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Ricky“‘I want to die! Nobody loves me! Nobody cares for me! I can’t live without them!’ Funny, isn’t it? But that’s what most young people say without thinking how much God loves them. They tend to give up their lives when they lose their love ones.

I experienced broken relationships many times. I thought one of them will going to be my wife and yet I was wrong. When I was still in a relationship with the opposite sex, GOD was always challenging me to give up my relationship because He kept on telling me that He reserved someone else best for me. I’m more than 30 now (getting older na ba?) and still trying to court girls on my own way but unfortunately I can’t find even one.

I have read a book entitled ‘When God Writes Your Love Story‘ by Eric and Leslie Ludy. It is the story of couples who gave up their own pens and let God to continue writing down the remaining chapters of their love story and the result is very beautiful! So what’s their point? Trust GOD completely no matter what. I finally decided to wait and see what God has prepared best for me. I’m so excited to see this woman and definitely I have no idea at all who she is.

Even though I die single – it doesn’t matter. At least I trusted GOD wholeheartedly and sought HIS ways instead.

Having a partner in life is just a bonus when you go to heaven. Think of it. You can still enjoy life without them… only if you surrendered and entrust your life to Jesus Christ.”

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  1. ano na mga fwends msaya ba ang camp, “tlga sobra pa, tungkol sa buhay na gstong mgbago , mga karanasang hindi makakalimutan pare mga tawanan , iyakan na may kabuluhan , mga fwends mging alerto sa mga pagsubok na darating sa natin , wag nating isipin itoy mahirap na hindi natin ito kya , mga pare masasabi ko lang sa inyo of all young people ,, ” walang ginawa ang Diyos na hindi kaya ng tao” yan lang p0h!

  2. “‘I want to die! Nobody loves me! Nobody cares for me! I can’t live without them!’ Funny, isn’t it? But that’s what most young people say without thinking how much God loves them. They tend to give up their lives when they lose their love ones.

  3. God isn’t demanding sexual purity because he’s mean and doesn’t want us to have fun. He created sex and wants you to enjoy it at its best. And His best plan is for sex to be enjoyed in marriage, by one man and one woman who have made a commitment to love each other.

    Here’s a thought: magsusuot ka ba ng damit na matagal nang hindi nalalabhan or would you prefer yung bagong bili or bagong laba? Siyempre, yung bago!

    As with God, He wants us to have the best not second best… ok? Iba si Lord. He loved us so much He died on the cross for us to enjoy purity sa future relationship natin with the opposite sex and especially with Him

  4. minSan kPag ngi2ng bRoken hEarted ak0.,
    pRang gUsto ko nG mamatay. i’m aLways
    thingking that no bOdy loves me ,
    minsan lagi pa ako nag tatanong kay God kung bakit gnun ,.
    den onE time naka rinig me ng preach ng pastor,
    at sinasabi daw sa word of God,
    na everything has a purpose,
    because God has a purpose to your life
    wait to your time,
    God knows whats good to you,

    then now,
    ang sinasabi ko na kay God
    ay kung anoman ang para saken hihintayin ko,
    at alam kong isang Christian din ang bibigay sa akin ni God..

  5. hey anthony and hana thank you sa comments nyo don’t lose hope habang buhay pa may pag-asa at ligaya….Enjoy lang muna natin ang ating kabataan.


  6. I just want to ask…

    What if your bf told you he cant love you 100% because he already had a trauma because of his first love? I am his first gf and vice versa and I dont feel that he loves me deeply. Im quite afraid to lose him but I dont think I or anyone for that matter, deserves less than 100% love…

    Please advice…Thanks a lot… =)

  7. I think Kulang, he’s love is not real… even if he says I LOVE YOU 99% still you have 1% doubt about his feelings… It should be 100% because LOVE is PERFECT like God…

  8. Its nice to read your posts here. You are all right guys. God says in His word, “So keep up your courage men, for I have faith in God that it will happen just as he told me.” Acts 27:25.

    In line with this i just want to share and ask your opinion on what is happening in my lovelife. For the first time of my 20+ years of my life i’m courting..yohooo!!! But the girl told me that she already have a “guy-in-mind”. Confusingly, she ask me a question kung makikipagsabayan daw ba akong manligaw sa kanya with her “guy-in-mind”? Both of us are already God-fearing christians.

    I would appreciate your Godly advice…Thanks… :))

  9. well davy, if the ‘guy-in-her-mind’ is not yet courting her… do your part… unless she told you that the guy is already courting her for a certain period of time… then make friend with her instead… don’t be in a hurry… only if i could change my past… i rather make friends with my ex-gfs rather than have a relationship with them.. at least we have preserved our relationship in a good way… and let GOD give you WISDOM in choosing a partner also… ask for it… it’s not because you like her for you are attracted to her physically… but making friend with her is the best thing you can do… then time will tell if she is the one who would you like to live with forever while you are still living in this world… or the girl would change her mind and consider you to be ‘her-guy-in-mind’… and besides, there is also an UPSIDE being a single… hehehe… just enjoy life pare and live according to God’s Word! 🙂

  10. ei,,guyz,,,2 kulang,,,
    know what,,God gave us someone to be with in His perfect timing,,we juz have to wait..,,4 dem and be patient,,,kung ung girl,,asked u,,if u’re willing n mkpgsbyan,,don’t you think that was stupid???,,prang gngawa k nyang reserba,,if her “guy-in-mind” would not come,,,if will ni God n mging kau,,khit di ka mkipgsbayan,,lhat may right timing,,,owkei,,God has plans for us

  11. hows your healing process kuya ricky?hehe i will pray for you…malapit na siguro kayo mag meet…i am sure she is one of the best hardcore christian in the world…hehe will I mention names of your crushes?hehe baka wala dun sa list mo hehe joke lang…
    God is my one and only true Love..hindi pa kami nagkita ni ‘two’..Before I left taytay, I read love letters from the church and one close friend wrote:
    “DELIGHT youself to the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
    but remember,our desire is to serve the LORD ayt? 😉
    for all those who wait, God be with you!

  12. kenneth nualla

    mahalin natin ang ang kapwa kagaya ng pag mamahal mo sa panginoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wag natin ipag damot ang pagmamahal natin sa kapwa

  13. kenneth nualla

    hay 2 all sa iba Zambales ako 2 si kenneth sa batch 17 ang galing ko talaga na miss ko kayo dyan lalu na ung mga banda nakakainis sana habaan ang araw ng camp sa sunod na taon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz mis ko na kayo talaga dyan sa iba zambales

  14. sometimes, I feel that way. I go overboard and be totally melodramatic. but now, I don’t. thanks to God’s steadfast love.

    as a kid, I used to take God’s love for granted. para bang, it’s all in the mind, but it’s not in my heart! then all at once, all the growing pains started rushing in, and I settled for guys who I thought were okay, but they never measured to God’s standards. for years, ganun lagi ang nararanasan ko.

    but now, I just listen to what God says.

    he says, “wait.”

    to everyone else having the same burden. God has a plan for you. do not despair. 🙂

  15. im first tym to vist this website.at hbang ngreread aq ng mga comment andami kong natu2nan about retionship.mali po bang?magmahal sa nd christian.pls gave me advice kc ung bf q nd christian pro mahal n mahal ko sya khit n minsan lng kmi ngkikita pls pls gave me advice pero aq christian.w8 ko ung mga advice thanks and GOD BLESS.

  16. alam nyo palagi nalng akong na niloloko ng gf ko alam nyo 1 time….. ung 1st gf ko….. sabi niya kame na daw pero pambihira nakita ko din sya nung araw na un my kasama syang iba…….. pambihira talaga…….., pero alam ko my ibibigay din sakin c Lord na tunay na Kristiyano na mamahalin ako at ung hindi ako iiwan.

  17. hello mga campers ng batch 18… sa camp na ito ko nalaman kng anu ba tlga ang true love… you know what? jesus gives the best love, becaused of his love he sacrifices his life to save all the sinners.. all we got to do is to believe,accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour and god… Sana Next camp tyo na ang tatayo sa stage and spread the good news what jesus told us…. IBA ZAMBALES… Cyclops congrats pla Champion tAYO!!!!

  18. ya he’s always der for us
    pero bkt ganon??
    walang makakita sa ating mga nilalang nya kung anong halaga nya???
    like 500 pesos, still 500 p dn sya kht punitin natin sya right?
    were so bless kc ganon tumingin c God sa atin!!!
    sa IBA ZAMBALES ko nakita ang importansya ko sa mundo
    oo nga God has da purpose kung bkit nya ginagawa 2!!!
    He is REAL!!!

  19. maswerte parin tayo kahit talo kahit naputikan basta nakakilala kay God ,taga cyclops po ako para sa hindi pa nakakasama, sama na kayo enjoy ka na makikilala mo pa ang Diyos.

  20. yeah! somebody do that!! but you dont have the rigths to do that kind of thing!!! becoz’ God is alwayz there “NAPAKABAIT NYA” try to think of it! he gave him life for who are the sinners!!! and yet dinadagdagan pa natin ang mga kasalanan natin!!! so let God to do the rest of youre life! coz, he is the author of our life!!

  21. nakarelate ako sa sinabi mo kuya… i had a break up with my fiance’e coz i believe God has a great plan on me,,, God didn’t allow me to got to hell thats why he mold my heart.. sa camp i realise na madami na maxado ang ngyarisa buhay ko na hindi manlang ako nakapag thank you kay God… kasabay ko ng pagbaba sa camp na ngako ako kay God na lahat ng dapat tanggalin tatanggalin ko at isa na ang fiance’e ko sa tinanggal ko dahil… hindi ako gumanti sa kanya ng nasaktan ako, ng naglihim xa sakin pero God make a way for me… see??? nakarecover ako agad!!!

  22. Hi to everyone.. thank for the message that i just read right now. I learn that Jesus is always there for us I know sometimes I told to my self I want to give up coz I feel no one can understand me, but in spite of that I realize that Jesus is the one who can understand us, listen, and most of all LOVE us.. thank’s guys!! God bless

  23. whEW!!!!! that was tough.. but I believe that nothing is tough or hard when God writes your love story.. everything goes smoothly even if there are problems to be face…
    on your part kuya, 30 years old is not that old pa naman to wait for Gods partner to be given to you..I knew pastors whom 35 na but they are still single but not worried about their partner for they knew, God is still writing the best love story of their own.. waiting doesn’t mean God forgets you, but He is just molding your character on waiting or He is just testing you, on how you are Going to hold on to His promises to You.. God wanted to test your Faith just as He did on Abraham..
    Kuya, just be still, and know that He is God…

    to all readers of this comment, Never rush into falling in love, for you may turn to a wrong one.. temptations are everywhere, and the enemy will do everything he can just to go our way astray form God..

  24. Hahahaha! I loved your long love story to be…

    “Having wife or husband or partner in life is just a bonus when you go to heaven.
    Think of it. You can still enjoy life without them… only if you trust Jesus Christ.”

    Correct, I salute you bro. Aba teka, paanu ka naman pala makakita niyan e’
    ito yung paninindigan mo; bonus lang kami, diba JOCKPOT? Joke lang po!

    Having a partner in life is not an extra or excess but it is God’s design and readiness to have it. I know God has a special women prepared already for you but still He just want you to be involve and follow in His created direction. Baka may nakita pa si Lord sa life mo na lihis dun sa plano Niya or baka naman marami pa Siyang ipapagawa sayo and for the main time this is not really your priority.

    Saka gusto rin ng mga girls yung lalaking marunong maghintay, smart, may pagtitiis
    may paninindigan, may sariling desisyon at malaking confidence sa sarili, lalong-lalo na ang pagiging God- fearing, may sense of humor, concern, at maalalahanin. Most of all be your self po… yung tipong dika pa nagsasalita, nakikita agad ang kaningningan ni Kristo. I know your most qualified, cheer up!

    “Be thankful in everything, for He will fulfill the rest…”

  25. i love the last part of this post. sounds like Proverbs 18:22 “A man who finds a wife receives favor and finds treasure in the Lord”

  26. Yeah!!! i likE That!!! 22o un KAsi Kakaranas ko lng nyan ngaun!!! oo MAhal ko po ung gurl!!! and alam kong mali ako sa nagawa ko!!! pero everyday i pray to God N lahat ng mga wrong moves en feelings ko ay isaayos niya and let him be the healer of my emotions and feeling’s… Aba! mahirap ata talga magsuko lalo na kung mahal mo talga ung gurl!!! pero one thing i tell you mga tol mga ate out der!!! pagnatuto kayo magpasakop kay GOd and natuto kayo magsuko i tell you my malaking blessing n ipagkakaloob c God S inyo!!! i’m only 18 yrs. old!!! Bata pa pala yung ganyang age para pumasok sa isang relation!!! pero e2 lng masasabi ko sa lahat ng papasok sa site n toh!!! maging stable muna dapat tayo sa limang aspeto 1. physically stable 2. emotionally stable 3. financial stable 4. mentally stable 5. and pinaka importante sa lahat spiritually stable!!! ghe pO BleSSGoD to All!!!

  27. minsan mdaya talaga ang emotion natin as a human……… akala natin sya na until we give up everything,,,,,, buti n the end malalaman nalang natin na nagsasawa na tayo…………………………………… sabi nga sa Bible Love is Patient so khit na inip na inip na tayong makilala si mr right e! we must control our self and just wait……………….

  28. i love this site..narealize ko, hindi pala ako nagiisa. minsan mali lang tyo ng paniniwala, nawawalan ng faith kay God…hindi pala dapat ganun. We should always believe in Him and trust Him that no matter what, He is always there for us. Loving others too much isn’t bad, pero we should always love ourselves before others can love us! Isipin natin lage na God really works mysteriously, minsan hanap tyo ng hanap ng answers, pero andyan na pala tlaga sa harap natin… sometimes we give up too soon, only to find out na ginagawan na Nya ng paraan… So really, we should just let go of the hurt that has prisoned us and start living! Ika nga, let go and let God!
    Blessings to all!

  29. Alm Mo poh Kuya
    Gnyan dn meh dti
    but 1 tym I ask my self
    Y d nah lng meh Mgpokus sa ibng bgay n den GOD gve me Answer
    At un ang knyang mnstry
    eto ngaun i am a wrker Of R Church
    N I’m Happy nah

  30. I have read the same book (when God writes your love story). God used that book to be my life turning point-180 degree full turn. I found countless reason to be in love with God after reading that book. He opened my mind as well for the gift of singleness,if that His will for me. Im very consistent in encouraging those youth i encounter to keep on waiting on God’s written love story for them. He is very much interested in every detail of our life. When God writes, there’s never erasures. Currently, im finishing the book entitled when God writes your life story (it’s a sequel). Im looking forward to be a help.

  31. ..you know kuya you made the very rigth dicision in your life..
    you must wait and see how beautiful write ups God made for you in your lovestory..
    jejejeje malay mo..nandyan lang pla yong God’s will mu..
    keep on praying and ask God;s signs and wonders..
    God Bless poh..

  32. i really appreciate this website. madami akong natututunan everytime na ioopen ko itong tlw website. nakakatuwa at nkkainspire ang mga testimonies dito..
    GODBLESS us all!

  33. A God given website! I never thought i could read my own story in some testimonies written in here.

    Last year i had my first-perfect-good-looking-Christian boyfriend..everything is almost perfect, well known from our parents and relatives..Until He said that, He doesn’t love me anymore. The pain is unbearable and vulnerable to hide.. We are on the same Congregation and everytime I see him, my heart always breaks into pieces..Everytime I sing in our Church i always Cry to Our Almighty God.

    Until i learned to surrender my whole being to the ULTIMATE LOVER of my Soul..For HE, only Him knows my deepest pains and hurts i hide inside..

    Until I finally find the joy and True Love He offers..
    Still, i know, GOD is Working in my life..

    And i always BELIEVE in Him..


  34. everything happens for a reason..

    Bro. Ricky and to all facilitators of tlw.ph thank you so much..
    You become a model for all Youth who are struggling to search the world..
    Godbless us always and this site!

  35. alam mo wag ka mawalan ng pagasa…dadating din cia makikita mo..
    just wait and pray lng po…ako nga eh certified NBSB pero di ako masyado sad
    kasi i have friends and family beside me…saka i believe na lahat ng palayok may
    katapat na takip..so keep on praying lang po baka padating na cia…god bless

  36. Once we denied ourselves and let God to have “full-control” in us by surrendering all for Him, there’s nothing to worry about – clothing, food, shelter, money, and even partner in life! But we need to do something and take the first step: accept Jesus Christ in our lives, believe and have faith. Keep on reading the Bible ‘coz definitely you will find the answers to all of our questions!

    We would like to thank you also Pieces and Jerica for your support by visiting this website… keep seeking God’s purpose in us and see how He will work in us amazingly!

  37. Hi Celmari! I love your comment about waiting – “lahat ng palayok may katapat na takip”… hahaha! Very ironic but quite true… GOD knows that everyday I always include “her” on my prayers pero I really don’t know who’s that “her”… I’m mentioning name of a girl sa prayers ko pero I still let GOD choose for me… I know she’s a blessing not only for me but for other people also… only GOD knows kung sino man siya… ; )

  38. hi bro,

    this is my first time to view tlw website,

    first time to add a comment, im just inspired in your sharing

    i copied the title of the book u mentioned, i will try to read it

    God is our great author of our story, He handed a clean sheet of paper as our life, He gives freedom what we want to do, but at the end, His will be done for he knows best

    Don’t worry about the age… The best is yet to come

    I suggest read Bo Sanchez book title How to find your one true love, its a good book to read, inspiring too

    God bless u bro!

  39. hi bro!

    first time to add a comment here in TLW, hehehe sa sharing mo pa bro…. hhee

    seriously speaking, just wait, the best is yet to come

    i will try to read the book i mentioned, from the title palang inspiring na

    i suggest also bro, pls read How to find your one true love by Bo Sachez, its inspiring too

    age doesn’t matter sabi nga nila, like you gettting young (opposite to that) and many failures in having relationship, but the end of the day, His will be done

    God bless you bro

  40. Thanks Nelsa for the comments!

    I would like to suggest another book that I recently read. It’s really inspiring one… the book entitled BOY MEETS GIRL, a follow-up book of I KISSED DATING GOODBYE

    The nice thing with this book is that it’s not only applied to a relationship with the opposite sex, but you can also apply this to your daily living… you will love this book definitely… after I’ve read this, there was a sudden change in my perspective especially pursuing a relationship… it’s more than that… a deeper faith and relationship with our LORD JESUS CHRIST! !f you’re waiting for a partner in life and you want the best… then BOY MEETS GIRL will help you to stay focus on GOD while you’re waiting! ; )

  41. hi bro.

    I really bless with your testimonies. Thank God for your life and thanks to the TLW na ginagamit ng God. Isa rin ako sa mga kabataan na naguguluhan. Thank you for the wonderful encouragement .
    May God bless your life…

  42. hello ur rght mhirap tlagang masaktan lalo na pag napa mahal ka na sa kanya..pero dapat lang nting icipin n my plan c GOD para sa atin..and just wait 4 the rght time..sv ng TIME 4 EVERYTHING,, Time 4 LOVE… TIME 4 WAIT..everything has a purpose.. wait wait ang wait…

  43. ganyan din ako, brokenhearted, nags-struggle ng malupit and all.but God saved me and make me Hers/His and I’m grateful, thankful.One or some of my sufferings are not maybe because I did something wrong or are not my fault. Like sa family, kaya I need not feel guilty of committing some sins.

    about sa love, yun ganon din, God made me Hers/His now. gaya nga ng sabi ng Pastor, hindi mo hinahanap ang best person for your life, ikaw ang magiging best person na yun. maybe tama yon. at gaya sabi ni Bo Sanchez, ikaw ang hahanap ng best na yun. maybe that’s true and maybe i believe in that too. God’s will is your deepest desire. Maraming kasama sa God’s will sabi nga niya. It’s up to us kung sino pipiliiin natin. But first, we have to be that best person we are looking for. And put God first and everything will be added to you sabi sa bible. dali sabihin, hirap gawin, but God maybe is empowering us.

  44. hello po.. its my first tym to submit a comment. hehehe hmmm. wat can i say.. thanks sa inspiring tstemony mo.. sana masurrender ko na lahat lahat kay God.. including my bf??? ewan..mahal ko xa.. confused po ako ngayon. while reading some the comments it made me realize na.. ang dami2x ko pang dapat ayusin sa buhay ko.. having a christian bf is ok po talaga but then again wala paring guarantee na kayo na in the end.. still hoping and praying.. for the right descion.Thy will be done sa relationship namin. God bless yahh.

  45. ricky, your a blessing for me and my friends not just because of your skills music but because of your passion for christ and for waiting for her.
    you dont look like 30 sumthin’ i thought your still in your 20’s? hahah!
    thanks for your inspiring testimonial!

  46. hi ricky,

    i was impressed by your testimony. that’s why i still believed that there are still a lot of guys like you in this world i hope to find them na rin :). don’t worry you can find her soon. and warlone is right you don’t look like 30 somethin. i thought your only 17. promise….

  47. Hi to everyone! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about my testimony…

    I just want to let you know how much I struggle also being single at my age… some times it’s alright for me to think that I’m single but some times it’s not…

    I’m not saying this to disappoint you guys but I want to let you know how faithful GOD is in to my life… struggles will always come and the only way for me to escape from it is to pray harder – asking for more wisdom… I have every opportunity to pursue someone but I always end up deciding to keep our friendship instead… you may ask me why and the answer is very simple: I need to wait for GOD’s leading and wisdom…

    I will rather choose to stay single than to grab the opportunities the world can give me and later on will destroy my relationship with JESUS… if GOD is protecting us in every way, we need to protect also our relationship with Him… we need to do our part too… we may learn things in a hard way but at least we please the One who created us…

    Let GOD change our plans according to His ways and purpose… always think that HE has something best for us! 😉

  48. Hello everyone!

    I am so blessed to have known this website. Though I’m already married, I still wanted to know what the young people nowadays are interested in. In other words, I wanted to be updated and seems it hadn’t change during my time. Young people wanted to know the right person for them but YES it’s true. Only GOD knows who is the best for you and the best thing to do is to WAIT.

    During my time, I did not wait. I got married early and yes it was difficult. I was not a Christian then and that was where God strike me. My life was empty and something seems missing. I kept asking God why things happen the way they are and the answer always points back at me. I made all the decisions for my life without consulting God because I thought I was good in making my own decision. Turns out I’m a FAILURE.

    But when I accepted JESUS, everything seems clearer. There was ease and gradual change in my life. There, I accepted that I used my earthly knowledge in choosing TO BE MARRIED EARLY. Even if I made a mistake, GOD is GREAT! HE picked me up and made my failure as my turning point. I could not let my children and you young people to go through a decision in which GOD does not approve. Yes, time will come that you may recover, but you cannot escape the pains of making the “wrong decision” in exchange to PATIENCE.

    GOD created life beautifully and everyone is entitled to enjoy it in a proper way. So, this time, if you are in a relationship – enjoy each other’s company and have a GOD-centered relationship. If out of relationship – enjoy owning your time to yourself, family, friends and especially to GOD.

    Let GOD write the perfect “Love Story” of your life, and please send me a copy of that Story.

  49. Amen to that Cathy! There is always a blessing for those people who are willing to wait and patient enough to listen to GOD’s direction… to obey is far better than to sacrifice… 🙂

  50. I kissed dating goodbye is the first book followed by Boy Meets Girl. I have those books actually. Then there is another book: Not Even a Hint by Joshua Harris. It talks about how to maintain our purity in our relationship in the midst of temptation and lust.

    take care and God bless 🙂

  51. hi, me too po kuya i experienced a lot of broken relationships… nakakasawa na! pero kasalanan ko naman eh kase i didnt ask GOD about it. complicated talaga lovelife ko! when i read i kissed dating goodbye of joshua harris sobrang guilty po ako… huhuhu! di ako naghintay sa will ni God eh basta basta lang me pasok sa isang relasyon.. worst is wrong guy palagi naeencounter ko… i always end up crying and asking myself wats wrong with me… i let negative things down me and i forget about my identity. But its not too late i know… you are right.. i should trust God and let HIM direct me. Thanks!

  52. 🙂 very inspiring nmn poh.like others ganyan ung nararanasan,ahm i’ve experienced it 🙂 pro aun nga nakakatuwang icpin na meron pla tlgang nagmamahal sau ng totoo ung tipong ndi ka iiwan no matter wat happen and accepted for who you are and wat you are. only GOD can give this LOVE. 🙂 keep on trusting HIM. Godbless

  53. hello po… kuya….

    waw nkk encourage aman po ang testimony mo about lovelife….

    so true n pag si Lord ang pinagsulat mo sa pages ng buhay mo… sobrang great ng mangyayayri…. tma mganada ang mga plano ntin sa future natin peo kumpara sa plans ni Lord 4 us… sobrang wla lng un… ksi mas maganda plans ni Lord 4 us…

    i’m now a lady… since then di p q nagboboyfrend… but im so proud 2 that because i choose to wait 4 the one na denesign ni Lord 4 me… at a right time…. at 4 me ang pagbo2yfriend ay paghhanda sa pag aasawa… ksi un ung gusto ni Lord 4 me… 2 be in my God’s will…and i as a God’s gift to him…

    i do pray n mdmi pang kbtaan ang mainspire sa testimonies nyo… so true na nkkencourage… continue to be a blessing… and always bless God…. smile lng… tnx …

    Godbless kapitid…..

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