Si Nanay…

They say that the hardest job in the world is being a mother….I wonder why?

you are loved   

Mother is one who nurtures you in her womb for nine months and brings you forth to enjoy the supreme blessing on earth, that is, Life. Mother is one who guides you through your infancy and turns the soft, helpless creature to the powerful and successful YOU. She is the guardian angel protecting you and supporting you, feeling for you and serving you silently always with a smile on her face. She prides herself watching you grow and provides you a shoulder to cry on whenever you need. She is every child's best friend. She is indeed the real Superwoman!

cry on my shoulder

let's play my dearim your bestfriendeverything's gonna be alrightyou are beautiful


Now we know why they say Mother's knows best…let's take some time to do something special for our Nanay's it's as cheap as saying thank you or picking a flowers on the way home.Showing our TRUE LOVE for them would definitely mean more than a silver or gold.

smile at me you are always in my heart laugh with me