Single but NOT available!

Single but NOT availabe!Once upon a time, single men and women everywhere were afraid that being single too long meant they just might be single forever. But today, that’s just an antiquated notion in need of a major rewrite. If for some reason you cling to the idea that being single is a punishment you’re not sure you can bear, it’s time to once again reboot your brain. The truth is, being single is not a life sentence.

It’s a state of mind. And it can be an amazing one if you apply your own personal flair to it.

Exactly how do you do that? By being the star of your own life story. By not waiting for some guy or girl to come along and complete/fix/save you. By tweaking how you look at your life. Instead of viewing your single status as something you have to make the best of, why not look at your life as something to holistically make the most of under any circumstance, whether you’re single, dating, married, or whatever? By putting the focus of your life on you—figuring out who you are, and what you want—you take the pressure off of waiting for some external force to fix everything. After all, you’re magnificent! Not because you’re single or in spite of being single, but just because you are. It’s about time you really believed it. And you can start by celebrating your current life and the many amazing adventures that are just around the corner.


Dito sa True Love Waits hindi kami magsasawang sabihin,ipaalam at isigaw sa lahat ng kabataan gaano kasarap ma-enjoy ang buhay ng pagiging single.May TIPS kami para sayo.

Seek self-fulfillment as an individual.

Place emphasis on being truly alive and experiencing the things that bring you true pleasure. Don’t let the feelings of peace and wonder slip from your life as you wait to share (beautiful sunsets) and other gifts of life with a future partner.

Don’t place your focus on “getting there.”

Instead, learn to experience the journey of life. If you can only see the goal of a relationship – marriage, home, children, etc., you will not enjoy the experiences along life’s way. A good analogy for this is that of a person who bikes and sets (ie), a 40-mile goal for the day. They plan and prepare and off they go. The trip consists of thoughts about getting there, watching for problems in the road ahead, measuring the distance and looking forward to the sense of relief and accomplishment when the goal is met.

What about the sensory experiences missed along the way? This biker will not see the way the sun is reflecting on the river. They won’t hear the sounds of the birds and other wildlife in the parallel world around them. The smells of fresh vegetation, moist soil and spring-drenched air will not reach their awareness. It’s doubtful their mind will trip and play with thoughts of other (perhaps childhood) days like this. In other words, they won’t be IN the experience, just racing through it, and missing the magic available all around them.

Don’t put off important life decisions while waiting for that special someone.

If your desire is to own your own home, work towards achieving this now. Yes, it may be smaller than if you had a partner to share it with. Your list of must-haves with this first home may be different (as yours alone) than they would be if you were looking for a family.When that time comes, you can make the decision to remain there for a time, or sell/rent out your first place. In the meantime, you will have an investment that you can make into something that meets your needs now for comfortable and secure living. It will add stability and be a wonderful help at tax time. If you are thinking about making a career change or going back to school for a degree, there is no better time than now. Yes, this may involve re-working priorities, moving, giving up some income, etc. If this is something you have decided you want for your life, delaying it until you are settled in a relationship may make it impossible to achieve. Make that move now. Don’t let this time in your life be placed on hold as you wait for things to happen in your life, instead of working to make them become reality.

Pamper yourself

Do nice things for yourself now that you have been putting off until… Go ahead and take that trip to the exotic place you have always wanted to visit. You can return there someday with your special someone.

Make it a habit to set the table for your dinner (for one). Use nice china and candles. Treat yourself as deserving of the things couples routinely provide to themselves as a unit. Ask yourself, am I less deserving because I’m single?

Put care and love into how you decorate your home. It does not have to cost a lot of money or become another chore to accomplish this. Make it a comfortable nest and retreat from the world. You and your future mate can decide together what to keep, change or add to.

Make a plan, not excuses

Make time for the things that matter. Don’t let your job or other responsibilities take over your life. Set those priorities. Set limits on work and other functional tasks. We often cite work as our best excuse for not attending to our other needs and wants. This may mean making less money or not moving up as fast in the organization. Without balance, there will be deficits in the emotional, spiritual, and social and leisure areas of your life.

Write down your must haves.

Take time out each day for unwinding and relaxation. Keep a weekly inventory of how you are doing and make adjustments as necessary. Learn how to productively “waste time”. Turn off the blackberry and TV. Spend time alone with your thoughts. Reflect on your feelings and your life.

This is the season for new beginnings. Let this spring be your time for learning how to be truly happy and at peace within yourself. Immerse your senses in the many joys that the world around you has to offer. Don’t shut out the beauty and happiness that is available to everyone, regardless of their relationship status.


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  1. nerissa san miguel

    yes it’s true that being a single is not a life sentence, because there’s a God’s will waiting for us. only for us and best person for us.

  2. My sisters would call it “blessed singleness” (haha, my mom would shudder at this thought!), being single is actually a gift from God. Not that you’re unattractive or anything that’s why you are not in a relationship…yet, but rather it’s more like a bigger opportunity to serve God even more. There’s an old saying “Fools rush in”, we can also say that in this sense. Being single is actually a great period of “forging” where you grow into maturity, grace and wisdom.

    Hooohaaahhh!!!! Saludo sa mga Single diyan!

  3. correct dapat talagang hindi nagma2dali pagdating sa pagibig ksi kusa itong pa2sok sa buhay ng isang tao at lahat teo ay may nakatakdang tao pr sa atin kaya ang payo ko lng hinay hinay lang.

  4. Ang pag ibig ay isang bagay na mahalaga sa bawat tao,Mostly love can move mountains,and many more but in this Generation many Pre-Christian Youth do not understand that love is not a obsession.Imagine you really love your boyfriend but he dont love you more that you do,and when the time you notice him that he have 9GFs at isa ka lang sa kanila what kind of pain you will fill??? 1Cor.13:13 is one of the most irrevocable verse in the bible. binigay ni jesus ang buhay nya para sating lahat he choose nails because of his love now can your gf of bf gave you the so-called iternal life?? choose God and he will meet your needs kahit ano pa yun. TO GOD BE THE GLORY

  5. Leonora Panganiban

    Pagibig nga naman……..Tama lahat ng mga nabasa ko.Hindi ibig sabihin na malungkot ang buhay kapag walang partner,boyfriend o asawa.Hindilahat ng bagay kaya nilang ibigay.Ang Diyos lang ang kayang gumawa non.Make your life happy and meaningful even your are single.And believe that someday in His perfect time everything is in proper places.Ang lahat ng tao ay may nakalaan para sa kanya.Take it easy,God knows it………

  6. Single? Honestly mhirap maging single lalo na pag nasanay ka na may karelasyon. Pero ayon sa aking experience hindi tamang excuse ang pagkasanay na may karelasyon ka dahil po ang pag-ibig maka pag aantay. God has already reserved someone for each one of us. Unless God designed you to be a single for the rest of your life. pero walang masama dun maeenjoy mo parin ang life basta asa sa atin c Christ. haaay buhay nga naman. Love the Lord our God…

  7. for me,being single is a an achievement. more women or LADIES get pregnant in the wrong tym or i can say in early days.,…masarap maging dalaga…enjoy being what u want..darating din sa ryt tym ang pag-aasawa…ibibigay yan sa atin ni Lord..where my girls at??!..i know we can wait..ryt?

  8. .yah…tama nga it is hard to be single……sobrabg hirap……….di me nagmamadali bUt minsan sumasagi na sa mind ko.what if………….maging matanda me na dalaga hai….kaya pag naiisip ko un sinasabi ko na lang sa self ko na naandyan pren si God who’s always willing to love me forever.But sometimes di talgang maiwasan na di ko maisip un…………………thank sa pagread nio…………….Godbless

  9. wow..ngayon ko lang na-discover ‘tong site na ‘to..maganda yung message ng sinulat mo..i think i have to reboot my brain in 5..4..3..2.. hehe..=] but seriously, this made me think..and reflect on my life..

  10. something bothers me when its about being single..i’m not contradicting this topic but i have this feeling na i’m singLe but taken kc my mom toLd me to pursue my studies first before anything eLse..but we really love each other..haay..pero i’m living life to the fullest by now..thanks to TLW Philippines..i’ve been so opened to more topics that cleared my outlook about life and love..

  11. I recently got out on my second relationship. I had two ex-bf in 4 months. The first one lasted for about two months while the second one lasted for about 2 1/2 weeks. No matter how short or how long a romantic relationship is, you’ll still feel the heartache and the pain associated with choosing to have a romantic relationship with someone.

    When I was still single, I deeply longed for a romantic relationship. I want a boyfriend asap. I disobeyed God (even if God told me I shouldn’t be in a relationship because its not yet HIS perfect time). Because of my disobedience, I suffered the pain and heartache of not waiting for the right one. My first bf told me he can’t me love me 100% because his heart had been scarred before with his first love while my second bf told me he wants to date his other girl bestfriends and friends while we’re still together. Though my second bf didn’t really have any intention of hurting me,he just thought that it was casual and “normal” to bond with his girl bestfriends and friends. Just the two of them. I really cannot take his mindset regarding “dating” or bonding with his girl bestfriends which includes just the two of them. I thought it best to break up with him. The same with my first bf. I also broke up with him. I just can’t take half-hearted love.

    If I have only listened to God and obeyed wholeheartedly His plans for me, I won’t have to undergo such excruciatingly painful “love moments”. I want to fulfill the plans God has for me. I want to accept the best life only God can give me. The best love only God can make me feel.

    I want to meet the man God destined me to be with. A man who would see the outer and moreso the inner beauty in me. A man chosen by God specially for me.
    I want to meet a man who loves God more than anything else. A man who knows what a woman’s worth is.

    So don’t be in a hurry for love. True Love really waits.

  12. ms. stillwaiting

    hai sobrang na-touch and nakarelate ako sa site na 2.. thank God! i realized so many thingz! =)

  13. I read about you , guys, in the PDI Sunday mag. I am going to blog about you and recommend the site to my students.Mabuhay kayo!And more power.

  14. my husband works abroad for the longest time and because of this, i was identified, then, as a member of a “singles ministry,” as one who was a “transient single.”
    with or without my husband around is just the same for me, because my worth is complete in the Lord Jesus Christ…i would say, single or married, doesn’t really matter much, ‘coz both has its own advantages and should be lived abundantly – ONLY for the glory of God!

  15. Hello po!!! ask ko lng po sana if i can make a hardcopy of ur articles pra maishare ko rin po s iba lalo n po ung hndi nkkpgaccess s net.
    God bless u more!!!:-)

  16. i just love this statement. i’m 15 and i really admire this statement
    “Single but Not Available”

    coz im GOD’s property

  17. ds was rily great..Enlightening those singles outder!! We must remmber that being single doesn’t min we are alone or some kinda no one like us..Its just a matter of preparation. Don’t be so excited..Have faith..they’ll be coming soon!! If we put ourself into rush..Ooppss!! It may lead as into suffering..So don’t be in a hurry..Just prepare urself for that person that God reserve for you!! For now, enjoy being single!! Have fun!!

  18. thanks for the tips.!this site is really making and helping me recover,..and enjoy everything i’m supposed to enjoy..!ü andame co ng natutunan sa site n toh..kht ilang blogs p lhan ang bnbasa co.!üü kip ’em coming.!

  19. this site is really a blessing for me. i often thought that im being punished because im single, but i shouldn’t think of that way. i like this article. it gives me strength… thank you.. keep on rocking!

  20. Wow! thank God! at last I found a website that suited for me! I really need this kind of wisdom….I can’t get enough of this website, this is soooooooooo GREAT! God bless you more!

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