rEVOLution Talk & Workshop Series @ Jzone CCF Ortigas

What is Jzone?

Jzone, or Jesus Zone, is an area characterized with Jesus Christ being the NUMBER 1 PRIORITY. When a person commits his/her thoughts, words, actions, and whole body to Jesus Christ, that person becomes a Jzone.

Then, the expansion begins! That person starts reaching out to others so that these people can commit to Jesus Christ too, and make themselves into their own Jzones.

Furthermore, when these “Jzoner” gather together, that area becomes a Jzone. It is our utmost vision and prayer to make families, relatives, barkadas, neighbors, schools, cities, provinces, and eventually the whole country into one big Jzone!

4 thoughts on “rEVOLution Talk & Workshop Series @ Jzone CCF Ortigas”

  1. yeah that was right. pero nd lahat ng sumasli sa “JZONE” masasabing mabuting tao, based lang po sa experience. ang tanong lang na a adapt kaya nila ung natutunan nila? di ba po na basedna din un sa tao. iyon lang po

  2. I am a Jzoner and am proud to be one! I agree with Stop & think. But as for me, if we could just only look at Jzone/Jzoners, positively, surely, our hearts and minds will be changed toward them. We can always look at the brighter side, that would lead us to understand these young people. Tayo na mismo ‘yung handang tumulong, kung iintindihin natin sila, para ma-apply ang mga natututunan nila. And if we see teenagers keep coming back to Jzone, it only goes to show that they want a transformed life! In God’s perfect timing, ma-coconvict and ma-rirebuke rin sila. And I hope na talagang we’d be always open with these changes. Reaching out to more teeanagers, welcoming new/old timers, and praying for Jzone are 3 of the best solutions that we can do.

  3. christfollower

    @Stop & Think: we all are sinners saved by Jesus’ grace. human. everyone has sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. you and i have sinned. jzoners are human. they fall short of God’s standard = holiness. BUT this should not cause anyone to continue in sin and make our human-ness a reason to sin. it’s sad that your experience at jzone isn’t what you would have wanted it to. BUT also, we shouldn’t judge a church or ministry based on the people in it. it is still GOD’s ministry. God is in control of EVERYTHING. whether a person learns from TLW or not, GOD is still in control. i hope we all see that God loves each and every one of us and wants us to love Him and others beyond anything else. we are all works in progress. God isn’t finished with us yet! 🙂

  4. I agree:

    Remember we christians when we accepted Christ, He erased all our sins but it does not necessarily mean that we will not commit sin anymore because we are sinners but the difference we have to other non- believers is that we sin less and less because we now have Christ.

    Not all are perfect we just have to LOVE THEM LIKE JESUS!

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