Strategic Plan


Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
Matthew 5:8

Impurity is a key struggle in relationships of Filipino Youth, resulting in issues such as broken hearts, mutual understanding, premarital sex, and dysfunctional families. Social change happens one heart at a time. True Love Waits is committed to impacting youth by guiding them to be pure in heart


  • RESPOND to Invitations
    Concerned adults, guidance counselors, parents, and students are aware of the challenges young people face to live a morally pure life. In a response to that awareness, they will invite the TLW organization to come and help them set up and equip a team dedicated to helping students live a life of purity.

  • DEVELOP Regional Partnerships with Schools and Organizations
    To maximize the effectiveness of the impact on the community, TLW will help form partnerships with many schools and organizations in a region who will all be committed to assisting students live a morally pure life. This is done when the TLW personnel explain the program to a group of concerned adults and give them an opportunity to help implement the program.

  • ESTABLISH and Train Regional TLW Representatives
    An individual or small team will be selected to organize the TLW effort for a region. That individual or small team will be trained and supported by the national TLW organization.

  • COORDINATE Student Events
    Engaging presentations are led by trained TLW personnel that challenge students to consider the message of purity and change their beliefs and actions. Events include student messages on purity and relationships, parent seminars, and high impact multimedia presentations.

  • IDENTIFY Student Facilitators
    Key student facilitators are indentified after being exposed to the TLW message of moral purity from a large event or other source.

  • TRAIN Student Leaders To Impact The Morals Of Others With The TLW Lessons
    Students teaching other students God's message of purity is the critical step in this process. It is here that effective peer teaching can dramatically impact the moral's of individual students and thus change the moral climate of a school or region.

  • SUSTAIN Moral Impact In Communities And The Nation
    The national TLW organization will work with the regional leaders to develop and implement strategies to sustain the moral impact of the TLW message with young people in the region.