Satisfy Me

We are wired for intimacy.

The longings of our hearts are legitimate. We cannot deny the truth that all of us are desiring to be with someone one way or another. We long for approval, acceptance, forgiveness, faithfulness and love.

St. Augustine said ‘Our hearts are restless unless it find their rest in God alone’.

True enough, our deep longings and desires are connected to what God wants for our life.


written by Gina Idea

You are the reason of this yearning

This heart that has taken you captive

The longing won’t subside, can’t wait ‘til you come

And bring me to you forever

I have nothing but you in my mind

No one but you in my heart

The world outside is busy with its desires

But I look to you, my only desire

Look to me with favor

Look to me with compassion

Hear this voice of mine

Clamoring for the assurance of your smile

I searched for acceptance

But did not find it

Searched for answers

That did not come

Tried this and that

Experienced these and those

Realized there is no substitute

For genuine truth

The only thing that will satisfy

The only thing that matters

The only thing cared about

Is The only thing, no doubt

Marvelous, indeed

Greater than what I sense inside

Bigger than fleeting feelings

Is you eternal.


9 thoughts on “Satisfy Me”

  1. tama!!!!
    we must pray to the LORD to satisfy us!!
    kadalasan kasi sa tao natin nakikita yung kakulangan na meron tayo!!
    for example hindi mo dama na mahal ka ng mga magulang mo…
    tapus pag nakakita ka ng taong nagbibigay/nagfufullfill sayo ng kakulangan na yun akala mo LOVE na yun!!!

  2. Hi Nylemor, Paolo, Geraldine, and Rubz! Thank you. Indeed, let’s look to God who loved us first (1 John 4:19). He satisfies. 🙂 God bless you all!

  3. i found it so amazing that there are people who give GOD much importance more than anything else..????

  4. So true. couldn’t agree more. He is indeed my everything. Nothing is greater than God’s love to each one of us..super..

  5. true….indeed the only one who can satisfy us is God only…even we keep on searching for a wouldn’t be enough..for God can only fill that emptiness in our hearts…only then if we learned to trust and love God truly..that’s the only time..we can say that we are truly complete…

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