Rexona…it won’t let you down!

The new commercial of Rexona is really funny and will get you hooked right away. It’s about finding the man of your dreams by the help of the “Hand of Faith” who will orchestrate the love story especially the beginning part. Then the coolest thing is that the girl was able to find the guy but there is one major problem she has a bad odor, that’s where Rexona comes in and the rest as they say is history… (maybe their giveaways on their wedding day is Rexona products just imagining….what do you think?)

In our generation right now anything is possible. We have all the beauty products that will help us to be the most attractive person, to be noticed by our crush, your bf and gf and also your wife or husband from the whitening soap and lotion to “hoy suki shampoo lang yan” to your problem with bad breath. We have everything to enhance our physical looks name it they’ve got it just like the tagline of SM Malls “we’ve got it all for you” but there’s one problem that these companies haven’t found the solution to. It’s because it’s more than the physical I’m talking about the HEART of the matter you can be the the Philippines Next Top Model and be the loneliest person in the planet.

We need to have our heart check up first by Dr. J because that’s the ultimate part of our body that needs a lot of attention, then the rest of our body parts will follow….you can have the best plastic surgeons in the world but it’s still plastic.? Go for the inner beauty that comes only to those who have good hearts, that’s the best prescription ever….

Love is more than the smell of an underarm, the best smelling breath, the whitest skin, the oily and pimple free face or the long shiny straight hair. It’s your heart that matters most.

– kai branch

4 thoughts on “Rexona…it won’t let you down!”

  1. yah… amen to that!

    BUT A WOMAN WHO FEARS THE LORD( have Him in her heart ),

    Nothing can dim the beauty that shines from within.

  2. “Real beauty is not what the eyes can behold but what the heart can hold.What we see with our eyes will vanish someday,but what we store in our hearts will forever stay.” =).

  3. Yes you are right Jona, we need to see the way God sees. And it is said that He sees whats on the inside, men and women see what is on the outside.

    Check out the series coming up this week 12 Qualities of a great partner.

    the first one is a happy disposition, true happiness springs from a content heart…

    Check out the series for more, THANK YOU JONA!!!


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