The Staff

The assault on the family by the world we live in and problems associated with HIV/AIDS, Abortion, Pre-marital Sex, Homosexuality, Trafficking, Masturbation and Pornography and are all rooted in lust which is sin. The long list of social injustices and problems in this world are only symptoms of the larger problem of sin in sinful men. The remedy is Jesus Christ.


The True Love Waits Team is hoping to add new full time staff in three key areas. Our office is located in Ortigas and we are regularly training volunteers in our office as well as speaking to students in schools and churches in NCR as well as provinces across the Philippines. Beginning January 7, 2019 we are looking for people to fill the following paid roles. The first position opening is Marketing and Communications Team Leader. 


The Marketing and Communications Team Leader is responsible for developing a volunteer team dedicated to working on communication materials and managing public and media relations for both external and internal relationships. Develop digital/print media strategy, ensure brand consistency, organize content for radio interviews, develop script for TV shows, and create short films necessary to communicate the purpose and goals of True Love Waits Philippines.


  • Strong oral and written communication skills in Tagalog and English
  • Creative & strategic marketing skills
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in Communications/Marketing Management is a plus

The Volunteer Team Leader is responsible for strengthening our relationships with trained TLW volunteers to achieve the goal to Connect Filipino Youth with God and His Plan for Absolute Purity. A Volunteer Team Leader is also in-charge for recruiting teams of volunteers and understanding the interests, skills and individual strengths of each volunteer. In addition, the volunteer team leader is responsible for delegating tasks to volunteers on the day of each event and continually assessing assignments and project timeline throughout those events.


  • Strong oral and written communication and comprehension skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

The Publications Team Leader is responsible for directing the overall strategy for all written resources to accomplish the mission to connect Filipino youth with God and His plan for absolute purity. A publications team leader will also lead other volunteer writers to produce regular writing projects for TLWPH.


  • Excellent oral and written communication and comprehension skills
  • Experience in copyediting and proofreading (thorough knowledge of English grammar and technical, scientific, and medical writing styles)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in writing is a plus

We will be posting more details soon with the responsibilities of these positions. If you are interested and would like to know more today, contact Kat Javier at


We believe that only through Jesus Christ, can a person truly have a pure and victorious life. We all-including the True Love Waits team-struggle in issues concerning purity but the key thing that we need to know is that we can only be made pure by God through Jesus’ death on the cross.

Purity is a lifelong journey with Christ and we desire you to join us in this. Meet and know the faces behind the National Office for True Love Waits in Manila.


Derek Ross is the National Director for TLW Philippines. He is an American from Texas but he calls himself Fil-Pinoy a.k.a. Feeling Pinoy! His burden is to connect Filipino youth to God’s plan for absolute purity. Today’s teens and young professionals are faced with many temptations and challenges including natural feelings for physical intimacy, impure thoughts, broken heartedness, teen pregnancy, HIV and suicide. Derek is grateful and happily married to Amanda.  

Amanda Ross is married to Derek, together they have five fantastic kids namely Sunday, Honor, Cannon, Ada and Eli. She has home schooled each of them through grade eight. In addition to supporting Derek and the True Love Waits Philippines staff, Amanda leads an international ladies small group bible study and teaches English part time. She has been living in the Philippines with her family for fifteen years. She enjoys cooking, jogging and swimming. 

Kat Javier is the training team leader of True Love Waits Philippines. She is in charge in developing a strategy utilizing the TLW materials and speaker resources to multiply the movement in all regions of the Philippines. She enjoys traveling and coffee shop hopping in her leisure time. She is also passionate in teaching, public speaking, making disciples and encouraging young people that being single is a blessing..

Oda Zapanta serves as the team’s Technical Team Leader. He is in charge with all designs, graphics, videos and powerpoint. He is a simple guy with a great desire to impact the Filipino youth. He is quiet but when he speaks, it’s with profound wisdom.

Chie Carroll is a wife to Tim and mom of 3 energetic kids. After 2 years living in the Philippines, they are back stateside and continue on their journey to homeschool and serve at their local church. She enjoys morning coffee & quiet time, going on 1-day 60-mile radius mini-vacation with her family, DIY projects & traveling. She’s an online web consultant and brings with her over 10 years of website development, online marketing and graphic design experience. She started her own home-based web studio in 2009 and has been helping small business owners, non-profits organizations and entrepreneurs start or boost their presence online. She helps our team in the Philippines and in US navigate the ins and outs of digital marketing and brings in online solutions.