Reconciliation and Regeneration are what matter most and will result in social REVOLUTION. There are poor  people in the Philippines but the disastrous condition is not overpopulation or economic poverty. The tragedy is spiritual poverty which leads to social poverty. 

The assault on the family by the world we live in and problems associated with HIV/AIDS, Abortion, Pre-marital Sex, Homosexuality, Trafficking, Masturbation, Suicide and Pornography and are all rooted in sin. The long list of social injustices and problems in this world are only symptoms of the larger problem of sin in sinful men. The solution IS NOT True Love Waits, Counseling or Shelters for the hurting or abandoned; the remedy is Jesus Christ, and we all need Jesus Christ everyday of our lives. We need the now-power of the gospel to save us from ourselves throughout each day. God’s saving power that he performs in our lives is what rescues us and places us in eternity as God’s children. We are known by him and his power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead has raised us from the dead and will point us toward righteousness everyday—until the day we die. 



Revolution Objective

Launching a REVOLUTION with True Love Waits begins by Connecting with Christ but continues through Parents, Big Talks, Small Groups as well as Media.

EVANGELISM: Clearly present this claim; that Christ suffered for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, that He might bring you to God, after being put to death in the fleshly realm but made alive in the spiritual realm. 1 Peter 3:18
DISCIPLESHIP: Working with indigenous church planters in cities among unreached people. Providing biblical solutions that spiritually transform people and cultures that they may know Jesus Christ.
LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Formal and informal training to produce strategic relationships designed to impact people nationally and regionally throughout Asia.

Revolution Strategy

GUIDE young people to make a commitment to delay sexual debut until marriage.
GIVE students opportunities to challenge other students to also commit in delaying sexual debut until marriage.
GUIDE parents of students to make a commitment to Godly standards of sexual behavior and model a life committed to sexual purity.
GIVE adults a tangible way to affirm and encourage students who make a commitment to delay sexual debut until marriage.

Revolution Beliefs

A Gospel Revolution: Pursue Purity in Christ 

To respond, you should know that God is not like a weak old man sitting on the bench in your barangay and cannot hear or see you and falls asleep. God in the Bible, is powerful, holy, righteous and created everything, including you. God created only men and women to imitate him and designed your body for his purpose. He knows everything, punishes those who do wrong, protects people and cares for you. 

– God wants you to be in right relationship with others and with him –

God gave the first man Adam, freedom and commands but seeing protection as restriction, Adam led a Revolution. That rebellion is called sin, you inherited it and it can be forgiven. But what exactly is sin? The bible says sin includes secret sinful choices, deliberate acts of rebellion and even mistakes done in ignorance. Because of this, you miss God’s established mark of holiness required in order for you to experience eternal life with him. 

Today you’re invited say no to sin and to pursue purity in Christ. Receive God’s forgiveness in a prayer, study God’s word, join a small group or start one using this devotional. Know that YOU and GOD are in a true love relationship that lasts forever.

Know that God and His love can powerfully change your life and know that you are forgiven. Tell everyone what happened to you and pursue Christ today!