1. How would you know if he/she is the one?
2. How would I know if he/she is in love with me?
3. How can I move on from a broken heart relationship?
4. How will you know if your boy/girlfriend is cheating on you?
5. What is True love?
6. Do you believe in soul mate in finding the right person?
7. What age is the right time to get into a boy/girlfriend relationship?
8. What should I do if by parents are against with my relationship
with my boy/girlfriend (because of religion, status, studies, etc.)?
9. Is there a big difference if you are in love and infatuated?
10. Is there true love for the same sex relationship in the context of romantic love?
11. What is your stand in homosexuality?
12. Does my bf/gf shows love when he is super jealous whenever I’m with other people?
13. Is masturbation a sin?
14. How can I stop from masturbating and looking at pornographic materials?
15. Is there hope for teenagers who have experienced premarital sex?
16. What should I do if my boy/girlfriend and I are having premarital sex?
17. How far is too far before I actually engaged to premarital sex?
18. Is it wrong to kiss someone passionately?
19. Is it ok to hide my relationship with my boyfriend to my parents?