Sex Scandal: God’s Open View about Sex

Whenever we hear or see the word sex on tv primetime shows and news, billboards, magazines, internet and even with our conversations, there is always a wrong take  how we view it. And no wonder, sex scandals are talk of the town at this point. It is  commercialize and stand as an open book for everyone to watch. Scandals on sex disgraces its original purpose and plan. Moreover, it becomes a commodity to someone who wants it whenever, wherever, whoever.

Psychologists, biologists, scientists or experts may expound on this topic but we certainly believe that to know the truth we must consult the Author of Sex.

Now, God has something to say!

God is the architect, engineer, builder, inventor and author of sex. It is a carefully planned facet of our humanity, created for our good and His glory. Anyone who questions whether sex is good, questions whether God is good. To put sex in perspective, we must begin at the beginning-creaUnashamed to be Puretion.

Having fashioned man and woman with heir distinctive sexual natures, “God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.” God’s command to reproduce required the sexual merger of man and woman. This was one command they were happy to obey. God confers His stamp of approval on each facet of his creation. All that He had made was out of blemish or flaw.

SEX is GOOD according to the Creator. “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” Man and woman accomplished marriage through God-ordained sexual union. This means not just the blending of bodies, but also the merging of minds, the unity of souls. God looks on their nakedness and their sexual union with the smile of complete approval. They are UNASHAMED.

Maybe you would ask, “Why did He limit sex to marriage ? The answer is He wants us to experience greater joy and pleasure- without guilt, without danger and with deeper lasting meaning. So while the world promotes it far out from God’s perspective, we encourage you to make wise and right choices, to offer our life as a living sacrifice to Him. Your offering must be only for God and pleasing to Him.

Great things Await You

13 thoughts on “Sex Scandal: God’s Open View about Sex”

  1. what a great insight from you TLW team..
    it has really helped a lot..

    but i do have a question…

    what if one had already engage in a sexual relationship before??
    and want to be freed from that sin? what must he/she do?
    can he/she still regain his/her purity in the eyes of God even after committing a sexual sin?

  2. i really agree that!its really amazing if ur married with purity in your self.i really think the true love waits for the oppurtunity that i haved joined their simenar it makes me realize that i got the wrong desicion in my life.but now i know how to control myself it is because of god.thank you!!!!!!!!

  3. I really really agree,importante talaga na pure tyo bago tayo magpakasal sa taong mahal natin dahil yon ang gus2 ng Dios at para di din tayo magkasala sa kanya. sabi ko nga sa sarili ko I’m not looking 4 a boyfriend im looking 4 an husband,,…

  4. Thanks Ailene,

    We need also to keep in mind that for those who have given away their virginity or lost it, there is hope that they can find in Christ alone. They can start to choose new life that resounds the fullness of life he has for us.


  5. hai jai!
    i’d like to comment about your see i read an article in the Kerygma about purity and i would like to share it to you..if someone already engaged in sexual relationship before she can still regain her purity but this time it is spiritual purity. if she decided to stop it she can be pure again. just pray and ask God for guidance to not do the same thing again..
    Godbless ^_^

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