Strangers, Again

Love month is over. That person you really really like and wishes to be with, are you lovers now? Or perhaps became as you were before: Strangers, again?

(Spoiler Alert! Watch short film first before reading)

Whenever we are in the midst of a relationship, we usually are floating with our emotions and we don’t really think of where we’re heading. We often simply drift off and before we know it, we’re at the end of our relationship. And the cycle goes on and on.

But should we really just let our relationships wander aimlessly? Isn’t there supposed to be a direction to all that we’re doing?

“We got engaged. We knew the main purpose of our dating was to determine if we wanted to marry one another. What would have been the point otherwise? So no one asked, “Should we get married?” We knew that we loved one another and we knew that the next step after dating is engagement,” wrote Greg Peters to his students in Biola University.

And next to engagement is getting married. But not all of us know this. We often just assume that our relationship will be carried on by what we feel, that’s why many people jump from one relationship to another ‘hoping’ will come out all right in the end. While there is nothing wrong with hoping, to hope alone is futile. Being in a relationship doesn’t only contain attraction and emotions. If you really love each other, both sides should do their best to work out the relationship and by God’s grace you will both flourish.

Marriage is surely a loaded question for many youth and it is indeed a loaded question. It’s not simply the wedding day but all the days after it for the rest of your lifetime together. When you enter a relationship, there are only two paths as to where it will lead: either you will break up or get married. Strangers again or best friends forever. Which path will your relationship be heading?