Ride It Out Together (You and Me Forever)

You and Me Forever: Marriage In Light of Eternity

Ride it Out Together

For better or worse, in sickness and health
Hecka poor or blessed with wealth
It really don’t matter what cards we’re dealt
I aint gonna leave you for no one else
If Godzilla tried to step on you
Vampires stick their teeth in you
If angry hobbits boil you in stew
I’d stop the world and melt with you.
If Dora and Boots ask you to play
Then Swiper comes, swipes you away
I’d grab the map and search all day
And when I find him, make him pay


Boys holla at me with their muscles all shakin’
Flashing their cars and the money they makin
They all mistaken, They all be fakin
I aint for sale, I’m already taken.
So step off, get back, go home, don’t play that
I’m grateful, faithful, takin’ the straight path
Yall must be jokin’, what you been smokin’
What God joined together must never be broken
Yo, I’m stuck on you like white on rice, hair with lice, dots on dice
Lisa- I’m stuck on you like crazy glue, smurf with blue, I love with you

(Chorus reprise)

Baby, let’s ride this out
Like Juliet with Romeo, like the Titanic with DiCaprio
Cause you’re sweeter than the white stuff in oreos
Or the bee that makes honey nut cheerios
And if life gives us lemons, then we’ll make lemonade
And if life gives us a marching band, then let’s have a parade

(Final Chorus)

Thank you to MC Jin, Carl and Ray from the Great Company–you truly are great company!
Thank you to Hosanna Wong, the incredible director and visionary for the video.
Thank you to Blaize Saunders, our amazing producer!
Thank you to Abe Martinez, the super talented DP on this project.
Thank you to Mighty Mike, Teesa and Tim Be Told for working on and coaching the sound!
You guys are super awesome! So thankful for you guys!