Straight Talk…

There's a lot of talk in the media now about sex education. TLW however is LOVE EDUCATION not SEX EDUCATION. We focus on purity, abstinence and making informed decisions.

Check out our interview on STRAIGHT TALK with Cito Beltran.

People may invent a pill to prevent pregnancy 100%, they may even cure aids but there is no penicillin or cure for the damage inflicted on young hearts caused by premarital sex.

2 thoughts on “Straight Talk…”

  1. Hi, Sir Derek, Miss Ami, Sir Andy and Miss Khai….., Well I just want to say Thank you for having with us last monday here in Dasmarinas Cavite, sharing your insights about love…… that is a great seminar that every teens must know!! We are having fun with you guys! I hope more people, especially young people, would help by this kind of ministry… May God shine through your life!

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