Love Reflector

Love Reflector

People have gathered so many insights on the love concept. Some would say that loving renders one’s greatest fulfillment. Others note that love completes them. A song even says that the greatest love of all is to love oneself. But rarely mentioned is how love mirrors the character of God.

A well known author mentioned that the greatest truth in all Scripture is this: God is love. The greatest thing that can be said about a person’s character is when it reflects some aspects of God’s love. Mother Teresa led an example in this matter. She was born in Macedonia but chose to spend her days in Calcutta, India. She and her followers helped the sick from the streets and gave them medicines for cure. Sometimes they did these by searching for abandoned newborn babies in garbage heaps and nursing them back to health. They washed and fed the sick and gave temporary shelter to the homeless and jobless – the rejects of society. Mother Theresa’s love was so evident that it made a great impact in the history of mankind.

We have also our little ways of showing love to others, such as lending an ear to a friend who shares her problems; encouraging someone by affirming his strengths; respecting a grieving person’s privacy; and spending time playing scrabble with your family.

And in our community, we can show love as we get ourselves involved in community development programs such as building houses for the relocated poor, feeding the children, and volunteering in medical missions in some remote areas.

We may always say we love a person, we may even give him notes that say how much we love him. But the best proof of our love is when he actually sees it in our actions

Just imagine how it would feel if an individual will come to you and say, “Thank you for your love. I feel that I am special!”




No one has ever seen God: but if we love each other,

God lives in us and his love is truly in our hearts.











-Franco Ferrer from University of the Philippines, Diliman
True Love Waits Phils.

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  1. Love is one of the color of this society and love is the reason y Jesus sacrificed himself for us to be forgiven and for us to be saved,, Truly we should know how to love and even expressing it.

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