than that you could expect and desire…, God Blesssssss., aty in God’s care

  24. im the one of listener 702 dzas…,BIG WOWWWWWW, run towardsGOD, our loving Father.

  25. im so blessed by your testimony. Cheers to single lfe and waiting on God. Glory be to God 🙂

  26. sinag youth(tondo)

    hi po ate ree ang ganda mo po may tatanong lang po kami may bf kana po ba?

  27. Hi there Sinag Youth,

    Let me ask you this question, is it important for you to know whether the girl is a virgin or not?

    Hope yo hear from you.

  28. hai ate? are you one of the tlw who are comming in cebu this july 11? hehe…. i really want to know those people who are commited to Christ… God bless….

  29. aloha everyone!!! 😀

    Thanks for droppin by… just reading your thoughts, I was truly blessed by it… Remember this, NO MATTER WHAT, JESUS LOVES YOU 100%…Purity is a lifestyle 😀 Be unashamed!!! 😀

  30. I was really blessed by your testimony ate. It really encourages me to wait and wait until GOD tells me, “This is the man I have prepared for you.” It’s really hard specially when people teases me for my stand but I will hold on unto the LORD and stand firm for what is right.

    I’ll pray for you ate ree and for your ministry guys in TLW. Hope I could join and participate in your work.
    GOD Bless you! (:

  31. hi p0h!
    juzt want to tell all the speakers yesterday….
    that i really enjoy the seminar…
    I learn a lot of things ,….
    Plz. continue helping other pe0ple especially teenagers like me..
    TNX poh,,… godbless….

    P.S. “i really like the vide0 MAHAL KITA KASI”

    tnx dn puh sa cd…

  32. Hi Rhea,

    Are you from Holy Eucharist Parish?
    Hey, we are not recommending the video. We are telling you now how shallow o mababaw ang pagtingin sa LOVE. It is more than bangin, exam or pustiso but a love that we can all receive from God.


  33. Jevon E. Lumagui

    I strongly believe at the right time and the right person for every one of us. And waiting is the best solution in our desires and discontentment. God will never leave us and find the best for us! GodBless TLW!!!

  34. hi poh ate ree im from cebu poh . one of the representative . sa purity conference poh . .yung sa DEP-ED. . .last SEPTEMBER 26,2009 . .magtatanong lang po sana aku kung .. san po bah mkta ulit yung mga pics natin last seminar . .i wanna view it po kC . .thanks poh . at god bless. . moRe power. . loVes u!. .

  35. Christine D. Rosende

    wow sa wakas nahanap ko na rin ang website na ito! Thanks God!. Ate Ree thank you so much 4 ur inspiring words. Now I know kung bakit SINGLE ako kasi God wants me to do more to please Him and to enjoy life being with Him. Nahanap na din kita, hehe i’m from Cebu.,Nakasali ako noon sa TLw seminar ninyo sa Vizayan Nazarene Bible College. Sana balik kayo dito! I’m looking forward na magkita tayo ulit,.

    Thank you so much and God bless u more!.

  36. Hi Ree!!
    Your testimony is so true!! I’ve made the commitment to save my first kiss for my husband too! And a lot of time it is hard seeing my friends with their boyfriends and stuff but still God reminds me that he blesses us with times of singleness for His service!!
    P.S. we have a mutual friend, Bro. Paul Sudolcan ( I go to Rainbow Hills)

  37. hello sis Ree, I’m sis belle (from ilocos norte) sana balik ulit kayu dito. nakakabless talaga ang grupo ninyo. esp. our children nabless sila talaga.. God bless and continue your God’s work.

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